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  1. Apparently I've been registered on Sal's for 7 years, that is too long. I am old.

    1. Guitarguy


      Hah! You silly old memb-- Wait, I joined seven years ago too. WHAT'S HAPPENING TO ME!?

  2. Yokoko

    Official Wow Thread

    Although not many of the 'well-geared' people run the heroics he's doing, if they need valor they do Zul heroics. If I can, I try to avoid doing Zul Heroics all together. I can do like 3 regular heroics in the time it takes to do one Zul. The queue times on my server are ~25-30 minutes, and I find I always get stuck with a crappy group. I mean, the odd time I'll get ultra amazing groups but most of the time they suck. Even on regular heroics it's a gamble, which sucks. The instances I find I have trouble getting good groups for are Deadmines and Grim Batol. People don't seem to understand the Reaver boss, and Grim Batol is just horrible. My least favourite instance. xD
  3. Yokoko

    Anyone Like "the Phantom Of The Opera"?

    The clothes Erik wears are so orgasmic. Just all the male clothing in that movie is like so sexy. sdfksdnfajkfnsjfna I thought I'd let you know, since no one else seems to care. xD
  4. Yokoko

    Official Wow Thread

    I would suggest getting the Curse Client thing. It's nice for getting and updating addons. I'm sure some of you might disagree, but I love it. I'm lazy and don't like having to search for updates. It just kind of does everything for you. It sticks your addons into your folder, notifies you when new updates are available and you can search their addon database from the client itself.
  5. Yokoko

    Games Everyone Likes, But You Don't

    Starcraft. I played Starcraft II with Wing but I couldn't get into it, I'm not a big fan of real-time strategy games. Minecraft. Yes, it's kind of fun, but it's not something that I would spend all of my time on. :( Maplestory. Runes of Magic. Dungeons and Dragons Online. I played all these games. I just couldn't get into them. I have this rule now that I have to play a game before I decide I don't like it. Like most RS players, I too didn't like WoW, but I kind of love it now. The guild I'm with > Sals, in pretty much every way and form.
  6. Yokoko

    Official Wow Thread

    It shouldn't matter which is more fun during endgame if you can't bear to level it. I personally enjoy playing on my hunter more than my lock. Neither are close to 85 though, so things could change. Any endgame crap can be horrible no matter which class you play. It could be your favourite character of all time and you'll just want to die because of the amount of times your group is unsuccessful. From what I've seen I think hunters are expected to do a lot more cc/aoe/range wise than locks. I could be wrong though, it's just that I normally see hunters doing/being told to do things a lot more often than locks. LOOK AT HOW PRETTY IT IS !
  7. Yokoko

    Official Wow Thread

    Well, we did an achievement run for regular ICC 25M. We had to wipe so many times on the Orb Whisperer one. We came out one short because we didn't have any hunters with us (for ranged aoe), but that's fine, we killed the Lich King. I can be in your pr0 club yet? Shh, ignore the fact that I clearly spam my buttons... :x Oh, also ignore the fact that it was almost 3am... we started at 10pm, the guy that hosts the raids normally stops at I think 1am or 12 or something, but everyone wanted him to continue so we kept going... I must say though, regular isn't as funny as heroic. When people fly in the air because of the shadow traps, AHAHAHAHA.
  8. Yokoko

    Official Wow Thread

    Only orange items I see on AH are these :D Pretty sure there's no Legendary weapons that're boe. Not sure though I'm hardly a wow expert. I MUST START RAIDING. D:
  9. Yokoko

    Official Wow Thread

    Umm, I play on Proudmoore US, the most fabulous WoW server. I don't really raid, but I think I'm going to start getting more into it since my guild (which is extremely large, we have like 5 or 6 guilds linked together) has a bunch of crap they do, there's normally always someone doing something so, I'm trying to get into it. I have a 85 Kitty Druid i351. I also have a Resto Shaman (54) and an Aff Warlock (51). I sort of hate my warlock, I'm considering deleting it because I'm not very good at playing on it, and being the lowest DPS all the time is sort of embarrassing/frustrating. I've tried demonology, and destruction is the only one I haven't tried, so I'm going to try that before finally deciding to let my character go. xD
  10. Yokoko

    Official Wow Thread

    I wasn't around for WOTLK, well, not around long enough to experience this stuff, but in Cata, especially in heroics, standing in fire is horrible. It's one of those things that if you hesitate about it just for that little second, bam it's too late you're already dead. I mean, it's sort of funny sometimes, but when a whole PUG does it, it becomes really annoying really fast. ZG is just a horrible PUG instance. It's my least favourite because people just can't seem to listen or they think their plan is so elite and fool-proof that they're not willing to change it, regardless of how many times the group has wiped. Death is totally avoidable in ZG, it's just people don't pay attention or they don't react to it fast enough to avoid dying. :D I honestly never have problems with ZA, it's always ZG. It makes me sad. D:
  11. Yokoko

    How Did You Die Last?

    Well I was on my druid, flying in flight form. I wanted to get closer to the ground so I switched flight form off and just let my character drop... I didn't change back into flight form fast enough... xD
  12. Yokoko

    Pics Of Your Pets!

    OMFG THIS IS AN ADORABLE THREAD. This is my cat, Teddy. It's spoiler'd because it was bigger than I thought it would be... D:
  13. Yokoko

    Sals Minecraft Topic

    I thought I'd add in here that I sort of played for my first time today. I made a little cave house, it's cute. :D
  14. Yokoko

    Official Wow Thread

    I just wanted to put this up here, I've never rode a camel before. xD
  15. Yokoko

    Official Wow Thread

    Are you installing using the disks? D: I wouldn't do that since you obviously seem to be having problems with it. Just download it off the website, it'll download all the expansions as long as you have them registered on your account.

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