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  1. 5ilence

    Sal's Call Of Duty Chat

    Been playing, 6 hours, just got to level 16. Add Lord Of Don. ~5ilence
  2. 5ilence

    Sal's Xbox 360 Club

    Wanna play on Live sometime? ~5ilence
  3. You might be getting RI (Radio Interference) from your speakers, but that could also be a different sort of flickering. Try, once you close Runescape, exiting to the Desktop, and starting afresh? ~5ilence
  4. 5ilence

    Sal's Xbox 360 Club

    Hey everyone, I've got a temporary Gamertag. Feel free to add Xx5ilentNite/s I can't remember if there's an "S" on the end. I'll pass on my proper Gamertag once you add that. ~5ilence EDIT: I'll be playing CoD2, CoD4, and random other things. I pwn at CoD2, srsly.
  5. 5ilence

    E3 The Biggest Week In Gaming

    FYI, Liepzig is bigger than E3 And, people can actually go to Leipzig! :) ~5ilence
  6. I beg to differ. I found doing Gnome Tree or whatever it is, when you have to fight that Black Demon, to be the hardest part, seeing as it's Lvl 172 or something. ~5ilence
  7. 5ilence

    Diablo ~ What Realm Do You Play On?

    Yeah, I agree, in regards to the DII clan ~5ilence
  8. 5ilence

    Diablo ~ What Realm Do You Play On?

    I think it's either, 5ilentNite, or SilentNite. I forget. Haha. ~5ilence
  9. 5ilence

    5ilent Nites Gfx

    man i love it. but... if its not a hasle could you change the background plz? id like it to be a abstracty feel with black and blood red as the colours. also... can you change the render to this ty in advance. PS:if you cant do it or cant be bothered then i dont mind. and sorry if it feels like your just redoing it.i just want to have a good sig=) and i only want u to do it again is because my cheif looks a bit skechy=\(planet renders...) ~Halo w That's fine :) I'll work on in in 10 hours. I'll edit this post. Cheers ~5ilence
  10. 5ilence

    Sal's Xbox 360 Club

    Sorry if I double-posted. I only thought of it after I hit the post button. Will it lower the image quality though? ~5ilence
  11. 5ilence

    Sal's Xbox 360 Club

    I wanna download it to my computer? ~5ilence That's the picture I'm looking for. Blanked out my Gamer Name for Privacy reasons... ~5ilence
  12. 5ilence

    5ilent Nites Gfx

    I'll work on it ASAP, so a bit tonight, a bit tomorrow. Seeing my girlfriend, so it might not be finished till late tomorrow night in AUstralia. Hope this is okay. ~5ilence EDIT: Banged out a first draft, anything you'd like changed, added too? [IMG=http://img55.imageshack.us/img55/6721/finishedproductnm1.jpg]
  13. 5ilence

    Sal's Xbox 360 Club

    Hey, can anyone give me a link, to that Gamer Picture, of, I'm pretty sure, that Black and White face from "Gun". I love the picture. Haha. ~5ilence
  14. 5ilence

    Runescape Hd Beta.

    There's already a topic for this I thought? Ah well. I think, the HD looks nice, it's gonna do alot for the reputation of Runescape, but like I've expressed before, the new coat of paint, doesn't cover the horrible community up. ~5ilence
  15. 5ilence

    Mccain Vs. Obama?

    Your not talking about your votes, your talking about who you'd rather win That's got nothing to do with you voting. ~5ilence

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