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  1. Generic "logged in after X years to say hi" message

    1. Sobend
    2. Yuanrang


      There is not enough info for us to solve X though. :sad:

  2. My visiting this forum a few times a year is a constant reminder than I love to live in the past.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Yuanrang


      As you move through life, your past becomes the story you wrote in which you now have to continue. The present and future is pointless without the past, because no matter what kind of story you have written thus far, there is endless possibilities in which you can continue. :)

    3. Arianna


      so profound the chinese government arrested me as an underground activist

    4. Guitarguy


      my visiting this status a few times a day is a constant reminder than it's on the forum index.

  3. I grew up on visiting this forum multiple times a day.

    1. Sobend


      I did too. I'm in jail now.

    2. Yuanrang


      Oh please, we prefer the term "Moderator dungeon".

  4. So many memories from this forum. Would love to revisit those times with my current maturity.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Micael Fatia

      Micael Fatia

      Lol Sals and maturity are not words that go together

    3. Yuanrang


      We all have a regret or two, when it comes to this place. :P

    4. Arianna


      I call it The Fortress Of Regrets, in homage to Planescape: Torment

  5. I miss the old PvP section. Always fun to make a new pking account and post it in our little circle of people.
  6. Ruben_

    Bursting rock lobsters

    Can anyone tell me if I need 2 more people to access the sub lvl where the rock lobsters are? What should my inventory look like? I'm 84 mage and going there in full ahrims.
  7. Ruben_

    Which bosses can I kill?

    RSN is Qwark28
  8. Ruben_

    Which bosses can I kill?

    Awesome, add me. How should I enter godwars? Been a member for about 3-4 years but never actually been there
  9. Ruben_

    Which bosses can I kill?

    Stats: 88 ATK 87 STR 87 DEF 85 Pray 84 Range 83 Mage 63 Herb Got chaotic maul, full torags and 2m in supplies. Also got 1,6k frost dragon bones to lvl my pray with.
  10. Ruben_


    I've lost all interest for pvp. I'll pr obably post some crap if I pk after 90 cb.
  11. add me to the salabama 07 hiscores
  12. Ruben_

    Ice's Old School Skill Log

    Great progress, how long did fletching and WC take? How long did you WC for a day? ATM too lazy to train combat skills and upping non combats.
  13. Ruben_


    im gonna pk on my zerker but theres no reason to ever post in this section, as if anyone visits it.
  14. Ruben_

    Ice's Old School Skill Log

    bank is to be made @ green drags, with con released atm d bones are skyrocketin when im not questing or buying new gear im there, occasionally theres the 24/7 nerd with 75+ combat 80str that tries killing everyone

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