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  1. definedeath2

    Name Change

    Wow, this is pathetic... no offence... anyways idk figure out yourself. I mean we don't know what's free and not free you need to find out. Be yourself, be original and your current name is perfectly fine in my opinion. Nowadays it's very hard to get a good, simple, creative name that has no mispelling, numbers, incorrect grammar, ect.
  2. Okay, so I have noticed people "spamming" literally every topic. I know, loads of you will instantly say "Wow! That's not spam!" but I will share anyways. Okay, so people post on literally everything the same exact thing over and over and over... it goes from a topic that should have 5 posts to a topic with like 20 posts. It's annoying, excessive and quite frankly unnecessary. When people post achievements you immediatly get 5 posts with "congrats" and nothing else. I don't know if it is out of pure boredom, wanting to get a good post count, not reading the other posts or stupidity. Obviously though unless you are the first reply/post you can say congrats. But if there are already a page of posts there are going to be a bunch of congratulations. So use common sense and stop the pointless bs. Obviously I am not suggesting you all read every page of a topic so you aren't spamming, just use common-sense be original or atleast sort of original with posts so you don't end up with the same exact thing over and over again. Either worded the same or differently it is pointless, stupid and needs to stop...
  3. definedeath2

    Xp Weekend

    75 woodcutting, 65 strength (from 64 =P), 60 defence, 60 attack and i'm pretty sure I won't have time to get anything else lol. School takes up 7 hours of the XP weekend and I already skipped twice this week... lol
  4. definedeath2

    Member's Quests

    Wow.... that sounds insanely helpful. Thanks soo much i'll definatly use that... =))
  5. definedeath2

    Member's Quests

    Hello, I recently got membership on runescape and have no clue what to do... I have started working on some member skills and clue scrolls but now I want to try doing some quests. I have already done "Gertude's Cat" and "Priest in Peril" and I don't know what to do now! I could use some suggestions on quests that are either beginner or intermediate. My skill levels are in my signature so please look at those before telling me to do a quest i don't have the requirements for. (Also I am level 71)
  6. definedeath2

    Member's Quests

    Thanks!!! (I already did "Priest in Peril") I'll probably start up some quests after "Bonus XP Weekend". But i really appriciate all the help so thanks!
  7. definedeath2

    Gun Laws And Civilians

    Automatic weapons are, as far as I know, illegal in the USA. Or atleast in some states. Obviously automatic weapons should be illegal, like seriously? Is that even something worth debating? Other then that, I think semi-auto assault rifles, pistols, shotguns (recreational shotguns) should be legal. Why not? Banning guns all in all isn't going to stop criminals from keeping them, it's just going to make it so that the criminals are the only ones with weapons. The USA gun system is fine. No automatic guns, you need a permit, ect. it really is above debating...
  8. definedeath2

    Gay Marrige/ Adoption

    Sure, go ahead gays do what you want. Don't bring kids into it and make it illegal to force a priest, minester, ect. into performing the ceremony if they don't want to.
  9. definedeath2

    Battlefield Heroes Online

    Okay, so today I was on Yahoo! And I saw this page about how you can get free games that are sort of like P2P games. (EX. Dungeons&Dragons compared to WoW). I purchased MW2 but I saw this game (Battlefield Heroes) and it looked interesting. So, of course I go and make an account only to find you have to install a plug-in! (UGH!) Usually, i'd just say, "Crap" and go on with life. But after seeing a few Youtube gameplay videos this game looks interesting. The Problem? Well, let's just say i've had a few run-ins with the computer crashing or being insanely slow resulting in me being grounded and a new PC being purchased. I'd download the plug-in but I want to make sure it doesn't slow down a lenovo R61i. (IDK if that's the model if not tell me how I can find out and I will be sure to say.) I was guessing someone on the forums played this or knows a thing or two about it so I decided to stop by. I am hoping this plug-in somewhat resembles JAVA, only I somehow doubt it won't make my family's laptop go extremely slow. Thanks for all your time and help and let's see some posts! -Definedeath2
  10. definedeath2

    Battlefield Heroes Online

    Thanks! And if for some reason it screws up my computer i'm saying a computer nerd told me it'd work!
  11. definedeath2

    How Should I Fix My Scratched Discs?

    Hey guys, recently my COD5 got really scratched up and won't work anymore =(. I have been reading a bunch of how to's and found out you can use peanut butter or toothpaste to clean a disc! I am pretty sure using toothpaste will work but peanut butter? Can someone tell me if that is true? A lot of guides say not to use gel toothpaste (that is all I have!) But then, I read a guide saying you could use peanut butter. Is this true? What brand should I use? Should I rinse in hot, cold or luke warm water? All these guides say all different things! Tell me what I should do! To add on to that I have this cleaner for glasses called 'Cat Crap' (Funny huh?) I wanted to know if I could use that, the miracles it's performed on some of my glasses make me think it would work on a disc. Verify Please. Thanks for your help! -Definedeath2
  12. definedeath2

    The Steam Thread

    OMG! I remeber steam from a few years ago! For christmas I got the special christmas edition of the games! CSS, DoD, HL1, HL2! I use to love this until it made my pc go so slooooooowww! My favorite game was some revolutionary game. I think it was a special free download for either HL, DoD, or CSS anyone know it?
  13. definedeath2

    Sal's Call Of Duty Chat

    That's pretty much the setup everyone uses when trying to get a nuke. 8/10 nukes so far, but I get pissed at how much people camp to get them. Is there really a sense of accomplishment when you get a nuke without leaving a single spot...? :) Probably not. But, I guess they don't care when they level up every 2 rounds -.-
  14. definedeath2

    Runescape Order Of Jedi Knights

    Is 'Big Blue Fox' in this clan??? I though she was in some jedi thingy. I think this is the one...
  15. definedeath2

    Official 2009-2010 Nfl Thread.

