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    k4tz says:<br />i have no enjoyment in leveling<br />kugel says:<br />really?<br />kugel says:<br />you dont feel satisfaction?<br />k4tz says:<br />i do however find enjoyment in series of intense and intricate plots accompanied by thrilling action and entertaining relationships<br />k4tz says:<br />satifaction only when accomplished<br />k4tz says:<br />but for what?<br />k4tz says:<br />and i don't enjoy the leveling<br />k4tz says:<br />thats torchue<br />k4tz says:<br />are u sayin u like watching your character chop wood for 5 hours + to gain 76 wc?<br />k4tz says:<br />ect<br />k4tz says:<br />its not fun<br />kugel says:<br />lol point taken<br />k4tz says:<br />u just liek the level so u can show it off to other who play that game<br />k4tz says:<br />but if u dont play the game it does nothing<br />k4tz says:<br />uur not impressing anything<br />k4tz says:<br />whats it for?<br />k4tz says:<br />to look cool for some lvl 6 and 7s?<br />k4tz says:<br />i guess if u want more freinds<br />k4tz says:<br />who ull never meet<br />k4tz says:<br />yeah <br />k4tz says:<br />go ahead<br />k4tz says:<br />levell UP<br />kugel says:<br />damn<br />kugel says:<br />harsh<br />k4tz says:<br />ouch i just butchered that runescape<br />k4tz says:<br />lmao<br />k4tz says:<br />im in no position to say that either lol<br />k4tz says:<br />im ****** lvl 97<br />k4tz says:<br />haha<br />k4tz says:<br />fail

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    farming, runecraft
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  1. kugel


    you did not just beat me at slayer...jesus. calm down bud, next thing you know youll be passing me in total level! Good job with all your questiness, hope everything is good by you. ~kugel
  2. kugel

    W1z 2010 Log

    did I miss something in my 3 month absence, or am I just being dumb...since when are you a player mod??? anyway, just decided i would see how sals is doing, since its finals week but i have a free day tomorrow and no work or studying to be doing. Looks like you're progressing along amazingly, some of this stuff (like the ivy, lol) i dont even recognize, havent really been keeping up with the updates and not really sure whats going on in rs recently other than some new sweet-looking prayers and a new grandmaster quest. Really good to see that you're still crazily farming away, best of luck with all your goals for this year! ~kugel
  3. hai gl on 3k total nub <3333 good to see you still plugging away at rs, get 99 rc please -.-
  4. ummmm fish + wc = wut 100 fcapes is pro though, now turn them all into 800k tokkul -.-
  5. kugel


    kugel begs to differ that his log is 'obsolete' >:0 anyway, good to see you still chugging away (get 40+ already noob <3) and keeping at runescape, the new layout looks sweet, hope everythings going well with you in rs and rl, hope to see you later -.-
  6. hai i here u liek pretteh jewlz tht r red so i wana wis u luk on moar red rokcs
  7. fool next time wait for da kugel to come online gratz son <3
  8. kugel

    How To Become A Cc Mod

  9. holy crap you look almost exactly like one of my rl friends. minus like the construction stuff in the background good to see youre keeping up with rs, hope you manage to snag that name!
  10. lol'd I dont really know tabt, but gratz yoko and zelly on being the latest additions to the cc nolifing team
  11. gratz on 98 attack and 91 hits, woody no party details? want to see if I can go
  12. gratz on 70 summoning, thats a great skill to have
  13. again, bring a titan to mages...lol. theres no reason not to gratz on the 6th pair of boots, nice split
  14. I didnt know icey dan was a blogger, the only reason i recognized his name is because I think he started the 'skillers union' clan :o kudos on your appearance ^_^
  15. kugel

    Trading Up

    epic story, merch and mike!
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