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  1. Was a very fun fight. It didn't even seem like The Titans had that many people... Heck I even tanked them and drug them around Greaters They got off me!
  2. Congrats BK Very interesting to do a p2p matched for CWPL.
  3. Eeek I had not seen your guide We should have combined ours together! Great Job Fabis... Now I'm not too sure if I should go get pictures and finish mine ;p
  4. Thank you very much for the information. Especially Cell! Thanks! I am going to go take pictures now of the areas. If anyone has pictures of their walk through the quest then feel free to post Thanks again, Jesse Well I'm going to take a little breather today. I will probably look back on this tomorrow! Thanks for the help. It definately was my first time writing a guide here and the rules are very much different then other websites. In the future I think I will be able to do much better :) If there are any bits and pieces you would like to steal from this and use for the actual website then feel free to. I will most likely finish this thing for myself because I realize that the other guide made was of very good quality!
  5. Link them tbh [url="http://runescape.salmoneus.net/quests/RestlessGhost.html"]The Restless Ghost[/url] [url="http://runescape.salmoneus.net/quests/LittleHelper.html"]Ichthlarin's Little Helper[/url] Thank you I have to go pay a few bills but will be back in 10 minutes.
  6. i think you need your cat out during this quest Yeah cat has to be out :) They are called waterskins not water pouches. Thanks I fixed it! The icons are very small. You have to accommodate for other people and not just yourself. Right now, your maps are difficult for me to use because the icons are small and you shaded them. Hmm, I understand. Any suggestions on a fix? They're too small and look exactly the same. http://img300.imageshack.us/img300/2362/swampdz0.png The Key [icons] isn't straight, sloping to one side with the third piece of text down being slightly to the side. Ok Thanks will fix Ok, I updated the tomb map. How is it now?
  7. I had done that before you posted but you might have been typing still! Done thanks to Jeremy and Heretic. Yep just caught that on the guildelines will be writing it. What is hard to read about the icons... But I do agree with the legend part and I will change.
  8. Thanks for the help, lol. I'm new to writing guides here Also if you could read through the Dungeon guide and help sort that out it would rock. I wasn't sure how to type it.
  9. Shouldn't that be a face mask or is a new item I never seen before? Thanks yes
  10. Smoking Kills Written By Jesman886 Special Thanks To: Roy, Heretic, Jeremy, iRocky, Jagneb, Friky, Tis Mex, Agent F, Neo Avatars, Cell, dude i love beef... Where To Start: Speak with Sumona in Pollnivneach. Skills Needed:Level 25 Crafting, Level 35 Slayer, Level 85 Combat Quests Needed: The Restless Ghost and Ichthlarin's Little Helper Items Needed: Earmuffs, Facemask, range or mage, cat, Catspeak amulet, and Ghostspeak amulet. Items Obtained From Quest: pickaxe, and Banshees Voice Recommended Skills: Be able to defeat two level 54 mummies, 111 banshee queen, and have all protection prayers. Recommended Quests: Dealing with Scabaras (for the Enchanted water tiara) Recommended Items: A weapon, desert robes, armor, waterskins (or water tiara), anti-poison potion, prayer potions, food, and super energy potion. Talk to Sumona in Pollnivneach to begin the quest. She is located next to the general store in a small house. After talking with her make sure you have your Catspeak amulet equipped. Then go down the well and a cat will stop and speak with you. He will tell you that you will need Masked Earmuffs to survive down there. He will also tell you that a dead slayer master may be able to help you create Masked Earmuffs and that he is buried east of the Agility Pyramid. Swamp Go to the swamp just southeast of the Agility Pyramid. Head through the swamp but be careful of the level 89 Crocodiles. Use melee protection prayer if you must and make your way to the northwest side of the swamp. There will be a fallen pillar blocking some stairs in the northwest of the swamp. Climb over it and go up the stairs. You will now be on a large desert plateau. Here you can refill your waterskins. Head north until you see a sealed door on the west wall and enter it. Be careful of mummies around this general area. Once you enter the doorway you are now in Catolox’s Tomb. Catolax's Tomb You will first want to grab the