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  1. Jamario Moon


    When infinity robes tops hit around 200k each, i started collecting them...they went down for a few more days then jagex took them out of PVP drop tables, and now there up like 5% a day lol I wasnt investing when i bought them, i just remember when they were like 5M each and i always wanted so i stocked up on tops because i liked how i could buy like 50 and it looks cool in my bank because i feel rich...
  2. Jamario Moon

    Chain Farming Guide

    99% of the people going to this guide will probably be looking for herbs, and deserves its own section at the beginning. Looking at the other stuff, it would be useful to an experienced farmer but not a beginner looking to make some quick cash. Very nice guide, I'd just make the Herb part at the top, and by itself. P.S. 1 Snapdragon for the patch that doesnt die 4 Ranarrs for the other patches Not sure if that helped But great guide ;)
  3. Jamario Moon

    Aviansies Tanking Guide For Beginners

    I would diffidently add a bunyip thought... its takes this from good to great, considering alot of people who do this are 90+ range and like 100+ CB, i would say alot of people have 68 summon. Summoning is a newer skill and should be used in this guide. Just because you cannot use it, or your to lazy to write the section, still doesnt mean you cant. You get an extra 100+ kills a trip...
  4. Jamario Moon

    Aviansies Tanking Guide For Beginners

    One more time - This is a basic guide, no fancy stuff included, only basics braked down for you to use. Need more fancy information, Its inluded in God Wars dungeon guide. I would call summoning a basic, as many people doing this would be using summoning. Just quickly mention a war toritse and a bunyip or something.
  5. Jamario Moon

    Pvp Worlds

    You should add a part about vengance pking. Use whip and when the other player gets low health click vengance and swing your whip at the same time to inflict large amounts of damage. you should also note that magic is rarely used by itself. Veng pking for melee, and Ancient pking for rangers. This is because magic's max hit is 30 and alot of people bring in ranged armor with high defense to K.O magers. Magic is effective in a clan, because of multiple other forms of attack, and the freezing ability is helpfull. Unfortunately, you may also have to add a section on 1 itemers, pjers, and 3 itemers. 1 itemers - These people walk around with one item (most common is a DDS, people also use Godswords, Saradomin sword, Crystal Bow, and Dragon claws) and attempt to kill people, and when they die they use protect item to keep their item. Some of these use food and potions, some don't. Mass amounts of one itemers are found around Lumbrige, Faladore and some at Cammelot. This is because after they die, they can resprawn and get back to attempting to get a kill. These are especially dangerous when there in numbers, if you are wearing lots of expensive items you will be targeted. You should avoid the resprawn locations if you wish to pk with the pestering of one itemers. This pking is not recommended because if your prayer points run out, you will lose your item. If you do manage to kill somebody then chances at a valuable drop are low because you aren't risking much and probably didn't spend to much time in a hot zone. pjers - These are "player jumpers". There name basically says it. They watch you fight somebody secretly and when you are low hitpoints and the other person eats two food(this allows enough time for you be considered not fighting someone else), they jump with high hitting weapons (most common is a Dark Bow, people also use DDS, Dragon claws, Godswords) and attempt to kill you. The only problem is that they won't get the drop, but rather the person fighting you does. They might attempt to kill them afterwords, or ask for a portion. Sometimes friends PJ to protect each other or get each other loots. One itemers are known to player jump. Keep an eye out for these. Again, this is not recommended because you are at risk while waiting for an opportunity to jump. 3 itemers - These people walk around with 3 items (sometimes 4 if they plan on using protect items prayer) and attempt to get other people to attack them, so they remain unskulled and have no risk of losing items. They sometimes insult other players in the hopes of them snapping and skulling on them. The best thing to do is ignore these people. This style of pking isn't reccomended because you don't spend as much time fighting, and the loot will be worse because you are not risking much. Again these are just ideas, and rough outlines. you can rewrite those or copy them or just leave them out entirely. This guide looks good >.<
  6. Jamario Moon

    Never Too Late

    My advice: Get 70 prayer and piety Get 70 defense Get 90 strength (higher would be better) Get 90 attack (higher would be better) Get 94 mage (vengence)(you can barrage if you want to, just cant wear armo) ranged can stay where it is OR 99 ranged 99 magic 90 defense (higher is better) best advice is never get defense past 80 this is for pvp btw
  7. Jamario Moon


    i have to agree some pures are just flat out rude but i find they have no other flaws. i meet some really nice pures to but a think a common sterotype is they are really rude. id say majority are. pures that are level 90-110 are just good pkers, a skiller pker thats not a pure has the advantage. some people call me a pure....98 ftp combat with 93 mage and 85 ranged i just like ranged and mage and other skills (1730+ total) is that considered a pure?
  8. Jamario Moon

    Sals Worth $188391.1 Usd

    im not suprised.....advertising is a huge buisness
  9. Jamario Moon

    New Minigame

    looks sooo cool! it will probally be released first week of january >.<
  10. Jamario Moon

    Best Loot Ever

    i got d axe from dagg rex >.< and i got a total of 4 spears from barrows over about a week period but thats techincally a chest.
  11. Jamario Moon

    53 Thieving

    Master Farmers are most profitable and are a steady rate of xp. Pyramid Plunder is better from 55+ anyways, i wouldn't suggest it. I have gotten three accounts to 53 thieving, and i found one of the easier ways was Scourers Garden. It works out to being only a bit better than Master Farmers but you don't get as bored. It might be annoying at first, but after a while you get into rhythm and eventually at 60+ thieving you can get 60k+ xp an hour....thieving is REALLY easy to train after level 60.
  12. Jamario Moon

    93-99 Mage

    doesnt that cost alot?
  13. Jamario Moon

    93-99 Mage

    Hey Sals Community! I am currently level 93 Mage and i'm looking for a way to 99. I'm open to all ideas. Please guestimate how much xp an hour, and how much profit (or loss). Don't worry if your quite off, im just looking to see what to explore. P.S. If you say "alch" or something please say what to alch >.< P.P.S. If someone else already posted a suggestion its fine to make a post simply to agree Thanks a lot guys! Roomescape1
  14. Jamario Moon

    My First Ever Pk...12 Mil!

    good idea 2 alch i have zuriel top and bottom and im about 2 alch....

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