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  1. SamWise

    Rsd Vs Da

    Was from a few days ago.
  2. SamWise

    [cwpl] Rsd Vs Adelais

    Could have just said good fight. You'll be in for a long hard season if you think we're too good for your league, look at how well clans like CL, Gladz etc and pull and then tell me we deserve to be in the top league. I can't believe how much you complain considering you're ranked Number 3 on RAW because your performance was absolutely shocking in this mentioned fight, I'll be brutal and say I haven't seen a clan that bad in a while. ~Legendski Numbers aren't everything. RSD is arguably the best matched options clan around, with a 124 f2p combat average. You pulled nearly 80 members and have very good organization. Throw that in with the fact you have a 92 ranged average and all combat styles are allowed, and tell me how you don't deserve to be in the top league. You outpulled DI, EoS, and nearly matched TRWF on a Sunday. Since Sunday isn't your prime and you are capable of fighting any day of the week, explain how you honestly believe you belong in the Championship Division? As was explained before, we didn't care about this fight. We'd have lost either way, but it should be obvious to anyone who watches Clan Discussion that we weren't trying our best. I pity you if you gauge a clan's strength off the RAW list. Is it our fault we were put in this league? At the time the league was originally created we were pulling 50-60 people to fights, and we still are we had a one off of 70+ and now we have to be put into the premier league where most clans are pulling 90-100 people. We aren't going to win all the fights in our league but we are going to try and at the end of the day if we win them all we just go up to the premier league so it works itself out. Btw can you just say nice fight?
  3. SamWise

    [cwpl] Rsd Vs Adelais

    Couldn't make it Goodjob rsd, unlucky adelais.
  4. SamWise

    Runescape Dinasty Vs The Rising

    Goodjob fellow rsds!
  5. SamWise

    Runescape Dinasty Vs 'the'

    Originally we weren't on raw so we declared, 'the' accepted but then later had to pull out, we fought another clan and got on and then 'the' wondered if we still wanted the fight. So we gave it to them
  6. SamWise

    Rsd Vs Adelais

    Would be a close fight with our organisation and your numbers, but our average combat will only be even higher to try and intimidate you :$. So goodluck when it comes.
  7. SamWise

    Rsd Vs Di

    Great to have a win against di, made it even better with certain members being so cocky. Btw to people wanting to know we only have 73 members and very few fas so the turnout was great. I got downed early on eating all my first halves of pizza, enjoyed chatting with the di members about the epl and how leeds united are dead lol. <--- for joe blogs
  8. SamWise

    Runescape Dinasty

    Awesome recruitment topic, if i wasn't a member id join straight away!

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