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  1. poulsen

    Clue Scroll Help.

    My clue says i need to wear a green gnome robe top. Where do i get it?
  2. 52 atk 56 str 45 def What monster/minigame are the best thing to train at for me? Edit: P2P
  3. poulsen

    Can I Kill Green Drags?

    k ty
  4. poulsen

    Can I Kill Green Drags?

    52 atk 56 str 45 def 52 hp Full rune + drag shield. Can i kill green dragons?
  5. poulsen

    Svamp Tar?

    How do i get svamp tar? I need it for horror from the deep. please help me
  6. poulsen

    Another Question From Poulsen.. Lol

    Im using it, but where is the sail? PLEASE HELP ME
  7. The mast you need to coler, how the **** do you do it? When i press my dye, and then the mast it says nothing interesting happen. Help me please
  8. poulsen


  9. poulsen


    Hey all Anybody know where i can find nettles? For making nettle tea, to the ghost ahoy quest. Thx
  10. poulsen


    Thx both
  11. poulsen


    The invisible cloth is that ancients or what? Thx
  12. poulsen

    More Exp Each Bone?

  13. poulsen

    More Exp Each Bone?

    Hey all. My friend told me about getting more exp each bone, is that correct? If it's right, how? Please help me.
  14. poulsen

    Help Im Lost

    ty ill try
  15. poulsen

    Help Im Lost

    Hey. I need help to the waterfall quest. Where is the cave where golrie is? I can't find it, i tryed to look at sals help but can't find the ladder. Help please! With a pic will be best :) ty

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