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  1. Byz

    Making Money Online

    Anyone know of a method to make money online, from home? Even if it is silly (like looking at ads) and not-at-all lucrative, I'd like to hear ideas. My situation prevents me from holding an actual job at the moment but I am more than willing to do work for a fraction of minimum wage.
  2. There is a system restore feature on windows XP, check under system tools. Also, I believe when you boot the pc, there will be a screen that says "Press f11 for recovery options" or something along those lines. I found this quick guide on it, though I remember it looked a bit different for me when I did it. http://www.online-tech-tips.com/computer-tips/how-backup-registry/
  3. Byz

    A Video, Public Service Announcement

    You should quit school and pursue a career as a hand model.
  4. Ever since I came back from college, I've been unable to connect via Ethernet cable on my laptop. In the past, when I inserted the cable, a broadband connection would instantly establish and override the existing wireless ones. Now, even when I open the Connection Wizard and try to manually connect, I am prompted for a password in the following window: Any help is appreciated. Also, I've tried my wifi login details with no success.
  5. Both actually. All of my friends were able to setup wired connections in the dorms except me. Now I'm not even able to do it at home.
  6. Byz

    Trey's F2P Old School Iron Man Log

    Very nice, good luck
  7. Byz

    A couple 99's

    Good 99's (I think)
  8. It's almost laughable how many similar compilations I can make of Jagex statements.
  9. Byz

    There's no punch line this is not a joke.

    At $40/gallon, 750k gallons, enough to fill 80 tanker trucks of maple syrup. Alternatively, you could fill an olympic swimming pool, if you're into that.
  10. I used to be pro at this but I forget how to make it so that when a user clicks an image, it will take them to a certain url. So far I have (center)(img)imageurl(/img)(/center) thanks!
  11. Byz


    Post the real link, chrisarchie get's enough credit for other's work as it is.
  12. Byz

    Me Glacor Killing

    Not bad, you probably should do that effigy since your chances of getting more afterwards will increase. I'm guessing not all of those charms are from just these 3 days?
  13. I'm interested in buying a certain healthcare product but before I throw away $37, I'd like to be assured that it would work. Of course the website has thousands of convenient testimonials but because of the generic name of the product, its difficult to find more information about it. I'm hoping to find a database with with information about various healthcare products and their reliability. Or, is my best bet simply to ask around on health-oriented forums, hoping that someone has tried the product, or a substitute before?
  14. Trey and I wanted to make a topic highlighting all of the great slayers across the vast land of Runescape. These people tend to make incredible decisions regarding their armour choices, familiars, etc. We'd love as many useful contributions as possible so feel free to add your own. Here are a few to start: Remember lads, if you slay like these people, you will gain maximum xp rates per hour and achieve high levels in no time!
  15. Byz


    dat completionist good luck
  16. Byz

    Trey's F2P Old School Iron Man Log

    Well done Trey, keep on chugging.
  17. Byz

    Useless Olympic sports

    It doesn't strike you as odd that the medal positions were dominated by four countries, two of which are heavily americanised and one which itself is america? Remind me again how that's more competetive than just about every other sport? Ignore the medal counts, Baseball, if given the opportunity, would flourish in just about every south and central american nation. Many of the top MLB players come from Venezuela, Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico (yes I know..). Other nations such as Saudi Arabia and Netherlands show perennially competitive young talent in the Little League World Series. Of course, this proves nothing but it shows that the potential for development and interest in the sport is present. Do not discount east Asian nations such as Taiwan, Japan and Korea. Even if this only totals 10 competitive nations, compare it to other current sports: 7 of the last 9 10000m race winners have been Ethiopian or Morrocan, 20 of the last 27 medalists have been Ethiopian, Morrocan or Kenyan. Each of the last 8 gold medalists in the 3000m steeplechase has been Kenyan. Kenyans have won 17 of the last 24 overall medals in this event. Americans have won 7 of the last 8 gold medals in the 400m. Germany has a gold medal in 10 of the last 13 team dressage competitions, it has medalled in all but one. China has 6 of the last 8 gold medals in women's 10m springboard diving. America has won 14 of the last 18 gold medals in Men's basketball. Each of the last 5 golds in women's basketball. Russia has won gold in each of the last 4 events for olympic synchronized swmming, both duet and team. Korean women have won gold in 7 of the last 8 olympic archery events (individual) and all 6 of such events (team). The list goes on and on... Almost every event is dominated by one, or a small group, of nations. Baseball is a sport, similar to football, in which the best talents are taken away from their home nations to play abroad. If there was some way to overcome this issue and possibly halt the MLB season by a week every 4 years, it is possible that the baseball tournament will be extremely competitive. Remember, this sport has nly been in the Olympics 5 times. If we look at the first 5 olympic medalists in a given sport, It is most likely that the majority came from a single nation also.
  18. Byz

    Fight Kiln Help

    The guys above pretty much covered it but some minor things that could help: Bakriminel bolts- These actually hit really well on the mages. God cape/inf boots- Maximizing mage bonus is a must. I find myself polyporing some jads for 2 or more minutes on accounts with low mage bonus/level.
  19. Byz

    Useless Olympic sports

    Right. Get rid of a sport that is dominated mainly by one country and replace it with another sport dominated by one country? Baseball is more universal and would prove to be way more competitive than just about every other sport in the olympics. I agree about baseball entirely. As for the rest, most of these are not what we would traditionally refer to as sports. It only makes sense that the event is officially called the Olympic Games.
  20. Byz

    Senior year

    Have fun; its not as easy as people make it out to be but sure as hell fun :)
  21. I'm confused about the price of first time membership for a brand new account. I'm interested in a few refer-a-friend bonuses and I've heard that somehow this can be done in conjunction with the trial membership to come out to only $2 for the bonus. However I can't seem to figure out how exactly I would get this to work.
  22. Byz

    Best Herbs For Money

    Snapdragons seem to be the best profit with toadflax at a distant second (courtesy of hedgehog's research). https://docs.google....I0R2ZQRkE#gid=0 Other sources support this. http://runescape.wik...ng/Herb_profits https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AldEhLOK6ejJdHVaLV9pNFBrdnRPbXJCU3hjWjlvdnc#gid=0
  23. Byz


    Aww, can't believe I missed this. Major grats nonetheless, I know you worked really hard on this.
  24. I'm just commenting on the fact that Jmods always say the right things even when there is overwhelming evidence supporting an opposite point.
  25. Byz

    700m Overall xp

    nice, congrats

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