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  1. phree0

    Insta kill darts on vanstrom?

    Ah yes it was just a stick and it was done - all the past prep wasted - lost stuff wasted as the dart finished him nicely. :) I burned some logs to get my hp up and i was only droppped to 89 by his blast - then liesurly finished the quest - thank you all for helpimg me out. vanstrom was no match for the dart - i like to beat the lag. now what to do with the vywear cloths? it seems my house didnt want to store those item - hmmm? *i opened the fancy dress box and it went right in - doh
  2. phree0

    Insta kill darts on vanstrom?

    thanks - i had forgot about vanescula, but knew she was the easy part - lol the first critter kill was fast too - i lagged, but that protector was quickly dispatched. I have had vanstrom almost ded a few times and my hope was up - until my connection no longer carried commands and i died with 8 sharks left and bummer my clicker failed me. I get the death darts and gear up for battle once more - this time with death kill darts. my idea is to put him away on the first available attack - Or do I need to lure him across the water puddle to finish him off? No. You do not need to lure him. That part gets skipped. (You still need the bottle of holy water in your inventory) You only need to bring one dart. Equip it and attack him as soon as possible. It will cut right to the part whe he explodes and you go down to 1 hitpoint. edit - my mom just did it a couple of days ago so I know. I like that the darts give people who have slower computers and/or slow connections the opportunity to finish a quest like this. I only wish there was something similar when I was trying to do the firepit room during Summer's End. Vanstrom was easier than that for me. I hear you about the fire pit - i have watched my sister try that and she died 23+ times and has to start over - the clicking is delayed [you know that frustration] I wish runescape would run as smoothly as it did in 2008 - there was a nice balance of game play then - a person could skill or do combat and there was a very very brief delay in our commands for the character being carried out - the ppl at lagex have added too much content and too fast for their servers to load it and to interact with our computers. I used to play on dial up and it was just a Pent II duo core 2 gb CPU and only 2 gb of RAM - todays games barefly work on that old minimal tech - lol today i have an I7 cpu 3.4gb, for ram 8gb with a bus that is over 4 times faster, also dedicated graphics card with a gb od ram there. high speed net - and I live on the West side of the USA and there is often too much lag to farm - maybe there have been tto many ferns, brush, running animals and huge tree updates that choke the servers as all this new uneccasary tourist scenery loads? maybe - - - but what would I know, I am just a customer. a customer that needs a cheat dart to kill a boss that I have almost killed several times - i am just not fast enough to finish. lol
  3. phree0

    Runespan HELP!

    i used a few worlds, but 88 was usually very popular when i was in the span - my sister still spans as she is just to 95 - after 99 i got my pouch and the number 1 rate [waste of points - lol] but i am marked, but i do not see any advantage to the mark [sorry off topic] my guess is that many ppl got 99 n left? the newness wore off and ppl now just hit it occasionally? i myself liked it when there were under 4 ppl on an island - as over 10 ppl seem to crowd an island. being alone was fine for me - i saw no benefit of other players there, but i did follow when ppl did a call out and yes i did call outs too - BS here ;) DS or UDS or Snot bubble at 3 o clock - yeah the big green spiking bubble ball - that was a fun snot bubble to call out - the runeball? it was the only thing that needed a lot of ppl, but in my opinion, it wasnt worth wasting my time. some clans make events and they all hit it in their evenings - my clan buddies are on cc to chat, so i was seldom alone.
  4. phree0

    Insta kill darts on vanstrom?

    thanks - i had forgot about vanescula, but knew she was the easy part - lol the first critter kill was fast too - i lagged, but that protector was quickly dispatched. I have had vanstrom almost ded a few times and my hope was up - until my connection no longer carried commands and i died with 8 sharks left and bummer my clicker failed me. I get the death darts and gear up for battle once more - this time with death kill darts. my idea is to put him away on the first available attack - Or do I need to lure him across the water puddle to finish him off?
  5. I have not bothered to die again in the lag that grips my player as the blood consumes me - lol last week I got the fine fate reward and thought "if this dart will kill vanstrom? that might solve the lag issue" more than twice before i got van down to a thinnest sliver of life and I had well over a quarter and was luring him cross the water - when i froze [my net] and i was unable to eat as weakling vandtrom trimmed me away while I cliccked franticly on food that could not be eaten - yes the dreaded lag - this got me over 25 times - the last imes i was so practiced, but froze in place while i died. Now If this insta kill dart would end this? then Hey I will gladly cheat the blood sucking demon - mua ha ha ha :) I read too many conflicting reports about this - Can someone tell me the truth? will the instakill dart defeat vanstrom in 1 hit and complete this annoying quest i have left undone for months? thank you for your replies. :)
  6. phree0

    number of bank spaces?

