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    im in ur forumz spaming ur topikz
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    Being a cool dude, DooM

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    loby dosser
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    I Don't Play
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    Don't Care
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    Awesomeness (it's 99 btw)
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    Abhorrent Taboo
  1. Loby Dosser

    Been a member here for 6 years

    Give it another five years.
  2. Loby Dosser

    Greatest Irl Troll?

    Dick Masterson
  3. Loby Dosser

    Favorite Songs

  4. Loby Dosser

    Pc Fps Gaming

  5. Loby Dosser

    Best Rapper?

  6. Loby Dosser

    Hot For Teacher?

    You should definitely tell her this.
  7. Loby Dosser

    Pet Peeeeeeeeeeves

    Why? It's not only talent though, it's the feeling you give it though. I meant when people say music is bad because of the lack of talent, if people like music because of talent I don't care.
  8. Loby Dosser

    Pet Peeeeeeeeeeves

    People who judge music by talent rather than how it sounds.
  9. Loby Dosser


  10. Loby Dosser

    Official Wow Thread

    Wow it's been along time since I've posted on sal's. My friends and I decided to try to get on/under org and after we found it to be easy we tried to get to some other glitch/"forbidden" places. there's about seven pics in the spoiler.
  11. Loby Dosser

    Favorite Sports?

    Nitpicking, not exactly, as some countries, especially in Asia, don't use the word "football" although it is of something similar. I'm also pretty sure that the Polish call it soccer.
  12. Loby Dosser

    What State You Live In?

  13. Loby Dosser

    Favorite Music Genre

    I like the way you have 5 subgenres of metal, which is a subgenre of rock, but only have one option for electronic music. My favourtie genre is Trance (mainly ibiza) followed by thrash metal.
  14. Loby Dosser

    Would You Like The Knowledge Of Your Own Death

    Knowing when and how you will die would ruin your entire life.
  15. Loby Dosser

    Official Valve Thread.

    No you don't.

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