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  1. chaos9999

    Birthright of the Dwarves

    Working on the quest now. Looks like they've decided to stop hand holding players. I've died several times already, and this boss fight looks insane. Naturally, I love it.
  2. chaos9999

    Vampyre Slayer Re..... vamp

    This is only a suggestion. I don't know if this will actually be done. I figured that Jagex might redo the Vampire Slayer quest at some point, though, since they've redone Rune Mysteries, Prince Ali, Demon Slayer, and Black Knights Fortress.
  3. My Dearest Ophelia, Today, our group arrived in the town of Draynor. A quaint village, from what I’ve heard, just north of where the wizards train their craft. Usually, the arrival of merchants is greeted with at least some curiosity, but not here in this place. All of the doors were bolted shut, even though night wasn’t for a few hours. The village leader, Morgan, was looking at us funny, like he thought we were thieves. He told us the market was closed for the week, and we’d have to wait a few days to sell our wares. To make matters worse, this place has no inn at all, so we’re camping out just west of town, close to the Asgarnia border. Beloved, I hate the look of this place. There’s a cold mist rolling in. I suggested we head for Port Sarim and wait there, but Rich was adamant. You’ve never met him, but supposedly he’s one of Falador’s most successful businessmen. Not that he’s shown much savvy, mind you, but he gets what he wants one way or another. It will only be a month or so before I return home. Pray to Saradomin that it is sooner sti-------- The letter cuts off. Good afternoon everyone! Or evening! Or morning! Jagex has been re “vamping” many of their old quests, and I figured that what with the rich lore coming from the Morytania quest line, Vampyre Slayer could be next in line. This quest suggestion would be freeplay, naturally, but Jagex could add the usual members only experience awards. A few years ago, when I was a frequent poster here, I'd post quest ideas, so now that I'm sorta back on Sal's Realm, I thought of another one. So, without further ado, let’s go stake some Vamps! Skills: 20 Firemaking, 23 Crafting Recommended Skills: 30 Thieving for members Items needed: items requested by the merchants, quest acquired items, armor, weapons, and food, and a spade Begin by speaking to Rich Andistroy west of Draynor market. Ask for a quest, and he will reluctantly ask you to gather some materials for his group of merchants. You will need to bring him 4 cabbages, 3 onions, and four potatoes, as well as three of any type of log. Once you have done that, ask Rich what he is doing. Rich: We’re mostly merchants, come to sell our wares. Nothing terribly interesting. You: What about you personally? I mean, you look awfully well dressed to be a simple merchant. Rich: You ask a lot of questions, young man. Here’s your payment. Now away with you, one of my group has gone missing, and I need to find him before dark. There’s been some stories in the village lately, and I don’t like em. You will be given 50 coins for your services. Ask around Draynor about the “stories” Rich mentioned. Morgan will tell you about a number of disappearances in the village. You: Who would be kidnapping people around here? Morgan: The real question is, what would be kidnapping people around here? You: I beg your pardon? Morgan: When I was a boy, they told stories about a house to the north of here. It’s been closed off for as long as anyone can remember. You: Why? Is it haunted? Home of a killer? Morgan: No, nothing that exciting. It’s just unsafe structurally. The place is burned out, and has been for over a hundred years. I don’t think it even stands anymore. You: I could go take a look. Morgan: Do what you want, but don’t go inside. The whole place might collapse on you if it’s still up. Well, you know what comes next. Head north to Draynor Manor. Inspect the front door, and your character will note that the wood of the mansion doesn’t look even remotely scorched. Enter via the front door. Throughout the house, you will get messages in your chatbox telling you to leave, and you will also hear voices if your sound is on. Go to the first floor of the mansion, to the room where the ghosts are. Search the tapestry on the wall. Search the bookcase nearby. Use the Book of Emblems on the tapestry to confirm the symbol on the tapestry as that of Darkmeyer and House Drakan. Take the wooden box on the table nearby and leave the mansion. No, you can’t go to the downstairs room where you fought Draynor in the old version. Your player will refuse to go. Head back to Morgan in Draynor and tell him about what you found. Morgan: I…. I don’t believe you. A loud scream will come from outside. You and Morgan will investigate. Near the house where the Christmas event involving the pixie workshop was in previous years, you will find the merchants speaking with one of the village guards about the incident. One of the villagers has disappeared. Rich: EVERYONE FREEZE! You: Calm down, we need to think of a plan. Rich: I have one. And my name is Sir Rich Andistroy of the White Knights of Falador! I was sent here under orders to deal with a suspected vampire. You: Vampire? Here? But those are a myth. Rich: I assure you, they are all very real, and very dangerous. Now, we need to set up a perimeter around the village. Find some blood trails. This monster can’t have gone too far. Search village, but you will find no blood trail at all. Suggest to Sir Rich the sewers as a possible escape route. Both of you