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  1. Decided to come back to the Forums :D

  2. Wooo you did it <3 Hectic convo, got lunch now ill send a pic of my shoes
  3. Icyy

    Merching Again. Lol.

    Good Luck on 1b, and make sure to lend me that phat when you get it -.-
  4. Omgomg grats on 99 def gogl :) I'm starting to play rs again -.- btw icy supports cause he's awesome <3
  5. Icyy

    So There's This Girl

    I seriously hope you all know that girls do have feelings too.
  6. Icyy

    Favorite Meme?

    I herd you liek Mudkipz? Btw, i didnt realy know what a meme was I think this may be one, i'm not sure though
  7. Icyy

    Super Predator Off Australian Coast

    I live on the Coast of australia. Eep. :\
  8. Icyy

    Leftie Or Righty?

    Right handed <3 I agree with you as, my left handed friend is pretty weird :L
  9. Icyy

    New Pet Rats

    Awww cute rats <3
  10. Icyy

    Who Would Win In A War? China Or America?

    it's a tie i reckon :3
  11. ranging at tz haar is usuallt 200k-400k an hour for me
  12. Icyy

    What Song Are You Listening To Right Now?

    ewwwwwww Katy Perry lol Your Gonna Go Far Kid- The Offspring
  13. Icyy

    Rock Vs Rap

    *walks over* *gets shot* damn btw i dont listen to that much scream :3
  14. Icyy

    Should I Sell Easter Egg And Santa?

    sell egg and lend me santa btw pinky add me on You Be D3ad, it's icy man66

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