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  1. thepatanator

    Returning Post Issues

    I've been inactive from Sal's Realm for a while. I came back and started playing again and tried to make a little intro post in the Lounge and it said I didn't have permission. I figured it was a verification issue so I verified my email etc and it's still a problem. Can anyone help me? Thanks in advance
  2. thepatanator

    A New Quest!

    @789it789 Although Hrunting sounds kind of stupid, it's a sword from the poem. Granted, it's a sword given to him that breaks when he tries to use it, but Grendel's mother's sword isn't named, so I just kind of transferred it. ~iFish P
  3. thepatanator

    What is this sword? It looks.... awesome.

    Anyone know which aura it is? ~iFish
  4. I was making use of my Skoll boots at the Wilderness Agility Arena, when I saw this: I just.... what is it? It looks awesome, and I want it. ~iFish
  5. thepatanator

    A New Quest!

    Those are all really good suggestions. I'll see if I can work them in later and then repost the quest with new reqs, areas, and reward. ~iFish P
  6. thepatanator

    OMG green cash stakC!!!!:P

    V nice Trey. Now give me 140m for turm? Thanks ~iFish P
  7. thepatanator

    A New Quest!

    That was actually a really good critique. So, if I read that correctly, the issue is that the rewards are not good enough for the difficulty of the quest, the reward item is useless, it is unoriginal, and no one would do it because of these reasons. The only thing I have a response to is the unoriginal part. The reason the Lunar Isle is in there is because it is a decently high-enough levelled quest that it would ensure that pures or low-levelled players would not be doing the quest for the weapon. Also, it is unoriginal simply because it is an adaptation. I didn't want to change the story, and I thought it would fit well enough into Runescape. As for the Suqah thing, I made a note that I wanted to change that but couldn't think of anything to put in their place. If you had a suggestion, I would love to change it. Thanks alot for reading it and telling me what you think. Would you have any suggestions for things to add or change that you think would make it better? ~iFish P
  8. thepatanator

    A New Quest!

    @Aza I made the rewards "average" because even though the requirements are kind of high, the quest itself is pretty short and doesn't require a ton of effort except for the combat. A well-prepared player who is over 100 combat and meets the melee requirements should have no trouble completing the quest. However, if you think that's so, would you suggest a lower strength requirement or a better reward? Thanks for your contribution! @Helm The difference between R&J and Beowulf is basically that Beowulf is interesting. Romeo and Juliet, while certainly a fantastic work of literature, does not have any aspects that could line up with an MMO such as Runescape. The Camelot series, it can be argued, does, but JaGex didn't put them into the game. I wrote the quest and altered some of the aspects of the storyline of "Beowulf" simply so it would work as a Runescape quest. Please read before commenting :(
  9. thepatanator

    A New Quest!