will head into the sewers after he suits up in his armor. Both of you will enter the sewers. When you reach a fork in the path, split up. At the end of the sewer, meet up with Sir Rich after going back. He will still have his helmet on. “Rich”: I didn’t find anything. This was a waste of time. You: Oh well. We should probably try to the mansion. “Rich”: Yes, we should. I’ll head back to Falador and get some knights over here to help out. Tell Morgan his problems will soon be solved. You: Will do. Go speak to Morgan, who will claim that he saw some shadowy figures moving out of town when you entered the sewers. You: Don’t worry, Sir Rich is on the case. That vampire will be dead soon. Morgan: Shhhhh! Look outside! Look out the window and you’ll see a shadow entering the sewers. Head to the bank and get any combat equipment you will need. Enter the sewers and head to the area with the anvil. There you will see Ruantun drinking blood from a corpse. Attack him. Ruantun’s combat level will be scaled to your own, but will still be a somewhat easy fight. When his health is almost out, the fight will end. Ruantun: Cursssssse thissss weaknesssssssss! Cursssssssse thissss hunger! You: Who was that? Who did you kill just now? Ruantun: I killed nobody. I only took them to him, asssss he commanded. Then, he told me where to find a body to eat. You: WHO!? Ruantun: I will not ssssay. Identify the corpse as that of Rich. You: But, he left the sewer with me….. A flashback will play of you and Sir Rich leaving the sewers. In this flashback, Sir Rich’s eyes will be glowing, and his voice will be different if you have your sound on. You: No… No, the vampire killed him, took his armor, and tricked me. What does he want?! Ruantun: Ssssoon, he will resssstore himssssself. Talk to Morgan, who will recommend you speak to Dr. Harlow in Varrock about the situation. Dr. Harlow is an expert on vampires, as well as the history of the conflict with Morytania. Head to Varrock by the fastest means (because I don’t like it how recent quests hold your hand and teleport you everywhere). Speak to Dr. Harlow at the Blue Moon Inn. Show him the wooden box you found in the manor. Dr. Harlow: It’s lucky you got out alive. The Count must have been out at the time in the village. You: Count? Dr. Harlow: Let me start at the beginning. Years ago, during the Fourth Age, Misthalin was under attack by the hordes of Morytania. We managed to stop their advance with the help of seven priestly warriors. Some of the monsters, though, remained. One of them was Count Victor Draynor Drakan, brother of Lord Drakan himself. After a few years of seclusion and isolation, Draynor built himself a rather large house north of a village that would be named for him. At the time, he posed as a human. During his few daytime appearances, he was heavily clothed so as to hide his identity. Draynor wanted to draw in a large population for him to feed off of and restore his strength after his brother had banished him. Fortunately, his true nature was revealed. The White Knights of Falador sent a garrison to lead the villagers against Draynor. The assault took place during the day, and lasted several hours. It ended with the apparent death of the Count. The White Knights then set a fire in the house to burn it down. You: That’s sorta what Morgan told me. But the house didn’t even look scorched at all. Harlow: It is possible that as Draynor recovered from his “death”, his house managed to repair itself. It was built using his own power, after all. Use the Wooden Box on Dr. Harlow, who will remark that it appears to have a somewhat complex lock on it. He will grab an axe and smash the box, tearing the documents inside in the process. Harlow: Maybe we should have just tried the lock. Use your crafting skill to repair the documents, essentially a jigsaw puzzle. Harlow: I can’t read this language. I suspect Aubury might. Take it to him. Take the documents to Aubury at the rune shop, who will give you a Rune Translation. Dr. Harlow will note that it is some sort of ritual. Unlike most vampyric rituals, it involves feeding off of the soul, not the blood. You: That’s why there were no blood trails when the victims were attacked. Draynor wasn’t after their blood. Harlow: This means the victims from the village must still be alive. The ritual calls for draining several souls at once under a full moon in order to boost the power of the caster. Given the number of villagers that Morgan wrote to me about being kidnapped, Draynor’s power will be restored beyond that of the Vyrelords! He won’t equal his brother, but the blood of the entire village will soon be his. You: I’ll stop him. Harlow: You’ll need this wooden stake. I’m sure you have a hammer. You’ll also need some garlic. Vampyres hate it. A star of Saradomin wouldn’t hurt either. Gear up for combat and head to Draynor Manor. Confront the Count in the basement, where the captured villagers are tied up in a circle. Be sure to have garlic in your inventory, and the Wooden Stake. The Count will use Evolution of Combat abilities. When you beat him, your character will automatically stake his heart. Use a tinderbox (toolbelt will work) to burn the body as much as you can. After that, cut off his head, arms, and legs, and use a spade to bury them in separate areas around the manor yard. Free the villagers and talk to Morgan for Quest Complete! Rewards: the usual Also, member who complete Legacy of Seergaze can dig up the body parts of Count Draynor, take them to Columbarium, and burn the entire body with Magic Pyre Logs for even more rewards.
  4. chaos9999

