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  1. So my laptop has been really slow for some reason. Specs- 2.10 GHz Dual core 4.00 Gigs RAM 32 Bit OS I'm not sure if one would consider that "good," but that's what I have. Lately though it seems very slow for some reason. I deleted/uninstalled anything I didn't need, defragged the entire hard drive, stopped any unnecessary processes, and I even blew out the dust from the fan. And for some reason, on a perfectly good internet connection, I can't play Runescape on graphical settings set to minimum without lag. Same happens with C&C Generals, a game that came out in 2003, can't play without slight lag (Not as bad a s RS.) I have no idea what's going on.
  2. lvl101n00b

    Blocked Internet

    Thing is, the most I've ever spent on a computer is three hours, and that's during a blizzard when we where in Montana. (It lasted four days.) I should get a keyboard, but I'm fine with the remote. Yeah...things we "shouldn't" talk about...But I'm probably thinking what you're thinking. I'll try and reason with him. Again. Thanks anyways!
  3. lvl101n00b

    Blocked Internet

    So I'm on the computer one day, and I get up to stretch my legs (been on the computer for about 1 1/2 to 2 hours) I do some random stuff and end up using the rest of my day doing random stuff. *Next Day Around the afternoon I get on the computer and open up Facebook. It shows AVG has blocked this site due to it being a social website. I try Youtube. Blocked for Mature content. I go on every site in my bookmarks. All blocked. I go up to my dad. He said he blocked them "just because." I tried talking some sense into him. But nothing. So right now, no internet except for the Wii which I'm on right now. I can take a little bit, but when push comes to shove, I'm willing to do anything that may seem satisfying the first few hours but will regret the morning after. Any advice? PS:I seem to type just as well on the Wii.
  4. lvl101n00b

    Spilled On Laptop

    I took off that plastic horizontal thing and I didn't find anything wet. I did however, find year old crumbs (I cleaned them out.) But its working now!
  5. So I accidentally spilled some tea (cold, Asian, unsweetened, about two shot glasses worth) onto my laptop. I turned it over, got the battery out, poured out as much as I could from under the keyboard, pushed in a paperclip into that tiny hole to release the cd/dvd drive, and now I'm pointing a fan at it. I don't know how much it'll do, but I heard it helps. I've been taking out the keys one by one and using a q tip to get the remaining water left. Does anyone have any tips?
  6. lvl101n00b

    I Don't Know What To Do

    Well first off, make friends, but don't focus on them. If friends come, let them (make sure you're OK with them first) if they leave, let them. As they say, there are lots of fish in the sea (and if you try out as many as you can, you will eventually find one that you like the most.) Try a hobby, if you sit next to someone who's also awkward, just say hi. You might become friends. If it doesn't work out, leave it. As for depression, go on some internet comedy site or find a comedian on YouTube. I'm a sophomore going on junior now, and I never seem to have many friends. I have people I know, but not people I talk to after school, and if I talk to them in school, it's usually because we have no choice. The better the friend, the worse you'll feel when you have to leave them.
  7. How do you listen to your music? I personally use around ear headphones mainly because I don't have an iPod or something of the sort, and the music quality is surprisingly high for a cheap pair. And it keeps the ears warm during the cold winter months. Also since I'm putting nothing in my ears, no chance of infection.
  8. lvl101n00b

    Ever Experience Sleep Paralysis?

    Never had it, was probably too sleepy to remember if I did. oh ya- 5 out of 10... doesn't 5/10=1/2?
  9. lvl101n00b

    Internet, Phone Service Shut Down In Egypt

    Carrier Pigeons anybody?
  10. lvl101n00b

    Legalizing Marijuana

    I'm all for legalizing Marijuana. In street drugs, you don't know how pure the drug is, hell, it might be 20% Drug, 80% Filler, and still market it as a Drug. Let's look at Prohibition, something that is happening now with drugs, when alcohol was banned, it created many people who where willing to make alcohol at home, now at that time, alcohol production was not regulated (Duh...), so people where adding in anything in the alcohol, plus when they ran out of say...a flavoring, they could add something that wasn't supposed to be consumed. And guess what? They didn't care. If they got the money, they could drink REAL alcohol. Same thing, the drug lords don't care how pure the drug is, but if they smoke their drug, they know it's pure. Let's take cocaine. A white powder. Say you have 100g of cocaine. Lets say it goes for $100. But if you add 100g of flour, you now have 200g of "Cocaine." That goes for $200. And sometimes, the additive isn't as harmless as flour. A good thing that comes with regulation is the relative purity of the drug. After prohibition, what happened? The alcohol was more pure. You know the saying "Bad things come with good intentions?" Most of the time, it's correct.
  11. lvl101n00b

    Us Department Of Agriculture

    Please not that the thousands of birds named are starlings. Please read first article.
  12. lvl101n00b

    Your New Years Resolution

    New years resolution-To remember my new years resolution. Because most of us will forget in about a month.
  13. lvl101n00b

    Disappearing Car Door

    It's a good idea, but they need to put a handle on that thing. Just in case. Handles are one thing they can't replace with technology.
  14. lvl101n00b

    Typed Emotes.

    So pretty much this is getting rid of the emotes tab because its uses are running out? I could see how this might be a good idea, plus it makes things much more simple. Support.
  15. lvl101n00b

    Help With Taking Tablets? :/

    Well...Lean your head back, and try pushing the base of your tongue down, then drop the pill in without it touching your tongue, then drink water if necessary.

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