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  1. ScorpMaster

    Dreams Of Death

    Never actually died in a dream, but been close. Stabbed a million times, fell off a buildings, crushed by something etc. But the best dream I've had was when I was punched in the face and when I woke up I found my self lying face down on the floor and blood is pouring out of my nose.
  2. ScorpMaster

    I Don't Know What To Do

    Ask the teacher for help. They are there for a reason. Or get a tutor.
  3. ScorpMaster

    Swiftkit Illegal

    5 years later and people are still asking this? Lol dw its all good, I've used it for yearrrrrsssssss and nothing has happened.
  4. ScorpMaster

    Something Ive Drawn

    Nice work. Glad to see people are still making these.
  5. Ahh. Back when I was noob was 8 years ago. ;) When I first got the red cape from a friend, I thought it was so damn awesome. I kept it in the bank incase I died. And also the time when I finally got Full Addy and was celebrating by fighting the wizards outside Vorrock and dying.
  6. ScorpMaster

    What Would You Do?

    I would cry.
  7. ScorpMaster

    October 17, 2008, Tuesday...

    I HIGHLY doubt it, but it would be pretty interesting if it did.
  8. ScorpMaster

    I Need Help Controlling Myself

    Find something to do that will calm you down or keep you busy. Like a hobby. Also like Enraged Fury said, try going out for a run.
  9. ScorpMaster


    Nice. I really like the style. Just need to improve abit on the shading. And maybe on the choice of colours, as it seems a bit dull, but that is just in my view.
  10. ScorpMaster

    Random Kit I Made

    In my opinion, you need to clean up your lines and make the body plate things smaller. Otherwise, good job.
  11. ScorpMaster

    Bleach Drawing [anime]

    I made this picture just recently, It's the 2nd time I've ever made something like this. If anyone wants to know, I drew it on paper, then scanned, and coloured with potoshop. Comments and Ratings, pl0x?
  12. ScorpMaster

    Burning Flesh

    Nice work, I like how you made the armour stand out alot with the glow. The only problem I can see is that, the human side of the face is not very noticeable, compared to the skull.
  13. ScorpMaster

    The Maple Kit

    It looks pretty good, but I don't like the eyes much. For those who dont know what the real game looks like look at my avatar or my sig.
  14. ScorpMaster

    Funky Brother Kit Version 1.00

    How come I can't see the kit?...Its just a rectangle box. Was that a joke? Nvm what I said if its not.

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