    I was shocked when I saw the Saints lose there perfect season. I hope Colts go all the way and win the Super Bowl though! :) I hope they get to the superbowl too! (And then get there ass kicked by whichever team they play -.- )
  16. definedeath2

    Good, Cheap Pc Games

    Yeah, I know about Steam. I like a lot of Valve games, but I don't play them that much. Like, I said, most of the fun of playing online, for me, is being with my friends, and my friends play xbox. @above: I played FEAR 2, and it was pretty good, but it was a little short. That's why I want an RPG. I like long single player games. Thanks for all the help, everyone. This can be closed, as I have my mind set on Oblivion and Bioshock. Just to add on, try some of the star wars games. There are plenty of PC RPG's that are not too recent (200-2005) since they aren't new I'd imagine them to be on the cheap side. I remember having one before and they are rather long and fun. Since you can play on the Dark side or Republic it makes it fun to play at least twice.
  17. definedeath2

    Need Help To Convince Parents...

    @Blasphemy (Sorry I couldn't quote this damn mac won't load the screen completely =/) No T games have that much blood or they'd be rated M. Also, dude seriously? Just prove to your parents ratings are a load of s***. Because truly, they are! So many games i'd of played at the age of 3 (If I could even hold the controller) are rated like T! Have a gun, even a cartoonish one and the game automatically get T! Say damn? T. Any war game no matter how low gorish, no swearing, ect. it will still get T. Just tell this to your parents, maybe show them a few gameplay videos from Youtube of some of the retardedly rated T games and just try to change their minds. Last resort fight back! If my mom ever took away a videogame i'd flip! I never swear or anything. So if I just started flipping she'd know I meant bussiness...
  18. definedeath2

    Assassin's Creed 3

    I might buy it, not because it wouldn't be a cool idea, it would. I just wasn't to crazy about the other Assassin's Creed games that came out. The second one was a little short and the closer I got to the end the more bored I became. I'd prefer a male in WWII such as a British or American soldier? I couldn't see them making the person German or Japanese.
  19. definedeath2

    Good, Cheap Pc Games

    Oblivion is very fun if you like RPG's. I know you are looking for single-players, but I feel like even though these are multi-player games they are cheap, fun, and addicting! -Day Of Defeat -Counter Strike Source -Any Half-Life (Both single and multiplayer) This comes with the thing called steam, all these games are created for steam and are supported by steam. Some people have modded servers making the games even funner. I highly suggest you buy these games which are not very expensive.
  20. definedeath2

    Screw Infinity Ward

    Firstly, it is not 5 hours unless you play it on easy, second you didn't buy it so stop complaining! I'm guessing you have Steam? If so, go play CSS, L4D and DoD. (Or atleast stop whining!)
  21. definedeath2

    Sal's Xbox 360 Club

    I got Assassin's Creed 2 for Christmas and I wish I got Left 4 Dead 2 instead. Left 4 Dead 2 has better achievements, online and you can play a campaign over and over and not get sick of it. I beat AC2 and I doubt i'll put it back in my xbox anytime within 4 months. -.- :) :) :P
  22. definedeath2

    What Retro System Should I Buy!?!?!

    I just searched emulators and found out a bit more about them, which one is free, virus free, will not slow down my computer and is the easiest to use? Or just which one do you use?
  23. definedeath2

    What Retro System Should I Buy!?!?!

    Hey guys, I live in MA so we have this store called 'Toy Vault'. It is pretty much a store that sells and buys loads of retro/oldish stuff. (Still got that collection of Star Wars Episode I action figures that you wanna sell, this place will buy 'em) Anyways, they sell old videogames and consoles. Yep, Anything 2000-. I have recently been playing the Nintendo 64 at my friends house and I really liked it. I was planning on buying one from this store for $40.00-$79.99, I wasn't really sure if N64 was the best choice. What do you guys think I should get? I am not really into the arcadish graphics of the NES, SNES and Genesis so I would prefer to go with something like the N64 or Dreamcast (I already have a PS1). What should I get? Should I go with the N64 like I want to? Please also refer to some of the games I should get. =). Thanks! -Definedeath2
  24. definedeath2

    How Should I Fix My Scratched Discs?

    That was a joke, right? I skipped about halfway into the first video, and saw a 10 year old boy with peanut butter all over his arms furiously wiping a disc with a peanut butter/toothpaste mix. But, you can go to like Best Buy or Target and get disc cleaning solutions. Yes I know but i'd prefer to do it free whenever and wherever (almost anywhere) i'd like. Also, any validation on using 'Cat Crap' Glasses Cleaner?
  25. definedeath2

    360 In Denial?

    You could ask the Geek Squad at Best Buy, or return the game for another copy. Also someone mentioned the toothpaste trick, that will only work if the disk is scratched. But if the disk is scratched then the toothpaste trick is amazing and you should do it.

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