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  1. definedeath2

    Battleaxe Or 2h For Koing?

    2h. When you get your enemy into low hp, pulling out a 2h instead of a battleaxe could pack the extra punch, just enough to kill them before they can shove the food down their throats.
  2. definedeath2

    Best Pure/good Pures?

    10hp pure means you only have 10 hp correct? My pure could probably kill you in two hits if I had enough room in my inventory to strip off my armor and pull out my 2h.
  3. definedeath2

    Pvp 'pure' Guide

    Please tell me how I am to fix how it is 'to hard to read'. Also raising your defense a few levels could mean life or death. So, for some people having a defense does some good.
  4. definedeath2

    Should Marijuana Be Legalized?

    Well let's ban alcohol while we're at it. Having a few beers if your like 24 isn't nearly as bad as having a joint at 24. You should be able to control your drinking habits at 24 or not drink at all but because some people don't drink maturely doesn't mean it should be illegal. You can't smoke marijuana maturely, you simply get high and do incredibly stupid things whether you have 1 joint or 5 joints.
  5. definedeath2

    Should Marijuana Be Legalized?

    No, it should be illegal. It does so much worse then cigarettes and is terrible for people around you. You get so high and dizzy it would be unsafe to drive and it could make you make stupid decisions.
  6. definedeath2

    ► Emperor Hp's Log Of Agility ◄

    Congratulations! I hope you achieve all the other goals you have in life and in runescape. You obviously have much more patience then me. I never even thought of getting a 99 skill because I know I would stop randomly at like level 50 or 60 (Lol). Anyways congratulations and if I had rejoined Sal's earlier (and had membership) I definatly would have gone to your party. W/e. -Define
  7. definedeath2

    Sal's Call Of Duty Chat

    COD5 is one of my favorite games! I cannot wait until CODMW2 comes out! If any of you wanna add me im 'Mahoneyym'. Just send me a message and say something like 'Hey, i'm from sal's' (Idk if my Xbox Live subscription ran out but I could renew it).
  8. definedeath2

    Help Ent! Y O U Could Be Mentioned On Salcast!

    Definedeath2/ I ate a large-sized jar of jalepeno peppers and drank the juice! (No really, it's harder then you think )
  9. definedeath2

    2012 Is Truly The End.

    Omg wicked funny. Ya, well so many predictions about the end of the world have been made. None of them have happened yet. When it doesn't happen I will laugh!
  10. definedeath2

    I'm Back

    Hello, for the very, very small amount of people (maybe 3 people) who remember me... I am back! It is almost as if I was never here seeing as no one will remember me. But I guess I should just give you guys a heads up because here comes trouble! (JK!) I hope I have a longer stay at Sal's then I did when I first registered. I can't wait to get settled and I will enjoy meeting everyone! -Define P.S. Viva La Salcast!
  11. definedeath2

    Blind Man Sees Thanks To Tooth

    Wow... that is incredible. I mean he looks really creepy but that must be so amazing for him. It would be like living with your eyes closed for 12 years then opening them one day. Amazing...
  12. definedeath2

    Goodbye Runescape! :( Hello Air Force! Waaa! :(

    Best of luck to you. Maybe if you have any extra cash, you could buy yourself a laptop. It must stink for you but I hope all goes well.
  13. definedeath2

    What Type Of Job?

    Doing that paper route is always a nice start. Then you could always just go around asking if people would like help around there yards. (Mowing the lawn, picking weeds, ect.). Other then that I really can't think of anything. I mean you could try being a paperboy, cleaning dishes and in free time ask around your neighborhood if anyone needs help. I think this would work nicely, but that is just me.
  14. definedeath2

    Well, Obama Or Mccain?

    Well, ive got to go with Mccain I mean Barack Obama says he is like Martin luther King when he has done nothing for the Black community compared to MLK. His pastor was a racist against whites and said whites created AIDS. Also he plans meeting with Terrorists and only weeks ago anted to give 20 million dollars of our taxes to a organization called A.C.O.R.N which is also anti-american.
  15. definedeath2


    It really isn't a good thing to do but it is just when people have problems and were never taught the right thing to do and are probably going through a heck of alot more than I am or most of you are.
  16. definedeath2

    Dear God,

    I once heard a story. Two angels asked a poor couple to stay at there house for a night. The couple was generous and offered them there own dinners there beds and extra blankets. In the morning the woman was weeping. There only animal, a chicken had died. Another night they went to a rich couples house, the rich couple let them sleep in the basement offering no food or blankets. But in the morning one angel was patching up a hole in the wall of the basement and the other angel screamed "Why do you patch this mans wall but save not the other couples only chicken!" The angel who was patching the wall said "Last night the angel of death was coming to get the womens husband. I pleaded that he take not the husband but the chicken instead. I am patching the wall because it is filled with money that the rich couple will one day unless I patch the hole." The moral is things are not always what they seem. Maybe instead your whole family would of been raped and then you all killed.
  17. definedeath2


