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    G'day mate, I come from Australia

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    Mining ftw!
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  1. PyroMania

    The Flare Miners

    I want to join so here's my application form. Name: PyroMania Mining level: 56 (and always rising!) RS Name: dragonz8100 Rank: Miner or Gold miner, I'd prefer miner.
  2. PyroMania

    Australian Legion 60+ F2p & P2p Based.

    Hiya! Well I come from Melbourne, Australia but unfortunately I don't have the required combat level... However, I am only 2 levels off it and would it be alright if I apply now, get the required cb level and then become a full pledged member? Please reply!
  3. PyroMania

    My Second 99...

    Gratz on 99 cooking mate. No more untrimmed cape anymore
  4. PyroMania

    Need Big Time Help

    Well, if you det recovery questions you could easily recover your passord. If not there isn't much you can do, although I would try logging in again. You can never be sure. Hope you can get your account back. P.S If you do recover your password, immediately change it.
  5. PyroMania

    P2p To F2p

    Okay people, f2per's have 68 bank space and I'd know because I am f2p. You should sell everything but your Santa. You're still able to wear them in f2p.
  6. PyroMania

    Come On, I'll Take You On!

    Gratz on the def level mate. Go for the cape!
  7. PyroMania

    Combat Training

    Well, I'll go straight down to business. I want to know any good ways of training my combat in f2p. More specifically in the areas of str, att, def and mage. My stats: Str: 51 Att: 41 Def: 44 Mage: 42 I currently train on cockroach workers for melee combat and for mage I go down to varrock sewers and crumble undead skeletons. Remember, I'm f2p so no rock crabs or anything like that. Thanks for your help.
  8. PyroMania

    Rate Me Pl0x.

    Judging by your stats I think you're a skiller but I can't be sure... Anyway, you've got pretty good stats for a skiller but it really depends on how long you've been playing for. I give you a 7.25/10
  9. PyroMania

    Quickest Way To 1.5mill

    Cowhides if you're not thinking xp and skills, but I suggest you try some other way like mining.
  10. Quite frankly, I gotta say you're RSMV's are the best. How do you do it!? 9/10. [i don't give 10/10's]
  11. PyroMania

    One Skill Lvl 99

    Hitpoints Simply because it will also raise the levels of attack, strength and defense.
  12. PyroMania

    The Runescape War

    Name:Sagean Nihilus age:25 good at:ancient magicks(specifically ice attacks), getting angry and getting even angrier! bad at:Being calm, being not so calm and being not so so calm! likes:patatoes! Seing enemies scatter. dislikes:noobs, lumbridge(since iut's full of newbs) and cake! GO PATATOES! good or evil: neutral-he kills everybody. He's an assassin! Though he will work for anyone. good you warship:Himself! The god of assassination. weapon:ancient magick staff, rune throwing axes, dds and rune crossbow. armour:red'n'black mystic robes. He travels light. shield: nothing gender:male Sagean shall freeze people and eat patatoes!
  13. PyroMania

    Would You Like The Knowledge Of Your Own Death

    Hehe, I got a little theory. If I happened to find out my cause of death it'd probally be a heart-attack because I'd probally have a heart-attack when I discovered what will kill me. Another theory- Like you can't change the past you can't change the future. Because that future's the future! You try to prevent you're death BANG! you're dead during the process of trying to change it. Do any of the previous 'theorys' I just stated make any sense. If so than PAAAAARTY! If not then meh, we all make mistakes.
  14. PyroMania

    What Are The Chances Of Life Out There

    Actually it has been proven that life does extra-terrestrial life does exist. Micro bi-organisms (spelling?) do certainly exist. However, I do have a feeling that advanced creatures do exist out there, and I think it's a good thing that humans haven't thorougly interacted with these beings. Life would be so much better without #gulp# green aliens in mass-murdering spaceships flying around Earth.
  15. PyroMania

    Kev's First Full Hd Fake.

    I... I like it. Absolutely flawless. The texture looks pretty fancy in HD(I'm f2p). I give you a 9/10. I don't give 10/10's cause nothings perfect. P.S I'm nothing,

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