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  1. Philadelphia Eagles

    Cant download java?

    Its run perfectly on my laptop forever, and runescape wants me to download the new version, went to download it says the file is corrupt. So i delete my old java to see if that would work, exact same thing happened. Any tips? need help.
  2. Philadelphia Eagles

    Freeplay Discussion Thread

    not really :P bot infested both f2p and mems but there is noticably less in members worlds. I think a lot of freeplayers hear out about members just from the game itself. For example, players will look at the in-game fishing requirement table or wonder what is beyond the taverly gate and get members because of that. I find the members advertising is borderline annoying, discourages me personally from getting membership, and not necessary (players still became members before all of this advertising). And people want to be pure freeplay because it is a unique and cheap thing to do. I think many players want to be pure freeplay now even without highscores because the members game has made training so easy and some people prefer how it was years ago. The freeplay game has remained pretty much unchanged since the beginning of runescape 2 (with the exception of dungeoneering), so this is a way to play in a culture where only these slower training methods can be used. Buddy if you think its cheaper to be a f2p you are along way off the truth, try get 99 prayer with just burying big bones...
  3. Philadelphia Eagles

    Freeplay Discussion Thread

    I played f2p from 2004-2010, and i can say that i thought it was great. I really had no reason to pay for members at the time because i was only i young kid who was enjoying the 'demo' of the real game. But i feel there is only so much you can do in the f2p world, i achieved 1100 total in f2p, it wasn't easy. But i cant imagine just playing the f2p version of the game forever, it lacks so much depth compared to the members version. But i never complained about being a f2p until i finally decided to become a member. F2pers have to realize that members PAY to have updates, members PAY to have no adverts, members PAY to have less bots. The only thing i really found was a benefit in the f2p world was the community, I've always felt that they are all a lot more outgoing. Members tend to just keep to themselves usually.
  4. Philadelphia Eagles

    Why the change to Gielinor?

    Before about 3-5 months ago, how many times can you honestly say you heard someone or anyone say the word Geilinor? I have played runescape for the past 8 years on and off and i had never heard of runescape being called Geinlinor ever. The only thing that is worse than that is, the guy who talks during the Runescape videos. Holy Moly he has a terrible voice.
  5. Philadelphia Eagles

    Sal's Highscores

    RSN : SneakyGobby
  6. Philadelphia Eagles

    Forum highscores?

    I remember on the old forum there used to be highscores, but i cant find them anywhere on here? Do they still exist?
  7. Philadelphia Eagles

    Squeal of Fortune-what will new players think?

    Can you honestly say that you have evidence of some one abusing the SoF to get themselves high levels?
  8. Philadelphia Eagles

    Count Down From 1,000,000

  9. I do all ready know that skillcapes and achieving a 99 in a skill is not as hard as it used to be 'back in the day'. So before you start to rant on about how there a waist of time i want you guys to hear me out on this one. I have been playing Scape since late 2004, and i achieved 99 cooking in late 07 as a free to play player. For me this was a massive thing for me, back then we didnt have skill capes, and it was a huge thing for me. It was not easy at all, alot of grinding. I have achieved two 99's since then. But thats besides what i want to talk to you guys about, im looking for opinions here, Do you guys think that getting a 99 in any skill is still worth your time? If so, do you do it for the skill cape? Or just the personal glory of achieving a 99. Discuss.
  10. Philadelphia Eagles

    42-55 Thieving Help

    When was theiving ever fun?
  11. Philadelphia Eagles

    Tips On Making A Good Hardstyle Kick?

    Only the best.
  12. Philadelphia Eagles

    Hacked, Lost All My 100m, Got 0gp..wtf Do I Do Now!?

    i know the feeling, i just got hacked aswell. Its so stupid, why would people do it? But ow well, im gonna quit now.
  13. Philadelphia Eagles

    Account Recovery

    HELP Well i tried to log in after not playing for about 8 weeks right, and of course my password did not work. When i went to appeal it asked me to type in my email, so i did. And jagex kept telling me it was wrong of course, after finally getting past that page, i put in all my recoverys and fill out the forms. Then it tells me to put in an email address that they can send the stuff too. So i do. Then when i try log into my email account, i find out its been locked out aswell. So after doing everything again with a different email address, it all works, and i click the link to get my account back. Only to find that i need to type in my email again. Jagex then tells me that they never sent my email account an email. I dont know what to do anymore guys, need help.
  14. Philadelphia Eagles


    You have 1 day remaining, why complain now?
  15. Philadelphia Eagles

    Your Favorite Remixes/mashups?

    the best.

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