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  1. barney

    Bohemian Rhapsody

    Man, you gotta put more feeling into it. Make it original. Vibrato the strings; bend that stuff up. Right now it feels kinda sterile and soulless.
  2. barney

    Instrumental Short Song I Wrote

    the software i used to edit it and stuff was just audacity.
  3. hayy this is a song i made it has no vocals so SRYYY if you want to add your ownn i think that'd be fun. its only aboutt two minutes long so i hope youu like it <3. ps: plz excuse the little news tv bit at the beginingg i was trying to be artsy XD http://www.upload-mp3.com/pfiles/48586/1%2...%20Graduate.mp3
  4. barney

    Instrumental Short Song I Wrote

    guitar is a standard mexican strat effect on rythm guitar is a small clonee chorus bass is created with the digitech whammy's octave-down functionn drums are from a boss rc-2 loop station recorded with a rock band game usb mic oh and the amp is a shizzletyy 50 dollar target starcaster one and your music is pretty sweet bro. much better than anything i could hope to do.
  5. barney

    Runescape Three.

    Except it doesn't look all that different from RS2. Look, bro, if I got a new Runescape I would want to completely reconfigured, so... 4/10
  6. barney

    Varrock City Guide Rewrite

    This is pretty good. I give it my full approval >.<
  7. barney

    Have You Ever Stolen Something Before?

    Oh yeah, man, I lift stuff all the time. At least twice a week. Usually it's small stuff like candy bars or sleeping pills, but I once stole a bike from a bike store. Just rolled it right out the door and rode.
  8. barney

    Favorite Band?

    You're amazing!
  9. barney

    Poem I Wrote

    Please, please, don't be mean. my cunchbar jupiter says the sky is the limit so don't hit your head and my pulsating jupiter says theres a jungle out there so enter me instead and my wondering saturn rays cry theres not enough time to do anything but die shes a literature little fudge with a mind and a cane and a statue enscripted with some emo's gay pain and a laughing cold fever that stings where you can't and a stone cold expression that tells me i'm sad we're a simple misfortuane but we're wired too tight to the pools of warm chorine and the back porch sunsets and you told me the something swims beneath your eyes and the something sees nothing past grey clouded skies the restrictions of happiness and the blindness of youth fudge this that i ever believed to be true fall in a flower a choke on its dust in the showering snowstorms and the lyrical bust in the dust covered rainbows and the diary's glow can you touch me if i don't have muscles to show can you see deep inside this mouth i call my eyes can you touch past the feelings that i try to hide can you kneel to my face with a pistol at your eyes in the jellybellyed youth of a imploding sky exploding to rain that we promptly lick up from the pavement and candles cuz their wax aint enough and we licked up the wax but we chewed it to slow and our lips stuck together and we lost our sweet hoe to the ocean beneath her as she glided in bliss and i felt it in her mouth with our secret piss kiss my lover my angel my raygun pretend perhaps if we fell thru this would never end in death and in spirit and in love and divorce i'll scream my harsh secrets till your voice is hoarse Rate 1 to 10 please.
  10. barney

    Sal's Realm Pokemon Thread!

    Where's Red and Blue on this poll? Those are the only pokemon games with any realistic game merit.
  11. barney

    Poem I Wrote

    Oh yeah, sorry for the grammer, but I tend to work better when I just type my thoughts out really quickly and don't stop, instead of stopping for grammer every two seconds. Please just ignore the bad grammer.
  12. barney

    Runescape Fake

    Yeah, you didn't even cut out the um... little chat line up things on the right. Sorry it's bad, but I'm going to be nicer than most people. 6/10
  13. barney

    An Image Of The Future

    I want this now... and I have no desire to share it...
  14. barney

    Song I Wrote!

    Yes, this is probably pretty emo and bad, but it as deep as I can go so be as brutally honest as possible: Humpback lier Faceless prayers Vacant emotions wish their way thru our veins Seedless statue Velvet tattoo Shivering energy licks its way thru our needs Waiting by the stairway Bundled in the alley Pulsing thru the cliche Everything is ok Endless hour Friend on fire Seeping their way thru the wallowing tides Lost in meadows Moonlit shadows Kissing their way to the front of the line Waiting by the stairway Bundled in the alley Pulsing thru the cliche Everything is ok That pale smile will hold you young Hold you down in an iron lung That flickered glimmer will hold you here Until you're drained of all your tears Waiting by the stairway Trapped inside the alley Pulsing thru the cliche Everything is going to be ok Everything is going to be ok Everything is going to be ok Everything is going to be ok
  15. barney

    Need To Make A Song!

    I'll write a brilliant one for you. I woke up this morning To a star imploding in the trees Caught outside my window It rained next to me and we danced Acid fire wondered why We ever gave it the chance to die Breathe into everything you see And build yourself to ask me Why I wonder and why I try I woke up this morning to a fallen tree And wondered why it wasn't me There you go, dude. Brilliance.
  16. barney

    Song I Wrote!

