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  1. Crownom


    Thanks for your advice, but half of it was completely off topic, because I don't want to ask her out, I want to become hers friend first... It's all what I need in the #1 post, so chech it out first.. I know CAboose gave me good adivce, but I don't like his shouting/screaming and advicing me to get over it! :) I also didn't say I don't have enough information, I just said it's nice to hear everybody's advice and if you don't like it, just leave the topic and it won't bother you that way! Crownom ^_^
  2. I'd get 80 Attack, 99 Strength and 70 Prayer. Then I'd buy a AGS or a BGS if you're poor. Range with rune arrows and a MSB, when your opponent has lower than 20 HP, get out your GS and spec him.. It'd be a complete pwnage. Good luck PKing! ^_^ Crownom
  3. Crownom

    Range 2her?

    80 Strength, 70 Ranged, 31 Prayer and you should be fine. By then you should have around 70 HP. Good luck owning newbies! ^_^ Crownom
  4. Crownom


    Lures are a very cheap trick and I don't understand people who get into it.. :) Look at this way? A guy hits you and suddenly is running somehwere, climbing ladders/stairs. Isn't it suspicious, I mean it's obvious. Back in the old wildy I lured two guys and got around 700K in total. They were level 40 noobs, but you aren't! ^_^ C'mon! Crownom
  5. Crownom

    Advice On My Pvp F2p Character

    Like I have said before.. Jagex is biased against mages/rangers. Morzanz did a test and found out that he made a loss when he PKed for 5 hours. Combat is most profitable to PK with, and I feel Jagex are trying to eliminate pures. The best profit will come for a high level main account who regularly stays in hot zones. I totaly agree with you Jagex has made it to wear you must pk with your mains. I still pk on my pures anyway because I don't want to face the truth. And to answer your question I would become a range/2h easiest k0's even if you dont profit. ~X 1 Put Yeah, it is seriously unfair on us rangers. Max hit with melee - 150? Max hit with ranged - 70? Max hit with mage - 30? You've got a good point here. Why Jagex is trying to ruin all the fun of PKing?! :) Crownom ^_^
  6. Crownom

    Best Pvp Kill So Far

    You can get Zamotak/Saradomin/Guthix armour, too. So if you compare with runite armour than it's not so decent.. Crownom
  7. Crownom


    When you pk you only care about the bonuses, not the looks... ^_^ Crownom
  8. Crownom

    Best Pk So Far.

    No screenshot, no proof! :) Sorry, bud... :D Anyway, on the topic. I pked about 60K (I sold all stuff, but I don't remember what I got or what the guy that I KOed was wearing..). Too bad, but after this, someone pjed and pked me with a SS. I lost around 1.5-2M. Crownom ^_^
  9. Crownom

    Old School Baby

    Really really really nice! Comeplete ownage. You're so lucky/rich and happy! I"m jealous! :) Good luck on current goals, man! ^_^ Crownom
  10. Crownom

    Poke: Wannabe Quest Caper.

    Really nice and well designed log, but I expected a bit bigger/longer log. It's so short and wants more! Other than that good luck on your all goals and never ever give up on a Quest Point Cape. I've given up 3 times but eventually I got one at August! :D So good luck, matey! :) Crownom ^_^
  11. Really nice guide I have to say! ^_^ One of the best ones so far! :) Crownom
  12. Crownom

    Grand Exchange

    Me too, but it's gone... You have to get over it and keep up with new stuff/updates. I understand you, but now we can't do anything about it. So you cam just join my suggestion and post your idea! :) Crownom ^_^
  13. Crownom

    No Random Events!

    OK, but I'm still asking aobut the PC alching... Crownom ^_^
  14. Crownom

    Armadyl Communique

    I've looked in General Runescape Discussions, but I did find anything about Armadyl Communique. ^_^ Is it so hard to help me by telling..? Crownom
  15. Crownom

    Armadyl Communique

    Hello, so I have this problem! When I was going through Miscellania an Armadyl Guard appeared and gave me 'Armadyl communique'. It's some kind of scroll/letter. An urgent letter of some kind. It's about Lucien and staff of Armadyl. I don't really understand. I'm so lost and confused! Help me everybody! :) Thanks in advance! :D Crownom ^_^

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