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  1. blobman195

    Woodcutting Shop.

    can i sell u my 112 willow logs for 2k which is less than GE pricing
  2. pm me after replying in here.
  3. this is bull**** the HD id awesome but i was looking forward to using fullscreen oh and -Dad- get a life
  4. blobman195

    Selling 500 Silver

    i am selling 500 silver ores. im going by first come first serve. post if you accept or not and where the transaction will take place, in f2p area.
  5. even though im a non member can i work for u Runescape name:Blobman195 Mining level:51 What ores I will mine(Iron, or Iron & coal): both
  6. blobman195


    i'd like to work for you Sals name – Blobman195 Runescape name – Blobman195 Mining level – 51 Smithing level – 40 Miner or smither or both – both but miner more than smither oh and question can people order gold ore
  7. blobman195

    Ksafusion Essence Shop ~ Jobs Availible!

    hello my name is blobman195 and i am free to play and before i think about working with you how much do u pay?
  8. blobman195


    how much do you pay non members who work for you
  9. blobman195

    Ksa Runecrafting Shoppe ~ Hiring Workers ~

    how much do you pay non members who work for you?
  10. ever gotten really mad at the runescape game and just hoped it would fall apart. there is a way to do that. all you have to do is sell and never buy. think about it, what would happen if you sell high priced items and never really bought anything. money would pile up in your bank account. of course its very hard to do this by yourself but if you try hard enough you can. just keep checkinh the price guides for what has a selling price and then sell it for a while till something else comes along all this time you need to save the money. make your own food and buy stuff from the general stores. once ppl have tons of money and dont spend it the only to get money will be to kill monsters. and sure they can make their own stuff and sell it to general stores but very little will get you rich without the grand exchange
  11. when is the update coming out
  12. blobman195

    How To Make A Runescape Recession

    this was more of a joke post i knew it was practically impossibe but if u were a dude with no life you could spend all day everyday you could earn the max money then abandon the account and then start a new account and max the money out on that one and make another new one
  13. i would run around in the wilderness killing people

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