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    Though I watch Anime, I normally prefer the Manga.<br /><br />I watch TV, if only to pass the time.<br /><br />I read books, mostly fantasy, since they're enjoyable and are better than most other things.<br /><br />I'm quite good at Math and Science, though I am currently doing horribly in English and History. I'm strict about grammar at the same time. Go figure.<br /><br />Video games are a great way to pass the time. I've beaten most of the ones I have, and for the ones I haven't, I'm normally near the very end.<br /><br />I love Latin. It's not too hard, and it's pretty easy to translate.<br /><br />According to a test I took today, I'm extremely depressed and suicidal.<br /><br />I'm a masochist, a sadist, and a pacifist. Ironic.

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  1. Xtel


    If we have one gigantic fight in the middle of this area, this RP'll probably die pretty fast... I've literally got nothing to IC. Erin's still being silent in the corner while Lex and the Imperial Elementals are moving towards the King's Lands.
  2. Xtel

    Elemental Warfare

    That's what I meant when I said "aka a day or two ago." I guess it wasn't 100% clear, now that I reread it... -_-' Not much for me to do. I think I'm waiting on Mr. Bone, but I don't have time to check at the moment.
  3. Xtel

    Warriors: Blood Of The Four

    So did Cecil manage to heal the woman at all? Anyways... Actions: Cecil: Divine Shield (I think that's it -_-') on the bleeding (is she still?) woman Vero: Noce--Blind (Noce attatches itself to the opponent's face, blinding and disorienting them) IC: Cecil let free his held breath as the Ogre's attention was pulled away. He pulled the woman away from the inn and leaned her against a nearby wall. He could see her breathing was evening out, but he doubted she would survive if she got hit by the creature again. Quickly, he murmured a spell, raising a glowing shield of energy around the two of them. He knelt next to her and watched the door of the inn, making sure he was prepared if the Ogre came after them. ---------- Vero remained silent as he crashed into the wall of the smithery. As the dust began to clear, he slid down to the ground, seemingly unfazed, even though he could feel several of his bones had cracked or shattered from the attack. So, either he's resilient to fire or magic is weak against him. Either way. He called Noce to him. Let's see how well he does if he cannot see. Quickly, Noce shot forth from Vero, shimmering in and out of sight as it shot through the air, until it reached the Ogre's face, prepared to mask its sight.
  4. Xtel

    Corrupt A Wish

    Granted. It eats your fingers and blows up. I'm just happy being a handless sprite. I memorized the scroll and now run around, waving my stubby arms, blowing things up with evil words. "Jesus didn't exist!" "The US is helping the world!" "HERPES!!!"
  5. I simply slice her neck open, take the phat and protect myself in an invincible fortress. The entire universe resides within said invincible fortress. You become locked on the bus and all of the old people on it crap themselves. The odor makes you die a horrible death filled with noxious odors as the Phat curdles. Like milk. Yep.
  6. Xtel

    Bann The Person Above You!

    Banned for being in Zezima's Fan Club (as it says in your info on the side), thinking that you "r KOOL!!!," and improper use of a smiley. For shame, Pride of Australia, for shame. You are Pride no more. Aussie Shame! I r LAME! -I apologize if that is hurtful/insulting in any way...-
  7. Xtel


    It might just be me, but I'm not exactly sure what you're talking about Mr. Bone. I think you're saying that you and someone else will do Recon or something to find out who we're up against, then we'll just put up a barrier and try to wait out our enemies. Even so, they'd likely break through our defense and murder us all. Wouldn't Lex like that?
  8. Xtel

    Rhyme -or- Relate

    Poo->Crappy->My Life->7.7->Emo->Me->Xtel->Weird Name->Everyone else's name on Sal's-> Everyone but Xtel Word: Everyone But Xtel
  9. Xtel


    Banned for forcing two innocent dogs to dance in your sig for all eternity. That's animal abuse, you jerk! I'll report you to the states of: Alabama Florida Rhode Island New York California South Dakota Iowa Mississippi Missouri Louisianna Georgia Washington Arkansas Illinois and Minnesota -------- To Fijoe in "Bann the Person Above You" topic
  10. Xtel

    The Better Letter?

  11. Xtel

    Never Ending Story

    And Crazy People That Includes Me And My Friends And Their Friends And Their Friends But Not Theirs! Ok, Maybe One Ok, Fine. Two. Fine! All've Them! You're a Jerk. Just Go Away. Why'm'I still typing? Does'is'count'as'one'word or no? I hope so Otherwise, well then, I'd be screwed Ummm mmm mmm
  12. Xtel

    Bann The Person Above You!

    Banned for forcing two innocent dogs to dance in your sig for all eternity. That's animal abuse, you jerk! I'll report you to the states of: Alabama Florida Rhode Island New York California South Dakota Iowa Mississippi Missouri Louisianna Georgia Washington Arkansas Illinois and Minnesota
  13. Xtel

    Rhyme -or- Relate

    Empty Milk Cartons-> Milk Cartons-> Pictures of Missing Children-> Missing Children-> Children Taken by Rapists-> Rapists->Rapist-> Fijoe Ha!
  14. As you laugh, I appear around the corner. With my insano skizills, I grab a fly out of midflight and flick it at you. It shoots down your throat, making you choke to death. At the same time, you are hit by a bus full of old people. A crazy old lady takes the Phat, crumples it up, and eats it. Mmmmm....
  15. Xtel

    Bann The Person Above You!

    Banned for posting in every topic in the 'Scape Lounge

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