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  1. moneyisbliss

    god wars dungeon

    wondering if there is a world where you can go to team the god generals? or how to u set up a team?
  2. moneyisbliss

    Sal's Weekly 10,000,000gp Giveaway

    ~Moneyisbliss~ help pay for red chimchompa for 99 range!! :D
  3. moneyisbliss

    Range Xp?

    Ye and it'll cost like 35m+ yo because of pray pots and such thts wat i wanted to know! thanx! so wats a cheap way ths really fast?
  4. moneyisbliss

    Range Xp?

    Ok, so im lvl 76 range, and im considering becoming a mem again. What is the absolute fastest way to get xp in range, if money isnt an issue? n roughly how much xp per hour would it b?
  5. moneyisbliss


    when are lobbies gonna go back up in price? or wont they? caus i think they are at an all time low, n i figure since people r gonna need thm for pkin, the price will goo up! any thots?
  6. moneyisbliss

    My Machinima Video

    WOw.... that was really good! not sure if its good enuf to win, but definitely an amazing vid!
  7. moneyisbliss

    Ep Questions!

    cool!!! thanks for ur help guys!!
  8. moneyisbliss

    Ep Questions!

    does it have to be in 30 mins in a row? or can i go in and out of the hotspot during that time?
  9. moneyisbliss

    Ep Questions!

    Do u gain ep on all pvp worlds, like even (bounty +1) worlds, or just certain ones. n y does it seem like i never gain ne. if tho im in a hotspot?
  10. moneyisbliss


    How long does it take to get to 100% ep if ur in a hotspot?
  11. moneyisbliss

    Leveling Range.

    He is prolly saying he will go tank avansies, not that he will try for the general... with those stats he cud easily kill avansies.
  12. moneyisbliss

    Im So Bored

    If u get bored, u shud prolly just quit or take a break... Everybody gets bored now n then , takes a break for alittle, n then it seems more interesting again. Or u cud try exploring like every little area, n do a bunch of quests!
  13. moneyisbliss

    Kee 'ara Team...

    How do i get into a team to kill the armadyl general? My stats r not soo high so i wud need a fairly large team.
  14. moneyisbliss

    Where To Train Range?

    moss giant island is a little island off the west side of karamja. u can swing over with the rope on the trees!
  15. moneyisbliss

    Where To Train Range?

    yaks r one of the best ones for fast xp... u cud try moss giants on moss giant island. they r purty fast n u get a few decent drops.

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