    Exactly. It detracts from the movie to hear all of this profanity tbh. No, anyone can cuss uncontrolably. Only a good actor can make it seem realistic without cuss words...
  18. definedeath2

    Sarah Palin's Pregnant Daughter

    Her daughter has nothing to do with anything yet reporters thing it does. Anything about things related to republicans the reporters jump on it. If it's related to democrats, reporters say it's there personal bussiness. It does show though that Sarah Palin taught her family to bealive what she bealives in not just to become VP but she actual bealives it.
  19. definedeath2

    The Beginning Of The Universe

    How can a explosion create something? Thats like saying there was an explosion at a factory and the outcome was a bunch of brand new computers... and explain the big bang theory to me. What made the negatives that caused the big boom that caused the universe? A big boom from other negatives that made the other negatives that created the big boom? There is no way to track it back with the big boom theory. You'd have to go back and back and back which you couldn't do making god more likely then the big boom. (I wish I could just go to the peoples house that thing the big boom is real and stomple them into the ground... just throwin' that out there)
  20. definedeath2

    We Gon' Make Love

    Lol that was halarious. Nice find.
  21. definedeath2

    Well, Obama Or Mccain?

    For the most part, I agreed with Bush. I think he was too Liberal-like in some of his decisions, though. So you agree with a president that would tell you there are WMD in Iraq, when he know there wasn't any there? Maybe you like the wire tapping, fraud, lies, deceit, destroying america's reputation, removing troops from afganistan so we can't find Osama and raising the national debt extremely high. Now how could anyone, except the people that make money for the things he does, ever, ever agree with him?? The rest of your post doesn't even make sense. Made perfect sense to me. He raised the national debt, destroyed America's reputation, etc. You think our president defines if people hate us or not? No it's the violence, the addiction to porn, the druggies, and everything else that turns the world against America. Yes the president impacts it. But not nearly as much as we do... Bahaha! When Republicans ask democrats about how much expierence Obama has they can't give a straight answer. They act like idiots! (Wait... they are idiots!) Obama thinks in his 4 years he will find a way for us to stop depending on oil! Firstly if he hates Bush's mess so much, you can't just pick it up and throw it in the garbage. It takes time building upon the huge changes Obama want's and then getting rid of the the stuff we don't need isn't going to take a month! It will takes 2-4 years! Finding a option to fully sustain the US from not using oil will take 4...8..15 years! Maybe 20! Mccain knows we can't depend on other countries oil! But he is also smart enough to know we can't stop using foriegn oil and then above that don't do off-shore drilling! I'm sorry but the US using alot of oil and gas! Using wind energy and energy made from water can only to SO MUCH! For a bigger, better way for energy to power cars, heat homes ect. like I said before WILL TAKE TIME AND BETTER TECHNOLOGY! Obama wants to stop us from using more than half the oil we use! Then he expects to find a answer to the US energy problem like that, so we will not have to ever go back to oil! That is not happening any time soon! Nextly he thinks pulling the men out of Iraq is a good idea. Heck no! We need to start with nation to nation of terrorist and wipe them out! We started now we need to finish and move to other terrorists! Pulling the men out of Iraq will give terrorists and the world a feeling that we cannot protect America from terrorists! Sorry, i'm alittle tired from writing this but please continue i'm sure it will give me the strength to move on and tell you why Obama is a wannabe. Let me ask you, would you pick Nominee X because he bealives in all the things you do but will not be able to suceed in adding or changing that of which you and he bealives in. Or do you go with nominee Y who bealives in half of what you do and will be able to get ALL of what he tries done. The answer is Y and if your to stupid to know nominee Y is Mccain then I can see why you think obama is right...
  22. definedeath2

    George Bush

    Either way you'd say he stunk. If he didn't go to war you'd say he wasn't fighting back for what terrorists do. But now that we do you still hate him.
  23. definedeath2


    You get entered into different lotteries. A lottery for higher leveld player 70+ would be 10k per lotto ticket and the price would be 4-7mill. A medium level lottery for levels 55+ being 5k and the prize would be 2-4mill. A noob lotter for levels 3-54 being 500gp for a lottery ticket and a price of 50-200k. There your solution guys. There would be 5 winners for each category. Depending on the amount of lotto tickets 'sold' would be the answer to how much money winners would reacive.
  24. definedeath2

    What's Happening?!

    Jagex+control of runescape prices= DISASTER! What we want to go up goes down, what we want to go down goes up. Jagex wants to make us think there evil trade update helps us. WRONG! Crazy Jagex. Messed up idiots, messed up idiots.
  25. definedeath2

    Friends Only Pvp

    Eh, it would be hard to set battles up unless they were planned. It would be easier to just fight people you don't know and become friends with THEM. I guess after awhile they could expand to friend battles or you could just tset friend battles up youself without something to help to set friend battles up within runescape.

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