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  1. stan

    Player Owned Cities

    No way, do you want to make runescape crowded? runescape is better and adventurous because of it's free space and monsters.Also,it would be a complete waste of time and money, as construction is costly.
  2. stan

    Grand Shop

    Do you want to get recession into Runescape?
  3. stan


    My blog starts here. I am a great fan of Doraemon(don't think I am Japanese) and Runescape. At present, I am at level 29 and am at the aim to go to admantite armour. Any other fans of Doraemon here? I would like to know if any of you has Nobita's Dinosaur(2006) in english. Please help me in developing my website hardcorexgames.wetpaint.com.
  4. THe BRotherhood of Runescape Clan- TO have a peacful community as well as an offensive to destroy our enemies. Starting on september 13 applications or requests to join to be sent to my email or reply here. Our website- brotherhoodofrunescape.wetpaint.com check the rules, conditions, jobs,money given etc at the join it section.
  5. Hi everyone. I have an account having 26 combat leve , attack level 25, defence level 24, strength 16 range 8 and magic 27. can anyone suggest a place or method to level up all these skills to 35-40?
  6. stan

    The Civil War!

    Count me in! I'm not a member, so i can be round head. I can buy steel!
  7. stan

    Taking Jobs!

    Taking Jobs! I will tell my skills through PM. min cost above 1k Also giving jobs for people with 50 fishing. Reply here. 1-3k
  8. Selling 100 chaos runes and 100 elemental runes!!! p.m me ( stan 450 ) or reply here.
  9. i WANNA JOIN!! I will be a guard most probaply, and i will be loyal!! my username : stan_450 please count me in!
  10. stan

    Favourite Rs God

    Guthix. Nor good nor bad, and he is the god of balance
  11. stan

    Congratulations To...

    Congratulations to you all!
  12. stan


    I am organising an hunting trip to the wildy. the person who kills 20 creatures of above 30 lvl, will get a prize of 3k. if you kill 15 creatures with lvl 30 above, you will get 2k and the third prize for killing 10 creatures of lvl 30 above The hunt will be organised at world 5 at 12 pm GMT on 11th of august 2008 (Please pm me after you kill the creatures) email me at: email
  13. stan

    New Guides!

    Nice guide! url=http://www.draynor.net/][img=http://www.draynor.net/skill/strangeflames/cooking/20000/stan_450.png][/url]
  14. stan

    Summoning & New Poll

    Great guide! I have been looking to be a member and its benifits. when i become 1, I will be sure to use the guide! P.S Thanks

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