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  1. reyndur

    Free Software

    XMPlay audio player (Unseen Developments) - WinAmp type skinnable media player. It's perfect!
  2. My question was a bit rhetorical - I figured that if there was a page it would be dormant - facebook drives me crazy anymore and I'm sure I'm not alone there. I do appreciate the latitude that this forum has given me; the internet gets strange in a way because the difference between reality at what someone wants others to believe is reality is so easily compromised. Yet, not coincidentally, the information needed to discern the two is readily available (as it should be). There's actually another Sal's Pizza in the new part of our main metro city - not sure if it's the same owner. I wasn't trying to maledict this site with the photo or anything, but I did want to mention something about it, a 'cultural lesson' if you all will allow me (and yes, this is why my old friends hate me, because I am knowledgeable about this kind of thing but never went to college :) - but that building there, in reality, just needs razed as soon as possible. No business will ever thrive there again and those type of buildings are erected to serve a purpose but common sense will dictate that for health reasons they are temporary. (There's an apartment complex right behind there - my idea would be to raze the structure and tear up a good lot sized portion of the pavement and throw some grass seed in there and call it good for now. That would help the area seem less commercial turned industrialized.) thanks
  3. lol - I actually was being a bit rhetorical; I figured that it might be dormant. The main thing good about fb is that it looks like it'll forever be a step up above friggin' myspace. - but I (humorously) thought about submitting Sal's Realm here along side runescape.com, as a juxtaposition of the good internet and bad, to * [url="http://www.webpagesthatsuck.com/"]Vincent Sanders' Web Design Site[/url] ! Seriously though - I once submitted my old hometowns' (City of Thornton) website to him simply because it had this friggin photo on it's main page that was like 10 megabytes - you know, like it was fresh from a camera 4Kx3Kpx or something - damn thing crashed my browser lol - I'm tellin' ya! - but it's crazy if you think about it but maybe it takes a both a little gaming and webdesigning to understand that digital graphics do take up physical space (it their way) and we don't need all this flash crap - arghh!!! the new bain of the internet, huh? But this site is fast!
  4. like this ? :glasses: some real estate in real ity - or something like that - but my hometown anyway
  5. I was wondering if anyone here was using the Linux Runescape Client. I have it working well and am using a script to install and update current Java. I also use Devilspie to resize my game window in one click without needing to attempt going full-screen. my short guide is on my site. Feel free to ask questions. :) http://www.atadcrazy.com/gnu-linux/guides/rs-unixcliient.html (actually, I mostly like to pass the word along on Duinsoft Webdesign's Java installation package!)
  6. reyndur

    State of the site

    I'd like to point out that aside from the elegant look this site always had (and this upgraded version is perfect except for the color of the bike shed) it loads fast and doesn't jump up and down so much that I want to trash a perfectly good (yet obsolete) HP tablet (that for some reason every stupid twerp acts like it's the newest i-frickin-whatever - I mean my God I frickin hate that - just trying to do my part and put my mind and talent to good use for people (the frickin' idiots!) - but the only real issue I was having is uploading a different avatar or profile photo - 25kb is pretty small even for a 200x image - seems like it wasn't like that (I always loved this site in other words - just goin' off a bit - so what's up with the profile pics exactly? :)
  7. I questioned that "only 39% believe in the theory of evolution" part so after a quick search I came up with that Gallop poll. The "39%" figure is misleading and I have to wonder if the article deliberately took it out of context. Given that way it implies that it's an entire 60% (or whatever) that don't believe in evolution. Actually, the poll results state that 39% believe in it, 25% don't believe in it, and 36% "have no opinion either way". The poll doesn't indicate whether or not the 25% that don't believe in it believe in some form of "Intelligent Design" instead. Apparently that question was never asked. (It is important to understand what questions are - and are not - asked, and how they're asked in polls. Questions can be deliberately worded to draw out a desired answer. I'm not accusing Gallop of this here, that was just a little additional caveat for you all to keep in mind in the future.) I also noticed that the article did not link to the source (the Gallop poll) for that statement, but they easily could have. It seems to imply that Americans are all backward simpletons, which simply isn't true. It isn't being surpressed. Evolution is taught in American schools and is regularly referred to in documentaries shown on popular educational channels here.
  8. Originality 10/10 - never seen anyone with system files on their desktop Neatness 2/10 Style 7/10 - wallpaper's kinda cool my Ubuntu Hardy & Vista installs Ubuntu wallpaper homemade using Blender and the GIMP the Vista wallpaper is from visualparadox.com
  9. reyndur

