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  1. Vaggerbond

    Runescape Dinasty Defeats The Titans

    Enjoyed it. It was a big fight.
  2. Vaggerbond

    Runescape Dinasty Vs The Rising

    Cheers for the fight.
  3. Vaggerbond

    Runescape Dinasty Versus Shadow Elves

    Good fight guys.
  4. Vaggerbond

    Runescape Dinasty

    Good job here.
  5. Vaggerbond

    Rsd Vs Di

    Thanks for the fight. I enjoyed it very much.
  6. Vaggerbond

    Rsd Vs Titans

    Cheers for the fight their guys, enjoyed it a lot. Its good to get some f2p and p2p action in.
  7. Vaggerbond

    Runescape Dinasty Vs Shadow Elves

    Cheers for another good fight guys.
  8. Vaggerbond

    Runescape Dinasty

  9. Cheers for the fight guys.
  10. Vaggerbond

    Runescape Dinasty (rsd) Vs. Corr

    If this was full out, we would have had 38 against their 19. You should probably read the topic before you comment.
  11. Vaggerbond

    Tenacity Intro's To Sals

    Hey there. Goodluck guys.
  12. Runescape Dinasty vs Corruption Two p2p fights. First was melee/tangles only We had 38 people but we cut down to 19, which was fine as Corruption would do the same for us in F2p. Just before the fight we had one person DC but we just started the fight anyway RSD: 18Corr: 19 Ending: We had quite a crowd for this one ^ as you can see in the jails. Second was melee only. In the second fight we tried to allow the people who didn't get the chance in the first fight to have a go and they did us proud. RSD: 18 Corr: 18 Ending: Was good to have this change of styles, we'll be looking to create more variety in fights in the future too. Cheers for both fights Corr, clean and respectful from both sides. (y) Video: (no download required) http://files.filefront.com/rsdcorrp2pwmv/;10104074
  13. Runescape Dinisty might be the clan for you. Check out the links in my sig for more information.
  14. Vaggerbond

    Volatality Of Clans

    What makes a clan stable and immune to these rumblings? A solid Core of members and stable, reliable Leaders. Being in RSD for two years now, I have seen our clan reach 192 members and pull 399 opts to pk trips, to the other extreme of having 53 members. Through out that time though there has been a solid core of around 50 members that are solid and loyal to the clan. With the correct leadership in place and the enthusiasm and determination, we came from having 53 memebrs to defeating every top clan culminating in a 14 hour fight with df in December 07. Not many clans stay totally stable there are always slight ups and downs, but having a large solid core is the key. How can these new clans succeed? A new clan is a hard thing to get going. You need to know a lot of people and be able to recruit enough members to put up fights with already established clans. One tip is that activity attracts active members. Are the members more important or the leadership to keeping the clan together? Both are equally important, one without the other is nothing. Poor leadership can ruin a clan, a poor member base can also ruin a clan. You need both to remain together. How much more often does your clan war now that pking is gone? Slightly more than we used to. In the old days we used to have fights that lasted between 2 and 14 hours, it would be ridiculous to expect your members to fight in more than one of those huge fights a week. Do you like the new state of clans? There are positives and negatives, as with anything. The shorter fights are much better in some ways, as I don't find my self awake at 4 am fight some clan thats flaming me, haha. Although I do miss the run in's as you need different tactics for those types of fights, not to mention my clan was one of, if not, the best clan at them. The fights nowa days rely almost soly on how many people a clan can pull regardless of how good your members/leaders actually are at fighting. Even opts fights do measure different skills than pk run ins though, it would be nice to have the option of doing both. Who do you know who has quit clans or runescape all together in the last few months? Quite a few, the change had a fairly big effect on quite a lot of people. Usually the people didn't have the patients to stick around and see how it played out. Now though I think many people enjoy clan wars just as much as the old wild, in a different way. Do you think any multi update in the future will be good for clans? Yes, I'm looking forwards to it, a pk run in with the option to choose how many kills each clan has to reach first, sounds good. What will the summer bring? Hopefully additions to pVp and more variety of fights.
  15. Vaggerbond

    Runescape Dinasty Vs Shadow Elves

    Enjoyed it, thanks for the fight.

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