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  1. Lam

    Your Formal Wear

    So happy my zerker could do some medium diaries
  2. I cannot seem to properly edit my skill log; every time I try to edit one of my posts, the formatting is something I do not recognize, granted I know nothing but the regular format most forums use, and if I simply click edit, make no changes, and save the post, I get an error message. Apologies if this is a bush-league question, I just really wanna update my log :P
  3. Lam

    Lam's log of 07 fun

    thanks a lot! I've really been no-lifing, but I've seen almost every episode of burn notice. Falconry was a godsend, even though it was tedious for me to drop inventories of kebbit fur and bones. I did falconry at until level 59, and of course switched to dark kebbits at 57. I did Red salamanders near castle wars until 63, now I'm focused on hunting red chins, I'll probably get 73 soon. And as for 60 fishing, I trained at barbarian villiage where i dropped every 2 or so fish, I just got the level at draynor so I wouldn't continue to fish afterwards and miss the screenshot, I know now it wouldn't have mattered because orion takes screenshots of level ups lol.
  4. That look really freakin' sweet, congrats on all that exp
  5. Lam

    Lam's log of 07 fun

    The spoils of no lifing :P also thanks for the comment on the graphics, I kind of threw them together and hoped there would be no transparency/color issues Much appreciated! updated with a picture of the one thing I didn't miss >.> more to come tonight
  6. Lam

    Lam's log of 07 fun

    Hey Sal's, as of 7/1/2014 I re-subscribed to RuneScape after a very long hiatus. I hate what the new RuneScape has become and it still irritates me that I bothered to make a better than average Turmoil Berserker pure before quitting. Thankfully, Old School/07 RuneScape exists and I decided to get back into things. I'm re-entering RuneScape by making a skiller, as skilling was something I always neglected to focus on and it was very frustrating at times. Some may know me as "Dhru (7777777)" as I used to post on this forums semi-frequently, and I would like to take this time to say hello again to anyone I knew back then. My in-game name is Lam, and my chat is always on so feel free to add me or ask me whatever. Note: Some screenshots may have some addition graphics overlaying the actual subject matter. This is because I use the Orion Client as I heard it was basically SwiftKit for old school, though I've not bothered to check up on SwiftKit. If this in any way violates forum rules I'll be sure to adjust all future screenshots appropriately. I have made the choice of focusing on hunter now because it's extremely profitable and very fast compared to fishing, although I will probably fish 2k lobsters to train cooking on. After the 12th I have a soli 3 days off of work, so I will definitely be hunting chinchompas. Once I make my money hunting I plan to train agility, fishing, and woodcutting. After a few months of playing I'll decide whether or not to become a zerker pure. A screenshot of my latest/significant level up For now I'll use the space under this banner to give a story on my experience so far and also put a picture of something interesting I may see I guess I needed to experience every bit of nostalgia, even the annoying parts: So I have not been able to update this log in days because of what I determined to be issues with my own browser (even now my capabilities are limited). As the pictures show, I've been hunting like a madman and I hope to get some more pictures soon, I've made some money off of fishing and hunter so maybe I can do something cool with that. Thanks for stopping by
  7. Oh wow thanks so much for the fast reply. I'm gonna go make an account and see what 07 is like, but I definitely won't use the full 2-weeks, I'm so nostalgic that if there's one thing I like I'll go and pay for it. As for the display name thing what I meant was that if I got to keep my the display name on my rs3/eoc account it would be a nice bonus.
  8. I know this may come up a lot, but I've heavily been questioning whether or not to play runescape after about 2 years, though I won't be touching rs3/eoc/whatever it is at this point in time, I'd be strictly 07. Instead of just asking if it's "worth" or not (been playing LoL instead of rs, sorry for the terminology), I'd like to ask you guys about a few aspects: - how is the community? I remember talking to so many great people, especially from Sal's; this is definitely what I miss most - is it rampant with bots? I want to make a skiller, but I also want to have enough money from skilling when I eventually move onto combat. I just wanna know if it's at all worth it. - If I re-upgrade my account, do I get to keep the display name? Not a major thing, but I really like my display name. opinions and any other thoughts greatly appreciated! < I've missed these forum smileys
  9. Lam

    Old School Slammers.

    ducky and zebra rangers, if you remember which one I am a gold star to you. Also Lupin446(?)/nirvaaaaaana perm quit last I heard from him.
  10. Lam


    After paying off negative points on my old main, i now have 120 JCoins. I just wanna know, what are they used for exactly?
  11. Lam


    Finally, after having this for a few days No more, finally done with Gilded Altars, mass amounts of dragon bones, and house telepoert tabs A quick thanks to my friends who were there and the "Altar" Friends Chat for always providing people with Lit Gilded Altars.
  12. Lam

    [official] Sal's Pokemon Thread

    Just a small question; I recently started playing through Diamond and White, and I do have an ARDSi. Would the Sal's pokemon playing community oppose the thought of me obtaining a few shiny (differently colored) pokemon here and there and giving them away?
  13. Lam

    65 Smithing

    would the gauntlet bonus still apply?
  14. On my main: Dhru 7777777>lxD E A Dxl>C OM BA T>APOCALYPTlCA>ChinesePanda>Lam My pure: Dhruid>X K0iB0i X>K 0 I>Turmed I was so happy when they released name changes, I went through a lot with my main, and hopefully I can find a way to pay off the J-Coins I owe and give the name "Lam" to my Pure. But I'm happy with Turmed for now.
  15. I like it, but a darker skin would make it all the better in my eyes :(

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