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  1. HotWax


    I pity you for denying it. By denying it you just make things worse for yourself. This tag is made by E P I C. Of Planet Renders forums. He has a distinct style. This is his PB. Hence why the PB is called EpicGfxGallery. You didn't even bother to change the link. WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU ON ABOUT??? You do know, in other sites you CHANGE your name.
  2. HotWax


    me? I did create it though.
  3. HotWax


    I did create it, just because it is a different sstyle to my other sigs, doesn't mean it is someone elses. People can try diffferent tastes and styles, and so could you.
  4. HotWax


    fine. Oh yes, just because the file link is different, doesn't mean the creator is. Things can change...
  5. noob means newbie for short which is beginner basically.
  6. HotWax

    The Stupidest Item In Runescape

    lol so some burnt shrimp can be useful?
  7. HotWax


    It a quick scetch of eyes, i didn't use any PS brushes for it.
  8. I just wanted to know since it is a good idea to see people's opinions.
  9. Basically what I do to them is own them. Because they call me a noob, I just basically say "what does noob mean?" They are too stupid to know so I just tell them and they just say NOTHING.
  10. HotWax


    I tried reporting scammers that once scammed me in a 5k trade but Jagex didn't do NOTHIN.
  11. HotWax

    Sotw Voting

    My vote: 3 points to Doom because everything blends and goes well. 2 points to Alice because there are a lot of effects kicking in. Maybe a bit too much smudging though. 1 point to iTop dog because the background and render worked perfectly.
  12. HotWax

    My Suggestion.

    It would be cool if you could morph into a monster or person you had just killed (e.g. Skeleton) and if there was a level you had to be on if you wanted more features etc. It would be great fun and it could add as another section to summoning.
  13. HotWax

    Has Sal's Realm Of Runescape Forum Gotten Lame?

    Oh yeah, no offense Kamonian but are you a goth or something because all you are talking about is how this forum is lame and stuff. Even your signature is deep.

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