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  1. Clan Chat: Skillers Zone | Homeworld: 99 Skillerz Zone Website | Forums | Memberlist 1. INTRODUCTION Hello, and welcome to the recruitment topic for Skillers Zone. Skillers Zone is a RuneScape Skilling clan with a heavy focus upon community and skilling excellence. We believe in allowing our members to experience RuneScape to its fullest in a fun, friendly, helpful and active environment. Don't let our title of a "Skilling Clan" throw you away either. Our definition is that any activity that allows members to gain experience and further enhance their levels, is deemed a Skilling based event. This includes Combat skill training, Monster-hunting, and non-combat skill training. We are a P2P based clan. Please note that the majority of our events are P2P, although F2Pers are welcome to become Clan Friends and join the community until they can become P2P members. 2. WHAT TO EXPECT Our heavy focus on both community, and skilling excellence is well endorsed in the clan. Building everlasting friendships, and assisting other members in daily RuneScape adventures are areas which we pride ourselves in. We boast a strong leadership team, with both original leaders having a combined 7+ years of clan management under their belts. Frequent events and communication between all clan members is vital. With a busy RS clan chat, community forums and Teamspeak Server, there's no excuse not to have frequent interaction with other clan members. 3. REQUIREMENTS We are a clan for everyone regardless the level, game experience or membership status. We want people to grow as a player and have fun meanwhile playing the game and being with others. 4. CLOSING WORDS We thank you for the time you've taken to read through our Recruitment topic. Although it's brief, we feel that it's a short and sweet introduction to our clan that sums up our community nicely. Further information can be found by visiting our Clan Forums, and the sub forum, Clan Information. The information inside provides far more in depth information about our clan. If you have any questions or queries about the clan, please don't hesitate to join our Clan Chat or Website (both are found at the top of the page), or post a reply below and we'll attempt to answer you to the best of our ability. Regards, Skillers Zone Leaders, Staff & Members
  2. Many of you are in the same position as me, either you can't find a clan that suits you or there's some other underlying reason why you'd want to start one up yourself. Let me tell you, look no further. I've been playing Runescape since 2001 on and off and have had plenty of experience in the day to day runnings of clan business, having previously been a co-owner of several clans. As well as being around for some time I have the capability to manage a clan, knowing what is best for not just the ownership and leadership but for the whole clan itself. I'm looking at founding a social skilling community clan as I feel these are the areas which I am suitably comfortable with. If anyone shares the same ideals as me don't hesitate to contact me if you fit the below requirements; - You have been playing Runescape for over 3 years - You have been part of clan leader/owner ship previous to now (admin+) - You are willing to stick around and not "jump ship" once the clan is up and running - You have a mature frame of mind and are determined - You are reasonably active and can be contacted relatively easily If you have any questions feel free to message me in-game and I'll happily answer those for you. Happy Scaping!
  3. The same thing happened to me.. Just read these guides [Attack - Defence] and this.
  4. Delete this please
  5. Hehehe happened to me aswell :P but with 2 girls only... I wont spoil what will happend! :( just drink alot of Redbulls :D you gonna need alot of energy.. lol (if you're lucky enough)
  6. I'm not Sal (well not when I'm awake that is ;D), but... 1. idk 2. Assuming poll, I would think it would be in the main column if there's a big update or a smaller version on the side 3. I sure hope so, but I have a feeling that still has a while to go. If it were me, I would just put it in and get it updated from there. Even if it's only 75%, that's better than 0%. 4. I would think that's the whole point! 5. Calculators, guides, interface, pretty much everything. When guides are rewritten they're better with HD pictures, but some of them still have SD for now. 6. idk, it's almost done so I doubt it 7. a lot of these are custom and I don't think they'd be that hard to port. I think we'd get some more, too (including a mobile skin omg yes) Thanks! :D Let's hope Fataylsm our designer prodigy will offer his assistance with creating a new set of forum designs. I believe he's also working on designing the site too. Fatalysm showed me a Forum Skin design, its still somewhere in my computer :D however i think we should use it, it matches the main website!
  7. I have a couple of questions :( Hope you can answer all of them :D 1) The Skill Index Page will it be just a plain table with the skill names or a fancy one with an icon and a description? :P you know something like this: http://www.runescape.com/kbase/guid/skills 2) The Website Pool will be be on a sidebar or will it still be above the news? 3) Will the NPC/MPC Database be released with "Sal's Realm 2.0" Aka Operation Lemon something xD 4) Will the site still be user friendly? 5) Is every aspect of the site going to be updated? (and are you going to change all images to HD) 6) Are you planning on hiring more people to help with the Site Rennovation? 7) Finally, my last question (for today >:]) When you upgrade the forums, are you going to upgrade the skins that we have right now, or get a custom skin? Thanks, Shay
  8. This CMS you're talking about is it IP.Content? :(
  9. Shaydx

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    Join Today and vote for our Sotw
  10. Shaydx

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    Join today and vote for our first event
  11. Oh Cool :) have few questions i want an answer on
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