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  1. Ajonesse

    Tying up loose ends

    Thanks for the love <3. Never throught I would see a Sal, thought he was off hunting the elusive walking santa hat :o lilshu, fun with florescence. Woo Biochemistry. Run out the time left on the bond then see what happens.
  2. Ajonesse

    Tying up loose ends

    With time to spare, going back and finishing something I never got to. A small nest egg from those days gave me the idea. Bought the bond and went to work on June 1st. Spent a day reorganizing and researching training methods. The next 8 going from 90-99. Overall I am pleased to see magic is in a much more viable place in the game. The triangle is no longer as skewed as before. Previously on "everyone wears d'hide and a 2h sword'scape" magic stood no chance in any PvP situation. It had decent utility between ancient magicks and teleblock, however a straight up mage was little threat.. To top it off, in PvM the high relative cost barred many players from fighting monsters seriously with it. I dearly remember having to use chaos gauntlets, fire bolt, and steel dragons to break even gpwise with a decent xp rate. Perhaps I wasn't as privy to some methods of using magic in PvM that could yeild a consistent profit with modest experience rates. But even in those situations I wonder if anyone would bother when ranged and melee would probably end up faster and more profitable. The changes to rune costs for standard spells was an excellent move by Jagex to breathe new life into magic. A quiet summer is expected now. Fiddling time away in the research labs or reading papers is truly a pleasure. Edit: Forgot to mention a thing. The treasure hunter thing is funny. Got a Lucky Bandos godsword and a Lucky Armadyl Godsword within about ten chests. Why my luck seems to work like this in games I don't plan to play beyond a short term is beyond me.
  3. Ajonesse

    A look back in time.

    I'll just throw you a link to the wikipedia page to my eye condition. http://en.wikipedia....iki/Keratoconus My case is a very advanced one, vision is about 20/45 corrected (with $2,000 USD lenses no less) and deteriorating at a slow rate. On top of this I had to deal with corneal hydrops about 6 moths ago (google it). A form of surgery within the next 5 years is likely. Just a note it wasn't an immediate sight loss, a rapid degeneration of the cornea happened in the months prior to joining. It was this point I had accepted I was now blind. I was unable to immediately see a specialist due to lack of insurance and funds. To the rest, thank you for the kind words. It was neat to look back at my old haunt.
  4. Ajonesse

    A look back in time.

    Well it wasn't complete "AHH EVERYTHING IS DARK" blind. It was 20/400 which for all purposes legally and functionally is blind. My face was generally within 3-4 inches of a zoomed screen... plus i got really good at knowing where I had to click and the like. Also, it is not a good idea to drink a tea with high caffeine content before sleep. My eyes feel like they are forced open by duct tape.
  5. Ajonesse

    A look back in time.

    4 years. And for most of that time, this site's existence was possibly the last thing on my mind. I received an e-mail telling me I have been here 4 years, out of some twisted morbid curiosity I looked back here. 4 years ago I was in high school, sleeping through classes yet always managing to get by. Friends were few but good. I lived for nothing more then to see the next day, play some Runescape, and spend some time with my friends. The feeling was akin to eternal bliss. Not that this place was bad, it branched off into me finding many great communities, many great people. A gem or two directly through here, and the rest through branching out into different games. Here is where many great things started for me. Its almost funny to look at what I did here. At the time it was important to me, I enjoyed it. In my posts I can almost feel the emotion and intent behind them. Some things were quite stupid, others a bit less. Either way, what can I do about it now. Honesty it probably helped keep me sane through high school. I had joined the community about the same time I had lost my sight. Being blind (Vision approx. 20/400) in high school is miserable as many could guess. I learned to play Runescape blind, had the largest font sizes you ever did see. Whatever it took to have fun. And now I stand here, about a semester away from entering pharmacy school after two brutal years of coursework. Its almost humbling to see what my thoughts were before. How little I cared for my future until it slapped me in the face. But I had learned from much of this. One of the more incredible things I learned is how kicking one's own ass can produce results. When I had been active here my foremost thought was to my immediate fun. I wanted nothing more then to enjoy the moment without savoring it. But that is just the way I was supposed to be. It feels like it is rare to get a window to the past like this, to see my own growth. Other then a few chuckles and humbling moments, I feel like I can take away something a bit more. I slept through high school, hell even middle school for that matter. Even while giving what felt like zero effort into my classes I had done well above the average. I didn't even realize this myself until I finally found something I enjoyed. Something that challenged my ability to learn, reason, and think. I found a passion in what would amount to pursuing a doctorate of pharmacy, and I am still loving every second of it. The effort I now worked to put in, more effort then any I have put into any other sort of personal advancement gave me results. I saw, I learned, then I mastered the materials given, and wanted more. I found what a passion feels like, and I feel it is one of the most wonderful and humbling experiences in life. Enough about that however, I need to get to wrap this up now that I have finished my tea. To those that have taken the time to read this, know that it is nearly 1AM (a fairly late time for myself) and my brain is spent after finals. I probably made very little sense but maybe a reader can take something away. Mostly I just wanted to post something about what I felt over the last hour or two. PS: My vision has since been restored to where I am no longer legally blind. I will have to deal with complications throughout life, but who said enjoying life is simple.
  6. Originality: 7/10 - Not much to say on this Neatness: 8/10 - Lots of icons but organized decently enough Style: 9/10 - Very nice with the menus
  7. Ajonesse


    . . http://www.biglionmusic.com/content/virt_-...ystal_flash.mp3
  8. Ajonesse

    Good Article

    . . Little bit of language but an interesting read nonetheless. http://www.esquire.com/features/honesty0707
  9. Ajonesse

    Of All The Things I Thought Were Possible

    This was not one of them... . http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zkO1EtKEEw0
  10. Ajonesse

    Character Types In Runescape

    What about the people who just want to play?
  11. Originality - 7/10 Neatness - 5/10 - Icons everywhere and that trap is filled to the brim. Style - 8/10 - Interesting how you have all the icons arranged.
  12. Ajonesse


    . .
  13. Ajonesse

    Ha Ha Ha.

    The fact you can find his porn collections (Note that I didn't even get into viewing them) has already shown that he isn't all that experienced.
  14. Ajonesse

    Here Is A Link

    Chew on it for a while . . http://thisisindexed.com/
  15. Ajonesse


    Last week I took apart an Apple Clamshell style notebook to replace the hard drive. http://www.ifixit.com/Guide/Repair/Install...placement/116/1 What the hell was Apple thinking?! Hard drive replacements and swapping are pretty common things, should not require tearing everything out. While it wasn't too difficult it was very annoying, then you get to put it all back together >.< You might as well replace just about everything else since the thing is in pieces by the time you get to the hard drive.

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