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  1. definedeath2

    What Retro System Should I Buy!?!?!

    I might do this for SNES, NES, GBA, and things like that. But I would rather have the actual thing for the Dreamcast and N64. I would like to play multiplayer a many N64 games are 4 player, plus I would rather play on a tv then on a computer screen. As for the other systems this seems like a good idea. Thanks, because I would have never took this into consideration had you not said it. =)
  2. definedeath2

    BounceDown - Now available on the iPhone

    Cool. I really wish they also added it for the ipod nano. I feel it would be alot harder then playing it on the Touch or Iphone but I feel it would still be fun to play. I only found out it wasn't compatible for meh nano after I already downloaded the app. =/
  3. definedeath2

    What Retro System Should I Buy!?!?!

    Oh all right but you're missing out -.- Hey, don't worry i'll get too the dreamcast too. = )
  4. definedeath2

    What Retro System Should I Buy!?!?!

    Thanks guys, I haven't made my decision yet but I think I will get a N64 and then maybe in a few months buy a Dreamcast. I have seen some gameplay and both look equally awesome but I have actually had hands-on experience with the N64 so I think I will probably get that 1st. =)
  5. definedeath2

    Need Help To Convince Parents...

    Sucks for you =P. I started playing M games at like the age of 7. I think your parents just need a good talking to. Like some people said show them Super Smash Bros. Brawl. The game should be rated EC (Early Childhood) My 3 year old brother laughs his butt off when he sees me playing as Pit and hitting people in the face with meh arrows. Just prove your parents wrong. It isn't very hard.... EDIT: Mazemeout you should show your parents that video, but they might think the guy is on drugs w/ all the white cracker hand motions and all -.-
  6. definedeath2

    Becoming A Member

    Hey guys! I just became a member for the first time and ya, i'm in need of some serious guidance! Before going out and training and doing quests ect. i'd like to gear up. (My stats are in my siggy). If there is armour better then rune that won't break the bank (I have 1.5m) could someone please speak up... I wouldn't mind getting some cool looking casual clothing. Stuff like berets and things (only cheaper). And lastly how does someone with my stats train things like strength, attack and defence? Thanks for the help!
  7. definedeath2

    Becoming A Member

    Thanks all! I got my woodcutting up to 70 and now I want to get it to 72 cutting yews for a bit of money then get to 90 cutting ivy (about 2kexp every 1.5mins!) then start cutting magic logs. Thanks you guys helped and now i'm getting the hang of this member thing =)
  8. definedeath2

    Man Arrested For Runescape Account Theft

    Made my day, no week! Funny as anything. A little harsh though...
  9. definedeath2

    RuneScape Classic Plan

    Player Owned Servers would be a gift from god. Lol i'd pimp it out.
  10. definedeath2

    Becoming A Member

    Thanks people! But how do I get money? I mean my skills are relatively low and I don't know what to do to get money.
  11. definedeath2

    Runescape Classic Help

    Thanks but I figured it out. Last night I was fiddling around with it and I found out that all I had to do was change the zoom option from 125% to 100% I don't know why it worked but it did! -.-
  12. definedeath2

    Runescape Classic Help

    Hey. So you know how they brought back runescape classic right? Yea, well i've been wanting to try it out. Sooooo, I finally get my parents to let me get a membership so I can use both Runescape and Runescape Classic. So I go onto the Runecape Classic applet ect, ect. Then I choose a world. When the screen loads it loads white. It just stays white! I need help or else I will never be able to play Runescape Classic! (Zomg a tradgity!)
  13. definedeath2

    Runescape Classic Fatigue

    Sleep in a bed. I have a question though. What browser are you using (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, ect.) Because I tried to play (yes im a member) and I selected a world and the screen loaded all white and it just stayed white...
  14. definedeath2

    Eradicate Lag Forever With Runescape 2d!

    If you use small screens, standard detail, and go on relatively low populated servers you won't have a problem =).
  15. definedeath2

    Death By Lag

    Yea, but what if your in a intense fight and you just lag out? That ruins the other person. Also there would probably be people using this as a cheat. Creating programs that automatically log you out when you are getting pwned. Things like that. I don't pk anyways so it really doesn't matter for me...
  16. definedeath2

    Kick History

    I think it is a good idea but I never think it will happen. The truth is so many good ideas are never even heard by JaGex much less used!
  17. definedeath2

    You Should Be Able To Write At Least 3 Lines Of Text.

