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  1. Emo Vendetta

    Does The Bible Deny The Existence Of Other Gods?

    The bible in the old testerment mentions the God Baal. The people worshiped him but he was shown to be a false God. Book of Samuel 1 Chapter 10 Verse 10. BTW I am an athiest that knows too much, check it up in the bible yourselves
  2. Emo Vendetta

    Knights Eternal

    Accepted. Please register an account on our forums. Sorry I am being such a noob, but where's that?
  3. Emo Vendetta

    Knights Eternal

    Runescape name: Emo Vendetta Combat level (just so we have a sense of where you are in the game): 36 Highest skill: Cooking (40) Favourite type of event (skilling, clan wars, monster hunting, etc.): Dunno Reason you want to join: Want to be part of a clan Are you willing to promise to abide by the EB core principles?: Yes

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