    ty zephyr my mem has the 468 as the total - there is so much junk to collect - it is hard to know what items to keep and what to flush. Thankfully the POH can store some of those useless toys and those fine pets that get under foot. lol
  7. phree0

    number of bank spaces?

    thanks - the new updates changed how to validate emails. mine was deleted and i registered it again after they lost the address i had been using since 2010 - well before that,but i forget which year i was able to register - perhaps it was 2008? yeah ive had my loss of memory issues too - lol note that 88 is the current bank space boost.
  8. phree0

    number of bank spaces?

    hi everyone after some fun trying to validate my email - the l agex ways are always changing. I have the following number in bank spaces 88 and the big number of 468 I have had no luck in searches to find the correct number of spaces for all members at this time. my searches brought up different numbers at different times. and a search at j agex only stated that validation added another 20 spaces - ? a few years ago I remember having only 68 bank spaces in f2p. have i gotten the most spaces available for current members? thanks a bunch for reading this post - i thank you for your suggestions and instructions.
  9. phree0


    yup pretty lame stuff - very time consuming, but for a newb? it is a nice thing. "IF" the direction arrows and instructions did not lock up so often. a person can get thru it faster if they are familiar with Lag ex ways,but the poor newbie would be very bored. i hope they find a buddy to show them the way - perhaps a clan of ppl that enjoy showing the way?
  10. phree0

    void range armor? what is the bonus?

    ty erebus - that helps as i only heard one group [clan] mentioning drops in pest control - and 500 games - - that sounds like a lot, but i can see that as a possibility. the pesty game calls us back. a boot drop? i would pick it up and maybe its a trade item or an alch. for free it might be nice to see it - but like many drops and squeal items, these might just be another bit of litter. :) thanks for the follow up about the boots - I wont worry about those.
  11. phree0

    void range armor? what is the bonus?

    Smile - yes exchange with the void knight person - - you can exchange commendations for items or exp - as for the boots? plz relax, I said that i did not see those. not on the knight exchange or on wiki - i said that i heard players talking about getting these while they played pest control - NO I die not see them at any time - ok? i just read the comments of the players - that is why i asked here. as I know that players often lie for various reasons. players often mislead others with false information or say "it is a secret" - they can appear special from others for a short period of time - the game is their "happy place" :D and yes i know the reason i got no point is because the void knight died - shucks i died that round too, so no points because the main guy died - it was a bummer, but it is not always a win in the game - the shifters will sometime get smart and rally together and they win. it is the vet boat after all and a little more challenge than novice. sadly protect from mage does not stop the freeze spell effect. i see many using it and they too are caught at the gate and kicked back into the pen. it would be great if the protect from mage was always effective in escaping the pen of SW - perhaps it is more because of the connection of the users being slow and are easily caught as we are slow. thank you again for recommending the proper helm and 3 pieces of armor to gain the bonus. thank you.
  12. phree0

    void range armor? what is the bonus?

    ty erebus i think i saw gloves on the exchange, but only heard ppl talk about getting boots in the game. the boots must be a drop for the very dedicated and lucky ones - i have collected 450 coms and only died once - yup on the tower in mage wear, the shifters ganged me and oops - i respawn on the landing, but the game was a lose - no points. and leaf - ty much for the recommend about the deflector - and i would start with 1000 points? I only played the conquest once - yeesh it was too slow and i begged the guy to kill everyone fast so i could leave - lol I knew nothing about the points - to me the game looked too much like a rip off of chess, but the pieces were just mighty slow in moving and i was not into waiting around to play a game with another person that used all of their time in chossing a move. oh my the guy was slow in making a decision. of course he won as i just wanted to get it over with. no points for phree. lol I should look at the pc thing again - and hope to get a 1250 rating to earn that deflector so i can quit that pest place and move on. As for SW? a fine mager freezes you as you exit - its a fight to get out the gate. then if i make it out? the game lags and i stand still while everything flows around me - yes my connection is really slow - satellite net is chunky at best, but its all there is besides the dial up. so i am limited in many events that are timed or require to eat quick, run steady - like vanstrom - i gave up as my net stuck while i watched the almost ded van kick the 60% remaining life out of me while i franticly clicked sharks that could not be eaten. the good news? all my stuffand food was there to be picked up for another useless run/ pause to death - lol lag kills. :) so SW is pretty much too fast of an event for me to enjoy it - but i did get good exp zeal from it. :) i played it for awhile until i tired of the freezing mages blocking the way. dirty cowards freezing a guy trying to get out of a gate that is more of a jail than a launch area. thanks a lot for the information - i will gather points from the pesty game and decide what to do with them. I like your remommends to get the deflector and wear the three pieces + the helm to get the boost. bummer id rather not wear their gloves. there is always a catch to a good thing.
  13. phree0