    Your right in a sense. But it really would just promote spamming and pretty much screw us all....
  18. definedeath2

    Buying Big Bones

    I think I could sell you like 90 maybe. They've been sitting in my bank for like 5 months lol. My acc name is 'definedeath2' pm me.
  19. definedeath2


    I might be able to sell some how about 60k of them w/ a 12k bonus?
  20. definedeath2

    Ge Firemaking

    Eh, no. I use to firemake all the time there. So I like it. Just go on a world with less people... (Problem solved)
  21. definedeath2

    Fill Me In

    Well, JaGex decided to raise the price of, well.... just about EVERYTHING! (They did it just to **ss me off....)
  22. definedeath2

    Question About Cheese.

    Cheese is like impossible to get unless you get it yourself.
  23. definedeath2

    Thanksgiving =o

    I'm not sure about seagulls but I do know that you can obtain them from the chickens near the cows in Lumbridge. I created a pure strength a few months ago and got one of them while training. I think there quite pointless though....
  24. definedeath2

    Pvp 'pure' Guide

    1. This is a guide on how to make a simple PvP pure. This is a good way to do PvP and is quick to make. (Similar to a strength pure) 2. To start off you should kill chickens until about 7-15 strength. Depending on you might want to get 5 defense and 5 attack or 10 defense and 10 attack. You may want to ask a friend for something like 5k to help start you off. This will help you get a simple steel, iron or black scimitar (depending on if you got your attack to 5 or 10 or left it at 1). It also might leave enough money to buy a shield or something. 3. Next you are going to want to go over to the cows in Lumbridge and start training. As you kill the cows make a point to pick up the cowhides. You will need these to tan into leather and sell at the grand exchange, it is a good way to make some money. I suggest going to a world that has very few people on it or go onto a world that has a different language. These tend to have few or no people at the cows. You should try and get around 25-30 strength. It may be boring as you will kill off the cows easily and gain little experience but it builds up the amount of cowhides you have. 4. (You should get a full load of cowhides and bank them at the Lumbridge Bank). By this time you would have collected a nice high sum of cowhides. If you have no money kill goblins to get the coins from them. (If you have 500 cowhides get 500 coins, if you have 1000 cowhides get 1000 coins). If you can think of a better way to get this money or if you already have enough head over into Al-Kharid. Take out your money and a load of cowhides and get them tanned into soft leather. It is a long and boring process but it will give you some money you will need to buy equipment for player killing. After this long process you should head over to the Grand Exchange at Varrock and sell the soft leather. 5. The next step is to train more. If you want you should buy some armor. Buy the best armor you can for your defense and also buy a better weapon if necessary. A good idea is to kill the guards at the Al-Kharid palace. They are a low level and should prove easy to kill. Raise your strength, it isn’t advised to get your attack and defense over 10. I also suggest to stop raising your strength level once you combat level reaches 27-29. 6. Now it is time to prepare yourself for battle. Stock up on food, you should use lobsters or swordfish. Get around 50-200 lobsters or swordfish. Now get your armor, If you have 1 defense get full iron, full iron with green d’chaps instead of platelegs, or full monk. If you have 5 defense get full steel or full steel with green d'chaps. If you have 10 defense do the same just with black armor. You should get numerous amounts of armor so if you die you are already stocked up with extra armor. Whatever armor you choose complete it with leather gloves, a cape and a amulet of strength for that extra defense and strength bonus. 7. The next step is to choose your weapon! I suggest a scimitar and a two-hander sword. Use the scimitar to start the battle and when your opponent has low hitpoints pull out your two-hander to finish the job. 8. Along with your weapons, food and armor get some strength potions. If you have 3 sets of armor get 6 strength potions. When you go into battle carry your two-hander, two strength potions and food. (Make sure you leave one extra space in your inventory so that when you wield your two-hander you have a place to put your shield). 9.March into battle and kill some people! Before you actually start fighting just go to a place in a PvP world where no one is and just stay there to get your EP high. If you have a high EP that means when you kill someone they will drop something good. Get 40% EP unless you are in a ‘flaming skull’ zone. Then start fighting! Once you reach level 32 you will no longer be able to fight people with a lower level then you. Go back to training and raise your level to at least 34. Go back into battle and kill some level 34’s. 10.This just about raps this guide up. I don’t know when I will make another guide but when I do I hope it is even better and more helpful then this one. Pardon the small amount of spelling errors and such. I didn’t spend much time editing. Please comment and give you opinion! (I tried to indent and it wouldn't work. Sorry.)
  25. definedeath2

    Pvp 'pure' Guide

    Sorry, I didn't know how to indent. Also getting 10 or 5 defense could mean life or death while pking. This isn't a strength pure, attack pure, or a defense pure. It is what I call a Pvp pure notice in the title how the pure has 'these' around it.

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