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  1. Old Ben

    Mass Effect 3 Trailer

    Well, Mass Effect 2's being made for the PS3, so I imagine that ME3 is gonna be on it aswell.
  2. Old Ben

    Mass Effect 3 Trailer

    http://www.gametrailers.com/video/vga-10-mass-effect/708363 Really pumped for Mass Effect 3.
  3. Old Ben

    1v1 Rp

    Sure. I'll do it. Sounds fun.
  4. Old Ben


    Name: Kirk Dai-leon Age: 21 Gender: Male Nationality: Aquilla Height: 6'2" General Appearance: His face is quite rugged, bearing quite an uncouth, scruffy, and short dark brown beard. His features aren't perfectly symmetrical, however he is slightly handsome despite his shortcommings. His face bears indication that he spends much of his time outdoors and is quite tan. His eyes are a deep blue color, similar to the ocean that rests on the shores Aquilla. His arms are weaker than most men and lack strength, however his uncanny speed more than makes up for his rather weak arms. His dark hair is rather long, extending down to about the tip of his shoulders. Clothing/Armour: Changes all the time. Usually wears a ragged dark brown tunic (which is kept open slightly) the sleeves stopping just above the elbow. He wears a sash around his waist to keep his tunic in place. His pants (the same color as his tunic) are just long enough to go below his knees. Weapon(s): Carries an intricate, sharp knife with him that he tucks carefully inside a sheath on his sash. Element(s): N/A General Info: Highly protective of his sister. A troublemaker. Comes from a very poor family. When he was at a tender age of eight years , his mother died; months later, his father was declared lost at sea, leaving him to raise Rosa on his own. Lives very close to the docks. Other: Brother to Rosa Dai-leon Name: Rosa Dai-leon Age: 17 Gender: Female Nationality: Aquilla Height: 5'7" General Appearance: Her face bears the look of a very kind and caring young woman, her features are quite beautiful. Her eyes - as green as emeralds. Her skin is almost as dark as her brother's. Her long, flowing, black hair is usually kept in a neat bun. Most of the time, she keeps her bangs to one side of her face, creating a very interesting hair style. She is very strong for a woman and usually helps her brother with things that need doing around the docks. Clothing/Armour: Changes all the time. Normally wears a tattered dark brown tunic, similar to her brother's, but far less open than he wears his. Her ragged dark brown pants come down to her ankles. She wears a significantly smaller sash than the one her brother wears, on which she keeps a small pouch which usually has water in it. Weapon(s): N/A Element(s): Water General Info: Born with the potential to "bend" water, she had no idea she could until she was quite older. She found out that she could bend water when she accidentally fell into the water off of a dock in Aquilla; after quite awhile of struggling not to drown, she felt something push her back up onto the dock. She spent the next few days trying to figure out who her hero was. Finally, with no evidence in favor of a rescuer, Kirk suggested that she may be a water mage. Other: N/A
  5. Old Ben

    Yes, I Am Back

    Welcome back. :3
  6. Hsoj woke-up from his bed made from the assorted limbs of random people. "I had that dream again..." Quietly, he allowed himself time to gather his thoughts... "Maybe it's just the mattress..."
  7. The javalin went right through QWERTY. "HAHA, I'M MADE OUT OF JELLO," he yelled in angry capslocked voice. He made a very confused face, then said, "WAIT?! WHERE'S THE cake?"
  8. QWERTY noticed alot of people gathered in a particular area. He drew an elongated sword from his trowsers, and began to dart as fast as a turtle in sinking sand toward the crowd.
  9. New Entry: QWERTY QWERTY sat above the waves, quietly watching as they fell to earth. He pulled a muffin from his sack, and began to chow down on it. He spit it out immediately after e was finished, "THIS TASTES LIKE CRAP!" he yelled out.
  10. Old Ben


    Save a spot for me, buddy.
  11. Restricted to: OLD BEN, ELLIBERETH, EREBUS, SILAVOR, click, ALIATH, RENE, CINIMON STIX REDACTED In a world where epicness looms around every epic corner, six ultra-epic men take on the most epic challenge of their lives... In an epic battle in the epic ocean. REFER TO POST 2 FOR PLOT SUMMARY OR SOMETHING
  12. Old Ben

    It's Freakin' Hot

    I feel your pain. I went from wearing a fleece jacket and jeans last week to wearing a tank top and shorts this week. O_o
  13. Old Ben

    Star Wars: Raptor Squadron

    -OoC- Basically read everything Sacred said and you're good. -IC- Almost as soon as Josh walked into the cold hallway, he heard a loud rumble. He looked above, down, to the left, then to the right before he finally realized what the sound was. Hunger filled his empty stomach and it didn't mind expressing that hunger, quite loudly. "Must be around lunch time." Josh thought to himself as his stomach dragged him slowly to the mess hall. On his way to the mess hall, he passed the hanger, where it appeared as several pilots were getting ready to take off. Josh slowed himself down to a stop, then glared into the large room, "Haha, poor saps, must've not heard the end of that message earlier, 'this is a drill, I repeat, this is a drill' haha, they'll figure out soon enough that that can't takeoff while the launch doors are shut." Josh allowed his feet to move forward, moving past the hangar in a swift pace. He rounded a corner, almost bumping into someone coming toward him. "Sorry," he whispered under his cold breath. Finally, Josh reached the mess hall. The large room wasn't the most particularly interesting, or well thought out room for that matter. It looked more like someone accidentally fell through a wall and they installed a room there... and a door. The room was large enough to house nearly all the pilots and auxiliary staff at Echo Base. Tables lined the walls on both sides of the room, while a counter which was made from ice sat in the far corner of the room. A few stools surrounded this counter, making it have the appearance of a pub and less like a mess hall. The room was rather empty, save for a few staff sitting at one small, unimpressive table. Josh found a seat and slowly allowed his body to fall into the hard seat, placed his elbows upon the table and allowed his face to sink into his empty hands. He drew his face away from his cold hands and reached his hands into his pockets, let out a sigh, then slowly examined the room. "We couldn't have had a facility like this a few months ago... just shows you how far the Alliance has come... From a ragtag group of rebels, to an all out organization. Shows what can happen when you have competent leaders." -OoC- Okay everyone, might be a good idea to head toward the cafeteria/mess hall. Use the time while Ere is away to get to know your wingmen. Note that I am the wing leader for Raptors 5-8, so it might be a good idea to get to know my character aswell if you fall into that group. Also: God, I suck at writing now.
  14. Old Ben

    Nostolgia Games

    LoZ:OoT StarFox 64 Banjo Kazooie/Tooie Old Pokemon games Mario Kart Super Smash Bros Star Wars: Jedi Knight Metal Gear Solid (original) Donkey Kong 64 Oh snap! Forgot Perfect Dark

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