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  1. So I've been a member, according to the private message I just got from Sal, 6 years, and damn does time fly. I'm 16 now, which is fun, I can't believe I was only 10 when I joined, what the hell. But anyway, I came to show you guys a video of me dancing to a dubstep song I just LOVE. There's the link. Keep in mind, I recorded this with my brother's macbook, so it's a bit LQ, sorry about that. This was kinda a spur of the moment thing so I just decided to try it out. I plan on making more videos and improving each and every video with various tips I've gotten from other sites and people, and I also plan on buying an actual HD video camera in the next week or so. I hope you enjoy it, please spread the word, give me tips, criticism, rate/like/dislike/subscribe if you really want too, anything's fine (except flaming, obviously, because I'll probably just retort with a sarcastic response) Love you all and hope you have fun watching it :).
  2. It happens on generally either side of the volume knob. It rattles I'm pretty sure depending on the bass frequency, because sometimes it's clean and smooth, then other times it's shaky and rattly.
  3. I've tried tighening them somewhat, but I don't think it really makes a difference. and most of it is 320 kbps Would the fact that it's .mp3 have to do with anything?
  4. Alright, so in a recent time, about 1-2 months ago, I bought a 5.1 , the logitech z506 from bestbuy. Now, I'm satisfied with this product, as it gives very good sound, very loud, etc (for only 100 bucks, nice:D) but there's just one problem, but I feel like I can't fix it. When I play bassy songs, such as dubstep songs, and some house music, the underside of the subwoofer rattles up and down. I'm assuming it's because of the bass so it's normal reaction is to go up and down at a fast rate, and it creates a sort of rattling sound. Now, I can understand if it's just normal in the product, but I was wondering if i could lessen the rattling in any way, to make the bass sound as clean as possible. I've provided a picture of what rattles below: http://i.imgur.com/meWpU.jpg I couldn't put the IMG tags because of it's size, and I'm too lazy to resize it. Keep in mind this is now how i usually place my subwoofer, I'm not retarded. Currently it is on my floor under my table placed right side up.
  5. A D A M

    The Official Guild Wars Thread

    So uhh..you guys don't know any money making techniques for a ranger? lmao.
  6. A D A M

    The Official Guild Wars Thread

    Alright guys, so after about 1 or so year of not playing this game I've decided to play again, in response to GW2 being released soon. Anyway, I used to farm Slavers Exile back in the day with my ranger, and i guess it was pretty popular. It that still alive today? If not, what other methods of farming are there? Preferably for a Ranger, being that I am one :D. And not just farming, it can be various other ways of making money, just something to get me by:D XD. oh, and how much do a mini siege turtle, cave spider, and dredge brutt go for? -_-.
  7. Hey all, I have a Logitech 5.1 Surround Sound system, and Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit. When in iTunes, everytime I play music, it only is projected from 2 speakers. I have a Realtek High Definition Audio, and I tried doing speaker fill, but that didn't work, I tried downloading drivers, but that didn't work either, so I've come crawling to sals asking for help. So does anyone have any ideas?
  8. A D A M

    The Famous "friday"

    You're obviously part of the cult that endorses pot as some sort of miracle drug. I hope the lord gives you light, because you're far in the darkness now. I am terribly sorry, but i don't believe in "the lord". Also you do realize organized religion is the definition of a cult right? "a group or sect bound together by veneration of the same thing, person, ideal, etc." (dictionary.com) I am endorsing pot as it has been proven multiple times that many myths about it being just horrible for you are not true. It has pain killing effects that can help people immensely, and that is just the beginning of the many things it can do. Fie! Fie! Stop spreading the devils thoughts and sayings! The great Lord does exist! For how do you breathe? How do you walk? How do you see? You are blessed by our mighty creator! Pot is the devils work! Pot is horrible for you, much like LSD and Coke and PCP! Oh sweet Jesus, please give this man a light to show that you do exist, for otherwise he will enter the eternal gates of Hell.
  9. A D A M

    The Famous "friday"

    You're obviously part of the cult that endorses pot as some sort of miracle drug. I hope the lord gives you light, because you're far in the darkness now.
  10. A D A M

    The Famous "friday"

    Quite a short list you got there chap. Sorry, I don't associate with Marijuana, so I don't enrich myself with all it's devilish names.
  11. A D A M

    The Famous "friday"

    As many of you have seen, there is a video swirling around the internet that is entitled "Friday". This very interesting song is from the now world-known artist Rebecca Black. What once started out as a seemingly harmless music video has turned into a disease, poisoning kids from generation to generation, and I fear that that's not the worst of it. No, Rebecca Black's Friday also promoted one other thing, marijuana. Yes, Marijuana, commonly known as Weed, Dro, Piff, and other street names. Now, you may be asking yourself, how in the world does this song refer to marijuana if it only talks about Friday, partying, and "yeah!"?. Well, let me tell you good sir, there is one line in the song that put me into shock when I heard it from the little seemingly innocent 13-year old girls mouth. "Gotta have my bowl" Yes, that one lyric, the lyric that was said from Rebecca Black's mouth. Now again, most of you asking yourself, that doesn't refer to weed, it refers to a bowl of cereal. Well, that is a lie I tell you. As some of you know, a "bowl" is a term often referred to the pipe weed is smoked out of. Therefore, Rebecca Black states that she must have her bowl of "cereal", which obviously is a codename for Weed, in the morning. This also shows that she participates in an event that is commonly known as the "wake and bake". Wake and bake is a term used to define the smoking of marijuana once someone wakes up, as it gives them a better sense of euphoria, combining the power of a high, and the power of tiredness. This is an outrage in my opinion, marijuana is a horrible drug, it can be compared to with cocaine, heroine, LSD, and many others. Marijuana is illegal for a reason, and it should not be broadcasted throughout the world, this will encourage kids to say to themselves "hey, Rebecca Black has a bowl every morning before she goes to school, so I will too!". This brings up another point, education. Due to kids coming into school high in the morning, they will fall drastically academically, which will cause in many kids to be expelled or drop out to become failures with nothing to their names except GED's, clothes, and a bag of "cereal". I tell you good friends, help me, nay, help the future of our world rid the use of this profound reference, marijuana is the antichrist, it cannot be advertised like this. I ask you, please, report the videos you see on video sites of Friday, remove it from the internet. Convince others not to indulge in the smoking of marijuana, help us rid the world of this horrible drug, and this horrible demon known as "Rebecca Black". I hope you all see the light like I do, remember, united we stand, divided we fall. Together, we can end this evil, once and for all. Thank you for your time.
  12. A D A M

    Other Languages

    you mind teaching me that urdu? I speak english, learning spanish in school. bits and pieces of urdu, can read arabic, and almost nothing of greek.
  13. A D A M

    Any Idea What Song Is This

    San Fransisco dreaming - Global deejays.
  14. A D A M

    Sotw 87 Voting!

    does anyone else but me realize a lot of them are over the size limit anyway?
  15. A D A M


    You silly Europeans and your football. /sarcasm love you all <3

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