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  1. Dom18

    What The? Another Achievement?!?

    Big congrats on the level, and iv also pretty much given up combat, but you can get charms from Dorgesh-kaan medium level chests if you want some, but it is kind of slow
  2. Dom18

    Runecrafting Guild W00t!

    Ya Finally got 50 RC few days after Guild came out, went straight there after and got full set of clothes, and i'm working on the omni-staff BTW if you noticed I was examining the Pillars and noticed two didnt have the P
  3. Dom18

    New Mage Outfit Goal Accomplished!

    Congrats on nice robes and cool outfit and Hollandjuuh, No they don't degrade.
  4. Dom18

    Great Orb Project

    You can in fact get 1000 Tokens if you win at every altar, Iv dont it twice and got 1000 each time
  5. Dom18

    Spirit Of Summer Quest Guide

    Yes I think the Rewards are for 50+ because iv gone through another few times and still havent gotten them. I'll find out when I get farming up to 50 today
  6. Dom18

    Spirit Of Summer Quest Guide

    Im not sure if you need a certain level for getting the XP when you go into the portals, because iv gone into the ruins one for the 10k Farming xp and it says something runs through your mind but your not experienced enough in that area to grasp it or something like that, im 49 farming and still dont get the xp Also sam thing happens to me in the Graveyard for the 10k Prayer xp and im 45 Prayer I think there may be some sort of level requirements to get those bonuses from it
  7. Dom18

    Farming Help Guide

    Great guide Neo, iv recently started farming and looked for a guide on sals and didnt see it on the tip guide section Only thing I noticed is that for the Merigolds when you say, No use other than to drop them, There actually used as part of Summoning for the Bull Ant Great Job once again :)
  8. Dom18

    Skill Cape [email protected]

    Well I dont supprt new looks for capes, I do support new Emotions for them. I think you work to hard for a 99 skill just for a 2 Second long emotion like the Slayer one On the item idea thing I kind of supprt it but it need more thaugh for what kind of item you get and how much better it would help you out.
  9. Dom18

    Skill-1000 Bug, How The?

    I searched it and didnt come up with anything so I posted it sorry if its somewhere else already
  10. How is this even possible, a lvl 106 that says Skill-1000, a very cool glitch I must admit I know it has something to do with the Games Room
  11. Dom18

    A Quick Question

    Yes it's still a Members on Beta until things are all fixed up nice and ready for the masses of Freeplay
  12. Dom18

    Possible Future Quest

    Ok I finished the first 2 Elemental Workshops yesterday, and I noticed a door on in the extraction room that is locked, now Runescape made the whole underground thing just for the Quest so why would they make a room thats locked for no reason??? Well I decided to click on the door and I took a screenshot of what it said Now in my opinion thats kinda weird to have it say something like this, Possibly an Elemental Workshop ||| ? Anyone else have opinions on this? And to Mods, I wasnt sure where to post it so I put it in questions because im asking for opinions, feel free to move it if need be
  13. Dom18

    I Guess This Makes Me Elite =)

    Big Congrats on 50 Construction and good luck if your going for 99
  14. Dom18

    99 Attack, 99 Strength, 99 Hitpoints

    Big Congrats to you on all those 99's, just get 99 Defence and you'll be all set for Combat, Good Luck
  15. Dom18

    85 Crafting - This Is #10

    Big Congrats on the 85 crafting, 85 Smithing will be expensive, Good luck

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