    whats new

    new in f2p? have you checked your quest log? there might be a new one. tasks? there are new tasks. and so many graphics updates - some are annoying - the armor look is fantasy, like dung armor look. i think there is a dock short cut between south of lummy and alkrud? the dung dock. oh and dung updates, but ive not been to see any of that. but alkrud got a new look, so has draynor and vrock is a bit different. mostly just looks - fine graphical updates that added shrubs,flowers and other landscaping obstacles we could do without. I am sure that you will find other updates that most of us have forgot. [tool belt] a few new ppl walking around lummy that can not be accessed on a free world [that we ignore] the good newb traing in the goblin house has been messed up. they let the gobs out to roam the streets - so the poor f2p guys have to run around to train up their gobby skills. [shucks i feel sorry for new members]
  14. phree0


    sadly jagex will take no action. they have posted that hot/cold, dicing and other gambling is a bad thing - the warnings are very clear to not partake of these forms of scams. ok some will say they are "legit" gamblers [lol] all gambling is a risk - As for dicing? what kind of dice are they actually using? are the dice legit or multi sided or made to better the odds of the house [host]? yes gamblers are not honest. this is just a fact that a gamer/host or the house will do what they can to "tilt" the odds in their favor. some will get mad and "claim" to be honest [this is a nice illusion] but gambling is not an honorable profession. yes the house makes millions - they pay out large sums, but they gain more large sums than they pay out. the odds are in their favor - so follow the advice of the jagex site and the advice on wiki - dont play games of chance. you will lose. "if it is too good to be true?" dont get sucked in. i was at the ge this morning and some guy was offering to buy spirit coaxtrix pouches for 60k each. lol yes his auto typer had it spelled coaxtrix. ppl warned that he was scamming, luring - ect but one guy bought 32k of the cockatrice pouches and the scammer would not buy them because he needed more (?) after everone was down on the scammer. and he refused to buy as he promised - he logged - - - lol i warned them that he might be merching the pouches on the ge and his tactic was to fool ppl into paying 50k a pouch. oh well - one guy got burned for 1.4m in cartoon gold - he took it well and said he wont do that again - lol Sadly - nothing will be done to stop the scam gamblers the trade scams the lure to a "quiet" place for me to give you a million - lol walk this way little one and i will give you candy - [sad - players fall for this every day on rs] never follo those that want to go talk in a quiet place - do not open your trade pack - it is a lure. Jagex has a whole section about game safety on their page - i hope some will read it.
  15. phree0

    void range armor? what is the bonus?

    ty Erebus for the quick reply - the bonus would be nice to have. and with the void storage in the poh [saves bank space] :) i will save up the points and see if i gather the void range - it might be nice to have - and yeah - I am a cowardly ranger and safe whenever possible. the god book in hand as i launch broad bolts from behind the line of safety. the dragons seem to be on a short chain in most places. :D i dropped 200+ commendations on mage xp, and found that the vet boat is a great place to ride with the winners. oh i do kill as many of the pesty rangers and the shifters - the shifters get wise sometimes and pile me - so in pest control it is not always easy to safe spot - but ive not died yet - came close a few times, but im not dead yet - I think i might have to live to collect the points. the knights might not be pleased and give commendations to the dead. Oh a question about the void boots? ive not seen a way to buy/exchange for the boots. just a top a bottom and the helms. are the boots needed to complete a set? if so? how do i get the boots? thank you

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