    Ok, I updated it a small amount. Humpback angel Faceless wonders Vacant feelings wish their way to the moon Sleeping statue Velvet tattoo Shattering energy licks its way thru our lungs Waiting by the stairway Bundled in the alley Pulsing thru the cliche Everything is ok Endless hour Friend on fire Punching their way thru the wallowing tides Lost in meadows Fading shadows Kissing their way to the front of the line Waiting by the stairway Bundled in the alley Pulsing thru the cliche Everything is ok That pale smile will hold you young Sew you down in an iron lung That flickered glimmer will hold you here Until you're drained of all your tears Waiting by the stairway Trapped inside the alley Pulsing thru the cliche Everything is ok When you're facing my way Everything is ok Until you fade away
  17. barney

    3d Characters

    Very original and intriguing idea. You, sir, are truly a great mastermind.
  18. barney

    New Random Event

    No way. That's terrible. You're saying you gotta do the entire tuturial island again randomly? Count me out, pal.
  19. Kill All The Liars Note: This is a members only quest Requirements: For this quest you must have beaten Demon Slayer. You must have 50 magic as well. You must be able to defeat a level 200 demon. Rope Candle Guide You begin this quest by speaking to the fortune teller after beating the Demon Slayer Quest. Here we go: FT: Hello, child. Thanks so very much for helping us shut away Delrith forever and ever. Y: You're very welcome. FT: But I'm afraid there's another problem. Y: Problem? What could it possibly be? FT: Delrith... had a father... his name was Kacnia. Y: Kacnia? FT: Em, yes. I was wondering if you could slay this demon because he's mean and stuff. Y: Ok, I'll do it. FT: Thanks. Here take this book. It'll tell you everything you need to know. You recieve the "Old Book," and if you read it it says: "One million years ago the evils of Zamorak forged an impossibly strong demon from the depths of their magic. They called this unstoppable force "Kacnia." But the evils of Kacnia threatened to overthrow Zamorak's power, so Zamorak locked this monster away in the pit of everlasting agony. Sadly, however, he was not able to do this before Kacnia bred with a sheep, creating a creature that could be later named "Delrith." In his infinite power, Kacnia remains alive to this day in the pit of everlasting agony. He has remained held for all these years and will hopfully remain there forever more... forever more..." Here the book ends, leaving more questions then awnsers. Talk to the Fortune Teller again: FT: Hola. Y: Em, hey. I read the book. It looks to me like Kacnia's still trapped in this pit? Am I wrong? FT: Oh, yes, very. You see, Kacnia recently escaped. Y: But how? FT: No one knows, but it can be assumed he is now even more powerful then when he was banished into the pit. Y: Jesus... Y: Where is this demon now? FT: The place where he first broke free from the pit was in the deep wilderness. Our mages have done their best to subdue him, but I'm afraid they can't hold him back forever. You must hurry. Y: Ok... Now, you have to walk to the level 43 and you will find a small hole. Use your rope with it and you will appear in a crazy red room, similar to when you get the teleportation random event except much bigger. There will be bones all around you and wounded mages with different names. You should talk to the one named "Fahkayarda." Y: What happened here? F: We couldn't hold him back. Y: Where is he now??? F: He escaped the pit... he is now descending on the city of Varrock... You must stop him before he gets there... but you will need these runes! At this point Fahkayarda gives you two new runes (10 of each): Space and time then dies and the pit goes black. If you're weilding your candle you should stay alive, but if you forgot to bring it your health will ddecrease by 1 every second. Climb back up the rope and you will be back in the deep wilderness. A timer will appear in the corner of your screen, counting down from 3 minuets. This is how long you have to stop the demon before he gets to Varrock. Run to the chaos alter before your time runs out and you should see him. Once you spot him, the timer will dissapear. Before he sees you, go under the spell menu and cast a new spell: Contain, with the runes you recieved. When the spell hits Kacnia it will compact him into a small ball, similar to what happens to you when you teleport. He will remain like this for 20 seconds. Once he's a ball, run up to him and melee him. He won't be able to attack you. When he gets out of the ball, run back out of his melee range and cast contain again. Do this until he dies. Once he is dead, collect his bones (you cannot bury then and they are called "Kacnia bones) and return to the fortune teller. Quest complete. Reward For beating this quest you get the ability to cast the spell contain and access to the pit where you can runecraft space and time runes (with 65 runecrafting). You also get 2000 prayer experiance. What do you think?
  20. hahaha wtf 0/10 never seen this newb be4
  21. barney

    New Random

    Sorry, but this wouldn't work. Jahex has already stated on the forums that ninja will never EVER be included in the game... But awesome idea nonetheless...
  22. barney

    Player Unavalable-plz Leave A Message

    Nope, won't work. Sorry. It just isn't possible... But good idea... not from my point of view but from some people (see rest of thread).
  23. barney

    Berets: World Of Warcraft Meets Runescape!

    As you already know you are the king of fakes. All bow to you etc. Yes... good job...as always, my old friend Beret... what ever happened to your brother? Good fake...10 outta 10 and etc
  24. barney

    Nihilus' Faking Guide

    You are god, original poster. These freakin' guides are some of the best I've ever seen and believe me, I've been in the faking bussiness for a long time now.
  25. barney

    A Random Random

    Lolz. It's good but it'd be impossible to do...lolz. And don't give me some "impossible is nothing" bullspit.

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