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  1. Sonata


    Hey. I posted here 1 year ago or something. Another, I'm still alive update. Last year I posted my new computer build or something. That i5 wasn't enough to handle my Twitch.tv streaming quality I wanted so I upgraded to an i7 (Got it for a 238$, what a steal!). I got an A in a "weedout" class (Operating Systems). I felt really proud about that. Still taking CS at UT Austin. My Pandora station is messed up, I keep trying to fix it but I feel like I'm making it worse. Keeps playing songs that are too old. I'm living off campus in an apartment now. Never expected me to get to that point in life so early. Always thought I was going to be the kid who stayed in the dorms forever. Alexander Savage 3 is torture. (ff14) I've been watching a lot of Kamen Rider. Watching through Drive and Ghost right now. Merry Christmas (a bit late), Happy New Year everyone.
  2. Sonata

    4 Years Later

    That's what they said 4 years ago also.
  3. Sonata

    4 Years Later

    Remember when I was like 15 and I was panicking to build a budget computer? Good times. Anyways, ordered parts over the shopping holiday for pseudo-upgrade. AMD Phenom II X4 955 BE -> Intel i5 4690k Asus AMD whatever Motherboard -> Asus Intel Z97 whatever Motherboard XFX Radeon HD 6790 -> MSI GTX 970 Cheap NXZT Wierd Looking Case -> Fractal Design Define R4 4GB DDR3 RAM -> 12GB DDR3 RAM -> Nothing New Cooler Master 700W PSU -> Nothing New Every Hardrive -> Nothing New Might get a watercooler for my CPU sometime in the spring. Maybe better fans.
  4. Sonata

    General Anime / Manga Discussion Thread

    Oh crap it is still alive!
  5. Sonata

    50 Carpenter

    http://i.imgur.com/crcVlbu.png w00t waitasec
  6. Sonata

    Level 40 Carpenter

    oh wait this a runescape forum, crap
  7. Sonata

    I think Dictionary.com is running out of words of the day...

    actually it's the english way of saying it wait why am i here
  8. i'm going to college now and stuff hit me up if you go to ut austin we play video games and stuff also wixoss was the anime of the season
  9. because it's fudging horrible. I don't even know how I stumbled upon this. https://www.fanficti.../the-two-heroes
  10. i'm not dead everything is good i play ff14 now see you in 6 months for the next update
  11. What's your opinion on an mmo that doesn't have quick traveling? Traveling has to be done by foot/vehicle, but there isn't some automatic teleport system, etc.
  12. Becoming inactive these days since I don't play RS at all anymore and stuff. My Sal's profile has some contact info if you want to stay in touch. I'll probably come back for the high quality tech support this place has. ... Okay final thoughts on Runescape as an mmo I grew up with, it's pretty much an mmo that can't be beaten (yet). It offered an actual feel of an online open world experience, entertaining non-generic quests, and many fun things that I don't see myself doing in other games. The only problem that I feel I grown from it is my picky choice in MMOs, as quest-based progression mmos don't really appeal to me, and I get more sucked into more unique stuff rather than the generic stuff with a little makeup on it. Anyways, Runescape was a great game to grow up with, I'm glad I played that rather than WoW or Maplestory.
  13. Sonata

    Wii Time!

    Hacked my wii and now it's time to play some games I missed out on. I just need to get a USB HDD later. Right now I'm playing Sky Crawlers, and that game has a beautiful soundtrack. Upnext: -Muramasa -No More Heroes 2 -Xenoblade -The Last Story
  14. Sonata


    video games
  15. Sonata


    I've stepped into hell trying to find a PSP.

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