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  1. bjd shadow

    70 Ranged

    Gratz on 70 range Bjd
  2. bjd shadow

    Zomg I Just Got A Bandos Godsword :o

    Gratz,have fun pwning all those noobs
  3. bjd shadow

    Ruined Pure?

    What should i do for it :) 40 Attack 64 Strenght 5 Defence 25 Prayer 38 Magic 54 Hitpoints Oh,cmb is 51 -Bjd
  4. bjd shadow

    I Can Now Go Meet Bandos :)

    Okay,now i just need member and the stats to kill bandos
  5. bjd shadow

    Can You Find All The Fakes?

    -Theres no underpants in Qc -Its says your in qc world but u can talk normally -Boots colored green -In middle of the compass there should be little blue -The player in front of the bank has yellow dot in minimap All i can spot for now
  6. bjd shadow

    Find The Fakes

  7. bjd shadow

    My First "find The Fakes"

  8. bjd shadow

    Spot The Fakes

    Your hp is full but its red Green runecrafting Blue fletching The music menu icon is grey Attack man is red Public and private changed places Your amulet is black Dots in minimap but people isnt there
  9. bjd shadow


    Nice idea but its weird that u are in over 10 places at same time 8/10
  10. bjd shadow


    Funny 10/10
  11. bjd shadow

    100 Combat!

    Gratz for triple digits and 75 att now go take those ubertasks from duradel (And remember GS)
  12. bjd shadow

    What Are The Chances?

    Nice,i have been in maze sametime as my friend
  13. bjd shadow

    Runescape Humour

    Lol,kinda hilarious
  14. bjd shadow

    Om Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom

    Gratz on 90 str,1700 total and combat 106
  15. bjd shadow

    » 75mil Total Xp «

    Gratz,now go for triple digits

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