    Opera 10 Released

    been using Opera for quite awhile - love it - it's pretty configurable and uses basic .ini files that you can manually edit (if your into that sort of thing) - I have my configuration files and customized skin saved so I can just drop them back in after I do a clean install or OS reinstall - I'm kinda geeky like that aside from the built-in spell checker that you can use in fields you can add an option to the right-click context menu to look up the meaning of a word in a page using a (free) little dictionary/thesaurus program for Windows called WordWeb (cool little app even if you don't use it for that - resides in your notification area - - check it out!) they made a lot of changes in 10 - I'm happy with it (finally, automatic updates!) - a background image for speed dial is kinda cool (and they finally started calling the bookmarks file "bookmarks") - it's the little things I like (they also provide pretty good support for Linux even though they're proprietary software - I've always liked that even if the open-source fans have problems with it) yeah, unfortunately there are some sites (usually with poorly coded JavaScript based forms) that absolutely will not work in Opera (there are some survey sites that I've always had problems with, for instance) - you can add a button to the main toolbar to open the current page in Firefox (and/or IE for that matter) - comes in handy there's a page where you can get the buttons and just drag-n-drop them to the toolbar - (you can also add little icons to the skin for them but I won't go into all that) and there's another site that has other tips&tweaks (it has info on adding the "WordWeb" selection to the context menu that I mentioned earlier and adding icons to the skins) -- I don't think I can post links here yet but I'll ask if I can for this Edit by Arianna: posted links as per PM. http://operawiki.info/CustomButtons http://www.aimwell.org/Help/Tips/tips.html
  10. Neatness - 6/10 - a dock would be helpful (busy desktop for a busy person maybe? ) Originality - 8/10 (beautiful photograph) Style - 10/10 (very classy and easy on the eyes) Overall - 9/10 my new Mandriva 2008.1 install
  11. reyndur

    Wii Calls A Girl Fat

    I think the statement that the "family was horrified" is a little over-the-top. I think "shocked" would be a more appropriate reaction, but who knows if that was the writer's description or the family's. I'm with you on this Reaver - and there is a big difference between a child being called "fat" by her schoolmates and being called that from a game console. I'd be shocked too (not necessarily "horrified"). A little girl may not see it as "just a game" and may not consider it as "just a bug" - (and, in any event, something that is deliberately programmed in a game doesn't constitute "a bug") A bad body-image for young girls can lead to eating disorders resulting in serious physical and psychological health problems. It amazes me that the morons at Nintendo didn't take that into account.
  12. reyndur

    Opera 9.50 Out

    I've been using Opera for a couple years and think its great. One thing I like about it is that it's customizable through regular .ini files, and you can also add custom buttons to the Personal Bar (one that comes in handy is a "open current page in Ffx" for those sites that absolutely refuse to work in Opera.) It also has a right-click spell check that gives suggested correct spellings (on Windows and Linux it needs GNU Aspell installed). Opera's install and use of the configuration files hasn't changed from version to version either (for the most part) and you can easily save the needed files to get it set up quickly on a fresh Windows install. Couple of things I wasn't to happy about on 9.50 though - the Speeddial automatically refreshes when the personal data is cleared, and when I went to install it on Windows I noticed that it no longer had the option to install "one profile for all users" (which is what I liked since Im the only user). They provide an updated repository for Ubuntu now though, so I guess I can't complain too much!
  13. I was looking at the Knight Rankings section on the Wanted! quest guide and noticed that at the Novice level one can buy White Knight platelegs, but the skirt isn't available until the Page level. ... girls always insist that they have to work harder for the same things. I guess that's even true in Rs -
  14. reyndur

    On Summoning

    The only problem that I've had with summoning is that I've found it a little confusing - knowing the different amounts of shards, the charms required, the experience gained, as well as looking at the different familiars' skill focuses and their scrolls was a little time-consuming for me. (In my defense, the new Summoning guide on Sal's site is probably one of the longest guides there is!) It's good that Jagex provided a way to trade in pouches for shards, though - I think that puts Summoning more in line with the other skills to where you can recoup some of the money spent. (it would be really nice if we could trade charms "up" to a NPC - but I'm sure there are reasons why that wouldn't come about.) The bottom line is that Summoning isn't as simple as just "hacking away" at monsters with ever-increasing combat levels. That's probably the main reason some have such a problem with it. lol - the other day I took a Spirit Tz-Kih with me to fight Abyssal monsters and used its Fireball Assault scrolls - I soon realized that might not have been a good idea - it kept hitting random, surrounding monsters which caused more and more to gather around me. It sure got interesting though!
  15. I don't understand why AbiWord isn't included in the free software list any ideas?

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