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  1. False13421

    99 Magic

    I never post on here anymore, but I felt like posting a small achievement of mine:
  2. False13421

    Hi Sals :3

    Who's Paladin? :(
  3. False13421

    Lily's Log To Something...

    Congrats on maxed melee, the levels, and the clue, my friend. Merry Christmas!
  4. False13421

    Lily's Log To Something...

    I'll just say congrats. A simple congrats. Nothing more than a minor congrats for your hard work. :( Keep up the good work, my friend.
  5. False13421


    Just really took the time to look at this log. I like it. :( Get more boots pl0x.
  6. False13421

    Lily's Log To Something...

    Gratz on the HP cape, Dimos, ol' boy. Now emulate me by becoming a boss ranger. :( I still love looking at the log, it's pretty much the only thing I visit Sal's for :D
  7. False13421

    Which Chaotic Weapon To Buy?

    Rapier = Training/Slayer Longsword = Bossing Maul = KO/Fun ^That's not exactly accurate and definitely not the only use that each has, but after watching countless reviews on each of them and everything those seem to be each weapon's "strongest" point.
  8. False13421

    Ancient Magicks Question?

    Please just bump the mage level up to 82 for Ice Burst... I'm assuming that you're a low-level pure, right?
  9. False13421

    East Coast Earthquake

    I was in my car waiting for my grandmom to come out of the doctor's office and blasting my music when my car started shaking. I thought it might have been the vibrations from THAT causing it, but I looked to the car next to me and it was shaking too. :(
  10. False13421

    A Log Of A Pvmer

    Nice new drops and congrats on 99 strength! Did you get it while bossing or did you just go train on regular monsters?
  11. False13421

    Sat Scores

    Jeez............ I'm dumb. I got an 1800. Only took it once and didn't study at all. :( Got into the school I wanted with it though.
  12. False13421

    Funny Video

    give it a watch; it's fake, but still kind of funny :(
  13. False13421

    My Current Stats

    Listen to saur, he has the G2H! But if you are going to P2P PK you don't want that weapon. You could train up to 80 Dung and get a Chaotic Weapon instead! :(
  14. False13421

    Need Help With My....rune Pure?

    I didn't see anyone mention anything in regards to this, but ALWAYS have an odd number prayer level (45>44) since it WILL NOT raise your combat level. Rereading the rest of the topic now, will add more input... :(
  15. False13421

    Rune Warhammer

    GLS is shizzle. Don't even bother. Around here, watch what topics you bump :(

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