    TzHaar Fight Caves

    I'm thinking of trying out the TzHaar fight caves using magic. My Magic level is 95, with 90 defense. I'll be wearing full Seasinger and an Armadyl Battlestaff. I'll stick to Ice Barrage for most of the fight, except for Jad's healers. I'll use Gale Barrage to lure them, since they can heal just by being next to Jad and I want them unfrozen in order to lure them. How many casts of Ice Barrage will I want to bring along? And what Rocktail Soup to Overload to Super Prayer Restore will I want to bring? Thank you.
  5. chaos9999

    Religious Indoctrination

    The rest of what you say makes sense, but I'm not sure what you mean by this? What I'm saying is that if you don't believe in Hell, you probably wouldn't like the idea of telling children what to think.
  6. chaos9999

    Show Us Your Tits

    So, after a few years of not being on Sal's Realm, I stop by to check out the Off Topic discussion and this is what I find. Times have changed.
  7. chaos9999

    Religious Indoctrination

    The problem here is that it depends on what your own views are. If your religious views prescribe Hell for disbelief, then "educating" your children is only logical. If not, then telling them what to think is, itself, horrible. I lean against religious indoctrination, myself, but that's a reflection of my own beliefs.
  8. Not sure if this violates the letter of the law, since the IRS can show scrutiny to groups that might be influencing elections (and they should do so to all such groups). Still a really stupid thing to do, though, and repulsive. This will definitely bite the President, although I don't know if it will actually lead to impeachment.
  9. chaos9999

    Cinema shooting in Denver, CO

    Wait, what?..... Nevermind, I shouldn't really ask. As for your second point, I don't think banning guns will do much of anything, but to invoke baseball bat rampages is ridiculous. This guy had enough firepower to kill hundreds had his gun not jammed. You'd need an audience of really stupid people to get a kill that high with a melee weapon.
  10. chaos9999


    Given how the Chief Justice and the President have interacted in the past, this ruling did surprise me somewhat. I was expecting it to get struck down. I'm still of a split mind on the individual mandate, because having everyone insured does reduce costs, but there's the whole freedom argument too.
  11. On Facebook, all of my HvZ friends are having fun with this. Sigh..... I have way too much fun playing that game. Also, the Mayan calendar never predicted the end of the world. Just the last baktun running out. And since the katuns reset themselves between the various baktuns, it would follow that the baktuns would reset on December 21, 2012 as well.
  12. chaos9999


    I don't like him either. However, it's painfully obvious this Kenyan was a puppet planted to become president, to instill more socialism into sheep-like Sals forum..err...I mean America. No one has bothered to reply to any of the other information I provided, so I'll just rest with you're all in denial. The current state of this country is worse that it was years with Bush. And I think treason actually does matter. Who are you again? First time seeing you around these parts outsider. Wait, so the evil society controlling the world deliberately planted some Kenyan because.... why, exactly? I've heard this conspiracy theory many times, but I've never understood how it makes any sense. I'm not really sure who I'm voting for in the next election, maybe Obama, maybe Romney, maybe I'll write in someone else, but this birther stuff is little more than far right fear mongering. I suppose you think he's a Muslim AND an atheist as well. Seriously, I've heard people pushing THAT line. http://politicalwire.com/archives/2012/05/17/literary_agent_says_1991_booklet_was_a_mistake.html And here's an article from 1990 saying Obama was born in Hawaii. http://www.nytimes.com/1990/02/06/us/first-black-elected-to-head-harvard-s-law-review.html
  13. chaos9999

    North Carolina Bans Gay Marriage

    At least they aren't pretending this isn't religious like they did in California. Still, I've yet to see anyone explain how they are defending marriae.
  14. chaos9999

    Sal's Realm Declaration of Intent

    Been a while since I posted on anything related to Runescape, but I'm proud to be a no longer former Salmon.
  15. chaos9999

    Russia Aims to Create Zombie Ray Gun

    I know a few people that might take this as good news. Guess I should stock up on MREs and bottled water now.

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