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  1. jonnyboy

    Sal's Vs Tipit

    u really think vr wud show up btween the to sites we wud prob have 500 ppl maybe lol.even if they do show up just mass snipe and clear them
  2. jonnyboy

    Triforce 4 Ever

    i used to play rs drunk till i lost 4 whips in 1 night back when they was 4m each lol
  3. jonnyboy

    Sal's Vs Tipit

    %jonnyboy6920> we wud show our faces ina a sals vs tip.it fight ? (20:32:48) <@Jan> jonnyboy6920 (20:33:15) <@Jan> yea (20:33:15) <@Jan> its basically free st00f erm i think thats a yes from mod set it up yo !!!
  4. jonnyboy

    Sals V Exodus

    tbh i wud like to fight u guys but we is a baby clan :( and u wud crash us
  5. jonnyboy

    Your Sals List!

    (1.) Exodus - The Dark Slayers of Sals (beastly levels, great numbers compared to the rest, effectively undefeated here) ~~Gap~~ (2.) The Gladiatorz ~~Small Gap~~ (3.) Forgotten Templars ~~Gap~~ (4.) Triforce - Has pulled more than the below, and isn't scared to fight the above (usually :P :D ) ~~Small Gap~~ (5.) Unknown Bounty Hunters - Pulls higher than Hades, and accepted us. ~~Small Gap~~ (6.) Hades - Pulls less than Unknown Bounty Hunters, and declined us. (7.) 3xtermination - Could take spots 3-6 if activity improved. ~~Small Gap~~ (8.) Eclipse - Purple is beastly Not Ranked Masters of Dragons - You might think you're a Sals clan, but activity says otherwise. Genesis Knights - PKRI PLEASE :( :o mentions sky the think about this 1 for a while^_^ oh like triforce was still considered a sals clan when they had 20 members and wouldnt fight outside of cwa until last hope died?
  6. jonnyboy

    Your Sals List!

    [1] Exodus [2] Forgotten Templars [3] The Gladiatorz [4] Solar Angels [5] Unknown Bounty Hunters [6] Hades [7] 3xtermination [8] Eclipse [9] Last Hope yea not gunna rank mod till we sort our stuff out
  7. jonnyboy

    The Gladiatorz Turn 8!

    happy bday gladz zomg time to check in2 the retiment home soon eh >.<
  8. jonnyboy

    Cwa-new Pvp

    if mod did this id leave imo i love pvp
  9. jonnyboy

    Your Sals List!

    1. Exodus 2. Gladz 3. FT 4. MoD 5. Ubh sa are to new to b ranked tbh and idk y they ranked them selfs ahead of us #clanmod talk to jan for a fight tbh
  10. jonnyboy

    Solar Angels

    welcome to sals
  11. jonnyboy

    Compliment The Clan Above You

    um have good cookies and free drinks >.< and do awesome milkshakes tbh
  12. jonnyboy

    Compliment The Clan Above You

    preformed very well against gladz on the rise again >.<
  13. jonnyboy

    3xtermination Intro's To Sals :)

    i like chocolate milk and cookies tbh, on another note i think u were b4 my time in waring clans but wb any way:P:P
  14. jonnyboy

    Exodus -vs- Forgotten Templars

    to who ever said clans cant lose gracefully no more look at the mod v gladz topic no flame on there maybe a lil tiny bit but no e drama like this one gj exo <3
  15. jonnyboy

    Last Hope Vs Reckoning Day

    gj lh im seeing big things for u tbh and erm its only 1 rune set to lose if its matched lol so why not have it in wildy

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