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  1. Salek

    Big World Map Update!

    Wow, I have to suspend my inactivity to say that is a BEASTLY project, Neo! Great work, seriously that's just ridiculous. Oh, also, grats on Admin. I guess I'm a little late to that party. =P
  2. Salek

    Kingdom Of Loathing

    Lololololololololol :) . What a nub. So this is where you guys always are ^_^ . Nice job downing Oscus, let's tear through Zombo and Chester to make this our best run EVAR!
  3. Salek

    Forums = Private

    I definitely disagree here. Guests are completely welcome to view the board as they please. There's no reason to want people to sign up. If they're not genuinely interested and won't be back anyway, they shouldn't have to sign up.
  4. Salek

    Kingdom Of Loathing

    Personally I'm trying to get the pirates to win. I can't mess up even a little though or it all gets screwed up. :( Yeah, I tried that but I lost track of my kills. :) Think I'll pull for hippies unless I find out some way to know how many are left on each side. Did holy macguffin on my oxycore TT to get an object for the sorceress' tower. Took forever. Ascended to oxycore Pastamancer.
  5. Salek

    Sals Clan Community Need Support

    We have actually talked about this extensively. I think the general consensus is that, like Cxk said, there aren't enough moderators with clan experience. Just make sure to report what you see as flaming, that'll catch the moderator's attention very quickly.
  6. Salek

    Pest Control Update

    Wow, JaGeX is feeling generous lately. Back in my day, that Void Knight armor was only worn by PC gods :P. I think they were a bit tired when they changed this too. If I'm correct, you get 4x the number of points and the rewards are only 65% less than before. So for every 100 points you're now getting 40% more experience for a 100 point turn in. For it to balance out the experience reward would have to be reduced by 75%. I'm very tired so that math may be flawed but it seems much easier to get experience now.
  7. Salek

    Andrew Goes Shopping + Jagex Goes 1337!

    Leet Day! Today in JaGeX Tower, we have turned leet! To celebrate, come to Varrock Square, to pick up a totally leet gift that says leet in big letters! Don't bother reading more, come to the party The fake itself is nice, but I'm not much for it. The whole shopping thing just isn't good... my opinion though.
  8. Salek

    Dang The Mods Are Fast

    Ah yes, the mods do an excellent job around here. That is, with all the easy stuff. They leave the unspeakable evils of the Marketplace to us DMs. I start to see "close plz" in my sleep now. And of course, Cam is there flicking me with an electrified whip every second that the topic stays open. :P
  9. Well, you're right about how both sides usually have good debaters (or really stubborn ignorant people) so there is never a conclusion. From what I've seen, not many people will ever say, "You're right and what I was arguing for is wrong." But there isn't really a way for a mod to say who is right and who is wrong. That would just make one party extremely angry. Also, you're never going to find a mod (or a person for that matter) without some sort of bias. If you don't think that the other side will ever conform to what you believe, simply put your facts down and leave. I think if people were more open to different ideas, this wouldn't be a problem.
  10. Salek

    Kingdom Of Loathing

    Still have 2 daily dungeon keys to go on my hardcore acc. Hope they don't make NS too hard. :D Already got lvl 15 for that turtle tamer skill, figured the extra power would help out (and I was too bored to do anything but get muscle up).
  11. Salek

    Official Wow Thread

    I think so, you might want to check with him though. :D Rune Forks is a friend of mine IRL and he got me into it. My first character was Ally (29 NE Rogue), but he persuaded me to come to his realm and faction (Horde>Ally as I've seen :P).
  12. Salek

    Game Improvements

    Well, it's about time rangers had an advantage. They've been getting pwned in the wild by melee/ancients for a while now. ;) I love how now they decide to come out with string all/animation for it. Just before I left I strung an insane amount of bows one by grueling one. Just makes it easier for the next generation I suppose. :D
  13. Salek

    Official Wow Thread

    Heh, check out this ad. I just saw on facebook. But us horde get screwed over when it comes to college. >.< Anyway, dinged 40 on my hunter about a week ago, haven't had much time to play so still 40. Going to start leveling again tomorrow though probably. Cxk, what level BGs are you doing? I thought you were high enough where you don't run into too many twinks.
  14. I don't get the Myreque trilogy suggestion. Wouldn't it be easier for people to look for Myreque Pt. I, II, and III than the actual titles? It's so much more convenient to have them side by side if you're doing them consecutively. I'd rather go one space from II to III instead of from the i's to the d's. The Zanaris suggestion seems nice enough but when I left RS, that city meant very little to anyone so I never really needed a city guide. Other people seem to like it though.
  15. Salek

    Fake Ages

    Heh, I don't see a problem with it. Mine has been set to 99 for a while now. There's no real point in displaying your age unless you're unusually or unexpectedly young or old. I'm going on the big one five. Doesn't seem like anything to write home about. Guess I'll change it to my real birthday but I'm sure the staff here doesn't mind unless you're somehow using your fake age to break the rules.

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