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  1. It would probably help if these forums weren't overmoderated with all the videos having to be checked. The topics stay invisible for too long and people lose interest and head over to RSC. If you were to sort that out you would get more users. ~Legendski
  2. Legendski

    [cwpl] Rsd Vs Adelais

    Could have just said good fight. You'll be in for a long hard season if you think we're too good for your league, look at how well clans like CL, Gladz etc and pull and then tell me we deserve to be in the top league. I can't believe how much you complain considering you're ranked Number 3 on RAW because your performance was absolutely shocking in this mentioned fight, I'll be brutal and say I haven't seen a clan that bad in a while. ~Legendski
  3. Written by F1r3o Full Out RSD's first fixture was to be Adelais. We knew Adelais had the potential to pull large turnouts and have done so in the past, so we would need a strong turnout as well as a good performance to ensure we got the maximum 5 points available to us. The rules of the fight were as follows: * Sunday, 6PM EST * All Styles allowed * Middle Boundaries RSD massed up for the fight, and pulled an impressive 76 people. Starting: The fight was very fast paced, as all styles tends to be. I think the result speks for the performance more then I possibly can. Ending: Matched Options Rules: * All Styles allowed * Middle Boundaries * Matched Options All we had to do was replicate our performance in the full out. RSD pulled 68 to this fight, so cut down to Adelais' 45. Starting: RSD - 45 Adelais - 45 Adelais used a lot of blasters and rangers, which made the fight rather interesting. The fight was rather swift for a matched options, and soon RSD stood victorious. Ending: Good fight Adelais. Vid - By Legendski RSD vs Adelais Fight happened 1st June 2008 DOWNLOAD FOR FULL ENJOYMENT AND BETTER QUALITY Vid is of full out for clan wars league and is approximately 5 mins long http://files.filefront.com/legendski+rsd+adelaiswmv/;10454503;/fileinfo.html Other vids: Omega Sauron - Silent Shott - http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=BaxmgC03XeM Matched ops fight - http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=KEaBpW5d0yw Enjoy ~Legendski
  4. Legendski

    Runescape Dinasty Vs Strength In Numbers

    Great job everyone, they were a lot tougher than expected but once we cracked their tactics we did very well ~Legendski
  5. Legendski

    Runescape Dinasty Vs The Rising

    Thanks for the fight TR, i was too hungover to compete in such a fight. ~Legendski
  6. Legendski

    Rsd Vs Adelais

    well done guys. Missed it as I was doing work in the library ~Legendski
  7. Legendski

    Runescape Dinasty Vs Shadow Elves

    we're called RsD thanks for the fight SE, was fun. ~Legendski
  8. Here's my vid of the fight on the 30th April between RSD and Corruption. Its streaming so no download necessary although if you want the full enjoyment, I recommend you download it for better quality etc. Link: http://files.filefront.com/rsdcorrf2pwmv/;10109863 Fight: RSD vs Corruption, f2p, matched ops Date: 30/04/08 Length: 9:40 Size: 61.8 MB Music: From This Day - Machine Head Cold (but I'm still here) - Evans Blue Out of Control - Hoobastank Enjoy ~Legendski
  9. thanks for the fight corruption, video coming soon although no doubt that it'll make this topic disappear ;\ ~Legendski
  10. Legendski

    Runescape Dinasty (rsd) Vs. Corr

    Thanks for the credit on the vid Good fight Corruption, it was fun :) ~Legendski

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