pickaxe located on the south wall. Then with your cat following you, search the hole on the west wall. Your cat will go through and the doorway will open for you. Enter that room and have your ranged weapon equipped. Use protect from missles prayer if you are taking damage and kill off all three skeleton rangers. Once they are killed, destroy the door to the north with the pickaxe. Run north through all the traps and open the door. In this room there are five monsters. There will be two Skeleton rangers, two melee monsters, and one level 54 mummy that comes out after the first four are dead. Once you kill the mummy he will drop a key that can be used to unlock the door to the east. Go through the east door and pull the lever to turn off the trap. Return to the entrance chamber and go towards the east side of the tomb. You will not have to use your cat again because this side will be open already. Use magic protection prayer this time and kill off the three skeleton mages to the south. Walk through the traps to the north and open the door. There will be two skeleton mages, two melee monsters, and one level 54 mummy. Again the mummy only comes out after the first four are dead and drops a key. Take the key and use it on the door to the west. Pull the lever and head back to the entrance chamber. Now head north from the entrance chamber and pass through all the traps. They should all be turned off and won't damage you. If they are causing you damage then you did not pull both switches. Once past the traps you will see Catolax as a ghost. Make sure you have your Ghostspeak amulet equipped and speak with him. Catolax will tell you how to make a pair of Masked Earmuffs by using a Facemask on a pair of Earmuffs. Once you have the Masked Earmuffs you can leave the tomb and return to Pollnivneach. Make sure you equip your pair of Masked Earmuffs before entering the well. You will not be in immediate danger when entering the well, head north out of the small chamber and use the melee protection prayers once you enter the larger chamber full of Mighty Banshees. Make sure you keep heading north until you run into a wavering mystic barrier blocking almost the entire north wall. You can't enter the barrier yet, so kill banshees until you obtain the Banshees Voice item. Once you have this item you may pass through the large barrier. Before entering the barrier make sure you have your armor and weapon equipped and are ready for battle. Behind this barrier there is a level 111 Mistress Banshee who uses magic and melee attacks along with a scream attack that knocks you down. Use the protect from magic prayer to block most of her damage and kill her. The rangers on the sides will start to range you when she yells 'Minions help me!'. Be careful and make sure to keep your health up high as you fight her. They will be destroyed by Sumona's sister when the Mistress Banshee dies. Once she is dead you will be contacted by Catolax. He will tell you to return to Sumona to finish the quest. Go back to Pollnivneach and speak with Sumona to finish the quest. Rewards: Quick Walkthrough: 1. Talk to Sumona 2. If you don't have your Catspeak amulet equipped then equip it now and try to enter the well. 3. Go southeast of the Agility Pyramid to Catolax's Tomb. 4. Grab the pickaxe from the south wall. 5. Search the holey wall to the west. 6. Enter the room that just opened and kill all three rangers. 7. Go through to the north room and kill all five opponents. Pick up key dropped by mummy. 8. Unlock the door towards the center of the tomb and pull lever. 9. Repeat steps 6 through 8 for the east side but instead of skeleton rangers there will be skeleton mages. 10. With your Ghostspeak amulet equipped, go north of the entrance and speak with Catolax. 11. Make your own pair of Masked Earmuffs by using Facemask with a pair of Earmuffs. 12. Now head back to Pollnivneach and equip your pair of Masked Earmuffs and armor, go down the well. 13. Go north and attack the banshees until you get an item called Banshees Voice. 14. Go through the wavering mystic barrier and kill the Mistress Banshee. 15. Go back and talk with Sumona.
  11. Thanks SIN... Try not to pull so much "junk" if we ever fight again though.
  12. Goodluck with all your goals! Good job especially on thieving and firemaking!
  13. Yeah... I tried getting firecape once....and I lagged out and died to the boss. I figured it wasn't worth it And hey what do you know... they released skill capes soon after :)
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