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  1. :) 

    1. Sobend


      I miss Finnish Ed.

  2. True 2k8

    Tempest vs Zerg Unit (CWA)

    GF ZU!
  3. icu....

  4. Thread: https://tempest-rs.net/topic/450-tempest-vs-cluster-f2p/
  5. True 2k8

    Tempest vs Latin Crew

    Thanks for the fight LC :D
  6. True 2k8

    Tempest vs Kurimao Clan Revolution

    thank you, now lets get this whole site poppin
  7. Original Topic: https://tempest-rs.net/topic/322-tempest-vs-kurimao-clan-revolution/
  8. Hi all, I know these boards are at a slow crawl, but I thought I'd see if any familiar faces ever lurked here. With Zybez dead, this is one of two forums (Tip.it) where we can browse old clan discussions/fights and potentially find each other. I hope each of you are doing well in your lives and still cherish the battles we had with and against each other. Today I opened Tempest, a community & F2P-based clan with tons of old clanners (including Sals greats such as Blade V1per, Slaughter17, Pker Nick PK & more) to take a more casual approach to the warring scene. That being said, I wanted this to be a bit of a smoke signal to old clanners looking for a place to scape (or even just to hang out in Discord) whether that's as a clan friend or a fully-armed warrer. Opening Thread Memberlist Discord Miss ya'll, stay safe during these crazy times.
  9. 3x dead

    1. Guitarguy


      reported noob

  10. True 2k8

    "Sal's, Sal's never changes...

    fight me
  11. True 2k8

    anyone Read?

    Hey <3 Recently read LeBron, Inc.: The Making of a Billion-Dollar Athlete

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