    For anyone reading this who hasn't read “Beowulf,” this is basically a Runescape adaptation of the first 2/3 of the epic. I've added in some things so as to have skill requirements and not base the entire quest on combat. I decided not to add in the final section about the dragon, as it doesn't fit in very well in the Fremennik storyline, and wouldn't be very requirement-heavy. Notes Before Reading: -I understand that Grendel and Grendel's mother resemble to Dagannoth/DMother from “Horror from the Deep.” This is simply how the storyline of “Beowulf” works. -For Skyrim players, Hrothgar is not only the dwelling of the Greybeards. Hrothgar is the king who Beowulf comes to help in the epic. I didn't want to change the name so as to stay closer to the story line, but if you think it's an issue, please say so in the comments. -PLEASE COMMENT! Any constructive criticisms/corrections are appreciated. -Looking for a better name. If you have one, please PM me or post it in a comment. Without further ado: Hrothgar's Quest (Fremennik series) Requirements: Quests: -Lunar Diplomacy -Lost City -Fremennik Trials -Rune Mysteries -Shilo Village -Jungle Potion -Druidic Ritual -Fremennik Isles Skills: -90 Combat -80 Strength -75 Herblore -70 Attack -60 Woodcutting -60 Construction Items: -Hammer -Hatchet -Seal of Passage Recommended: -Teleport Runes (won't work in the lake) -Combat equipment to fight several high-levelled monsters without banking Monsters to Defeat: -6 Sea Creatures (100-106)(Multicombat) -Suqah (111) (No weapon) -Grendel (245) (No weapon) -Grendel's Mother (365) -Quest Start -Speak to Brundt the Chieftain in Rellekka -He will say that he has heard that a kingdom “across the sea” is being tormented by a monster, and that they have asked for a “brave and strong warrior.” -You will not be able to speak to Brundt about the quest without combat requirements -He will give you a note to take to Lokar Searunner saying that you are on an important diplomatic mission -You can teleport with the Wicked Hood or Lunar spellbook if you don't feel like going through Pirates' Cove -Once there, speak to Unferth, who will be waiting on the dock. He will ask you to prove that you are “strong enough” to accompany him. Kill a Suqah WITHOUT A WEAPON. Shields/defenders are allowed. -He will tell you to join him and you will sail to Heorot -In Heorot -There will be a few shops in Heorot, which will be accessible after the quest is completed -Enter the main castle, and go to the throne room. Speak to King Hrothgar, and he will tell you a story about how a great monster comes in and attacks his men every night, eating 10-15 of his greatest warriors. He will also tell you about how his throne has been blessed by God (in this case, I guess Saradomin) so that he can not be attacked, but is forced to sit and watch as the monster devours his soldiers. Agree to help, and he will tell you to talk to the other soldiers while you wait for the monster. -Talk to at least 3 of the warriors in the hall, and they will all tell you different details about what Grendel looks like, and how he fights. This is random for all players. The first guard will say two of the three possible options, this will determine the type of Grendel you get. The other two guards simply describe physical characteristics (same for every player) -This will determine your Grendel: -1st guard: -He ripped the other warriors apart with his giant claw and- -He shot them full of spikes and- -He froze them and seemed to absorb their souls and- -After talking to the third guard, Hrothgar will ask the player “It is almost dark. Are you ready?” -This gives the player the opportunity to use the island's bank -Once prepared, the player should talk to Hrothgar. A cutscene will happen, where a column of light descends upon Hrothgar's throne, enveloping the player and Hrothgar. -Grendel will come in and kill the first warrior with a melee attack, the second with a ranged attack, and the third with a mage attack. -Hrothgar will tell the player to try to kill Grendel -First players must try to attack Grendel with a weapon. However, after not being able to hit on him, Hrothgar will reveal that he was blessed by the devil (Zamorak in this translation) so that he was not harmable by man-made weapons. -Grendel will leave. -Talk to Hrothgar, and he will tell you that you can not kill Grendel with a weapon, but must use strength. He will tell you about a potion that can be made to increase strength, and that you should talk to the Oneiromancer. -Travel back to the Lunar Isle -Back on Lunar Isle -Talk to the Oneiromancer and tell her about the potion -She will give you a vial and tell you that you need a special weed that grows in the dungeon on Lunar Isle, and a secondary ingredient that can be found by killing Suqah's. (This is a little repetitive, but I don't want to make the player travel too much from the area. If anyone has an idea for the secondary/monsters to kill for them, please comment.) -Travel to the LI dungeon and collect the herb, and collect the secondary. Take the items back to the Oneiromancer, and she will cast a spell on it. -Mix the potion to receive an “Inhuman Strength potion” which requires 75 herblore and can only be made for the quest -Travel back to Heorot -Back at Heorot -Talk to Hrothgar and tell him you made the potion. He will repeat the “getting dark... are you ready” dialogue. Respond yes when you are ready. Remember not to bring weapons, as they don't work. -Grendel will come in as before, and eat more warriors. Step out of the column of light, and drink the “Inhuman Strength Potion” It will increase your strength level by 90% of your base strength level, but will automatically drop your attack level by 35 points, which will be unreparable by potions or other stat-restoring items. -Fight Grendel. He will use the two corners of the combat triangle indicated by the first guard. His attacks include: -Ranged: Grendel will put his claw forward, and skulls (sorta like the Dark Bow special) will fly forward, and hit the player. -Max hit: 215 -- Accuracy: Moderate -Magic: Grendel will raise his head, and a black lightning bolt will hit the player. -Max hit: 350 -- Accuracy: Poor -Melee: Grendel swings at the player with his claw -Max hit: 115 – Accuracy: Good -After killing Grendel, he will drop “Grendel's arm.” Give this to Hrothgar and he will hang it above the fireplace, and thank you. He will tell you to go to Brundt for a reward. -In Rellekka -Go to the longhall in Rellekka and speak to Brundt. He will tell you that you have brought more honor to Rellekka as a strong Fremennik town and thank you for your service. When you begin to talk about a reward, a messenger will come and interrupt, telling you that the battle is not over, and that another monster has come to claim vengeance. He will teleport you back to Heorot, and you will appear under the column of light. A cutscene will occur where you see Grendel's Mother killing several guards with one swipe of an arm. She will say (I know the original Grendel's Mother doesn't speak, but she does in this quest) that you have killed her son and she will come take tribute in the form of seven warriors every night. She then grabs Grendel's arm from above the fireplace and leaves. Speak to Hrothgar, and he will tell you to follow her. -Leave the longhall and follow a path to a swampy area. You will be just in time to see Grendel's Mother enter the swamp and disappear. At this point, the player will need a hatchet, as well as sufficient equipment to fight Grendel's mother. WEAPONS WILL WORK ON HER. -Go to the side of the lake and chop down the “sturdy tree,” (60 woodcutting) which will then f all into the water. Chop it into “fremennik canoe” (60 construction) -When you are ready, choose “sail canoe” -You will arrive in the middle of the lake, and see a spot on the water that is bubbling -Choose “dive bubbles” -Underwater -Because it's following the storyline of the epic poem, a diving apparatus won't be necessary -Follow the trail. You will be continuously attacked by level 45-65 “sea creatures” in a multicombat area. They use melee and have very poor attack and defense, but high strength. -Once at the end, you will encounter six “sea creatures” that range from level 100-106. They attack using melee, and have very poor attack and defense, but high strength. -Max hit: 240 -- Accuracy: Very Poor -Once you've killed the last one, it will drop a “briney key.” -Use the briney key on the “rusted door” and prepare to fight. -In the cave -You will appear in a cave (no longer underwater) and will receive a message saying “The magic of the teleportation vortex doesn't work here. Only the gods can save you now.” The Ring of Life will still work, but other teleportation jewelry and items will not work. Enter the main section of the cave to see Grendel's Mother. She fights using all corners of the combat triangle. -Magic: Grendel's Mother glows and releases a magical blast, hitting anyone within 2 squares -Max hit: 400 – Accuracy: Moderate -Ranged: Grendel's Mother throws a throwing knife-type item. Instead of being a metal color, it is glowing red. -Max hit: 150 – Accuracy: Very Good -Melee: Grendel's Mother swings with her sword -Max hit: 175 – Accuracy: Not Good -Once you have defeated Grendel's Mother, she will drop “Hrunting,” a sword. Operate the sword, and you will be teleported back to Heorot, but it will break into several pieces in your inventory. She will also drop Grendel's Arm from earlier in the quest. Pick that up. -Back at Heorot -Speak to Hrothgar and give him Grendel's arm back. Tell him about the sword and he will let you keep it. He will tell you to go back and speak to Brundt. -Finishing Up -Talk to Brundt. He will thank you again for bringing more honor to Rellekka. Congratulations! Quest Complete! -Rewards: -Hrunting, the sword -9,500 Herblore, Woodcutting, and Construction xp -12,000 Strength and Attack xp -Tome of Battle: 10,000 combat xp to any skill over 60 -The ability to kill Sea Creatures -Access to shops and bank on Heorot -Access to mines (5 mithril, 2 adamantite, 10 coal) -Access to trees (3 yew, 10 maple, 1 magic) Hrunting -Hrunting is a non-degradable untradeable one-handed sword -Requires 70 Attack to wield -Has an “operate” which teleports you to the Heorot throne room -rechargeable by killing sea monsters (5 sea monsters = 1 teleport; 6 teleports max. stored) -Stats: Attack -Stab: +70 -Slash: +53 -Crush: +0 -Magic: +0 -Ranged: +0 Defense -Stab: +0 -Slash: +0 -Crush: +0 -Magic: +0 -Ranged: +0 -Summoning: +0 Damage Soak -Melee: +2% -Magic: +0% -Ranged: +0% Other -Strength: +85 -Ranged Strength: +0 -Prayer: +2 -Magic: +0 -Speed: +6 -Weight: 2 kgs I understand that it was really long, so for those of you who stuck with it to the end, many many thanks. I put alot of work into this and I really appreciate any constructive criticisms and suggestions. I think it would be great if something could be presented to JaGex that was contributed to by tons of people. Thanks in advance ~iFish P
  10. thepatanator


