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  1. Ignore option is not effective at all at this moment. All it does is makes you not able to see what the person you ignore says. But that person can still see which world you are logged into, can hop into your world, trail you and do bad things. The ignore option can be improved this way: When you add someone to ignore list, that person: 1. Should not see which world you are logged into (very important!) 2. Should not see what you say to other players. This would make ignore option much more effective! Please support on RuneLabs HERE
  2. Hello, I've been playing Stealing Creation recently and I noticed that there are magers one itemers there. I tried pickpocketing them and it said their inventory is empty, that means they have no runes but they still are able to cast spells. Also I asked one guy about that and he said it has something to do with Lunars and spellbook swap. Does anyone know how to be mage 1 itemer at SC?
  3. Bruce Lee

    Which skill I should train now?

    Btw happy 2013!!
  4. Here are my stats. I'm wondering which skill to train now? I have 11 99's and quest cape. I'm poor, so do not suggest skills like Herblore, Prayer (unless you will donate me money :)). Also I want a fast skill, more than 70k/h is ok. Also please tell me which method I should use to train that skill.
  5. Bruce Lee

    How to move camera like that?

    LOL? You didn't even watch the video then
  6. Bruce Lee

    How to move camera like that?

    Watch the end of the vid and look how he moves his RS camera. It's really interesting. Does anybody know how to do that? 3:15 in the vid
  7. Bruce Lee

    Count Down From 1,000,000

    987576 This is stupid
  8. I was waiting for clan avatar for months, and now when we have it, it's never online... I mean you guys should make more admins/high ranks, because it really sucks right now... This clan has 500 members, but there's not enough persons who can take clan avatar out of the citadel... Clan avatar should be 24/7 online, if you know what I mean.
  9. That's how Jagex is fighting with gold farmers. That's old picture, but still very funny.. :D
  10. When I completed Void Stares Back, I did not get any Void armor, and my quest journal says I got one.... Can someone explain this to me? Or maybe I need to go somewhere to get one?.. I have completed that quest a few weeks ago.
  11. Sometimes when I craft death runes, I get 2 death runes from one pure essence. How? I'm using full wicked robes and explorer's ring. Explorer's ring has a 10% chance to craft additional runes when visiting an elemental altar, but death altar is not elemental altar? Bruce Lee. (Yes, I'm alive)
  12. Bruce Lee

    Very Sad Day For Me...

    I know. J Mod told me this after my death
  13. Currently there's a glitch in rs - when you die, items do not appear under your gravestone. I had all my best combat gear, and died today. Jagex owns me now like 12m+ Sad.
  14. Bruce Lee

    2.2k Total

    Nice, grats :(

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