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  1. Mr Chaos

    Knights Of Order Vs Aftermath [pkri Style]

    thats cute that you post a no post fight <33 well gf ko, aint gonna flame cuz i dont like it. have fun with this anyways only died once, got piled twice
  2. Mr Chaos

    The Shadow Closes.

    R.I.P. The Shadow we were sexy
  3. Mr Chaos

    The Shadow Vs Exodus

    L @ Flame bait. GJ TS. L @ worthless post. It's the truth, if exodus had better organisation I can see them beating FT easily. We're 2-0 against FT Jokes. I love Jokes. Jokes Jokes Jokes. Haven't we beaten you guys like 2 or 3 times? I can't recall ever losing to you guys. Even in our most laid back fights, I'm almost 100% sure we've never lost to you. you guys mind not talking about that on here and talk on like irc?? ruining my first post celebration
  4. Mr Chaos

    The Shadow Vs Exodus

    we did good babes Gf exodus was really fun...hope to fight you guys soon again ^^ omg first top on this topic for me wooot grats to me plz? [email protected]#$%^
  5. Mr Chaos

    Veni Vidi Vici Vs. Adrenaline

    gj guys keep it up
  6. Mr Chaos

    The Shadow Vs. Ronin

    gj ts....couldnt make it was at school sleeping
  7. Mr Chaos

    The Shadow Vs Elite Order For Rank

    yeah to bad vvv wont war us :) i think that would be fun
  8. Mr Chaos

    The Shadow Vs Elite Order For Rank

    Your complaining more then TS was when you refused to cut one more, which it wasn't in the rules to drop but like Destiny says it is honorable. You didn't do it so TS re-payed the favor, whether you like it or not you lost. Personally I wana see a full out lol, MAKE IT HAPPEN. im sure they're not going to war us anymore, which doesnt matter to me, with them complaining like this... didnt break any rules so... there is no reason to complain. you guys agreed to the rules.
  9. Mr Chaos

    The Shadow Vs Elite Order For Rank

    Its for a rank so why not pull our best? like said before, no rules were broken at all and you guys lost fair, so you shouldnt be getting all mad because of this because we wanted this rank, enough said.
  10. Mr Chaos

    The Shadow Vs Elite Order For Rank

    Its all right there ^

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