    Thanks. When should I be using the renewals? Like should I start at a certain wave and how often should I use them? EDIT: How's this?
  11. thepatanator


    So I was talking to a bunch of people on the friend chat and I found out from people with fire capes that I should, with my stats, be able to kill me some jad. So I was wondering, with my stats and around 35m to work with for supplies, what you would suggest for an inventory and gear? Stats: CB = 105 Thanks in advance everyone ~iFish
  12. thepatanator

    Spirit Of Summer Help?

    Yes I've done high and low neither one worked.
  13. thepatanator

    Spirit Of Summer Help?

    There's a graphical issue with the new update where, after activating the altar, the discs don't show up any more. This is not what my question is about. I did the first disc by looking at a picture and figuring out where it's supposed to be relative to the wall of the farm. However, after doing the second one, I had to log out to help with Christmas cleaning :(. When I logged back in, i traveled back to the spirit world with Summer and found that the discs had disappeared. I tried just doing the third one, figuring it had disappeared when I logged out but it's still functionally there. After wasting ten or so spirit scorpion pouches on that, I tried starting over with the first one, with the same result. At this point I can't tell which disc I have to go to because none of them show up on the ground, or if I have to re-activate the altar, or whatever. I'm kind of frustrated because I've been at this for a while and it's just annoying how the discs aren't showing up. Any help is good help. Thanks in advance.
  14. thepatanator

    Triple Digits And Chivalry

    Got 60 prayer and 100 cb in one worship. Also got Veterans cape about 5 minutes later when I discovered I've been playing long enough by talking to Hans on a whim. It's been a good day :( Next up will *finally* be a finished rfd, once I get the required qp's to enter the culinaromancer's portal.
  15. thepatanator

    Triple Digits And Chivalry

    Got 60 prayer and 100 cb in one worship. Also got Veterans cape about 5 minutes later when I discovered I've been playing long enough by talking to Hans on a whim. It's been a good day :( Next up will *finally* be a finished rfd, once I get the required qp's to enter the culinaromancer's portal.

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