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  1. Sar

    Is Your Rs Hobby A...secret?

    I've wrote an report on it, A few of my friends play, and a lot of people say its "gay" but, I just go "Whatever, I still like it. "
  2. Sar

    Rockeh's Super 99 Firemaking Party

    I'm central time, so I tried that time converter, and got 2:00 pm. So I can come, :3 [i may have to leave early though. =/]
  3. Sar

    5 Fakes!

    I don't think those 2 swords should be there. I think.
  4. Change my recovery questions and password. Buy everything I've always wanted. and show off ahem. xD
  5. + Get 80 combat + Get 70 woodcutting + Get 45 firemaking + Get 65+ in strength, attack, and defense skills. Not much, but, their my goals, so that makes em special.
  6. Sar

    Runescape Server Problems

    After reading this I forgot it was Friday the 13th! Woah! Haha, I started screening it and clashing it together. Happy Friday the 13th everybody.

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