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    I have an enormous capacity to love and want to be loved equally in return. Am enamored of life and wake up each day in anticipation of what the universe will deliver.<br /><br />Writing is my form of meditation. There are always hidden meanings beneath my words, no matter how simplistic or literal they seem, and there are also a million possible ways to interpret my writing but there will always be only one true veiled meaning that most people don't reach.<br /><br />I prefer art over academics; I live to create something worth reading and something worth viewing through words and photographs. I am interested in anything that houses a strong sense of intelligence, but even more, I highly regard anything written with a purpose. If I say I believe in you, I really do. & I want you to believe in yourself, too. I believe that music keeps my pulse beating with a normal consistency. Without it, I'd fail to breathe. I am completely eclectic when it comes to music. As long as I have a pulse, I will forever be in its debt. Music, in aspect, is my oxygen & my nutrition. I love November. For those 30 days, I am untouchable and alive; the world is most alluring.<br /><br />I'm nowhere near a great writer but I've been plagiarized word for word at least five times. The more people I encounter online, the more I like my cat. Please remember my about me is about me.

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    Xo Wildrose
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    Kids Ranqe, K, omg
  1. Xo Wildrose

    The Worst Song: Bleeding Love

    I like it.
  2. Xo Wildrose

    The Poetry Club

    I'd love to join.
  3. Xo Wildrose

    Does Size Really Matter?

    I guess that it depends who you ask. Personally I'd say no..
  4. Xo Wildrose

    The Bunny Kit

    I guess all I have to say is... wow, that took some time... and also it turned out well.
  5. Xo Wildrose

    Man Selling Life On Ebay!

    It's interesting, but I would never buy someone else's life...
  6. Xo Wildrose

    Runescape Customer Support

    It's really great for me, but I'm not sure how it fairs for most average players. I've honestly heard bad things.
  7. Xo Wildrose

    Are Pets Like Family Members?

    If that was my cat it would have had a 10 cent .22 bullet. 6k on an ANIMAL is way to much. What if it's an animal you love, and you've known it for as long as you can remember? I'd do a lot for my cat if she was sick, no matter how money it would cost. I got her when I was like 3, so that's about as far as I can remember now (though I can remember some things from when I was 2). Really, after nearly 11 years of being with you, it's more than a 'pet' or an 'animal'. It's a part of you. A part of your family. Like humans, no animals are unique, and nothing can replace them. I wouldn't give my cat awat even if they offered me one million EUR. Well said K. I agree wholeheartedly. Besides, I could never kill an animal, even if it weren't one of my pets.
  8. Xo Wildrose


    I have a hear with wings, supposed to represent love flown away. I got it when one of my best friends died.
  9. Xo Wildrose

    You And Your Family Right Or Left Handed?

    Yourself: Left Mother: Right Father: Right Sibling/s: Right (only one) Children: none
  10. Xo Wildrose

    What Is Your Sex?

    I'm a girl. :)
  11. Xo Wildrose

    Count To 100

    uh 45
  12. Xo Wildrose

    Count To 100

  13. Xo Wildrose

    Can You Get Ip Banned From Runescape?

    You sure can.... wouldn't that be scary?
  14. Xo Wildrose

    Are Pets Like Family Members?

    Just spent $6,000 on my cat's last vet visit. I'm givin' that a big YES.
  15. Xo Wildrose

    Why Do You Support Mccain Or Obama?

    Obama, period. I can't even sit here long enough to type a list of the faults I feel McCain has.

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