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  1. definedeath2

    What Is Ur Fave F2p City?

    Obviously Varrock is going to be loved. It has banks, the GE, acesss to wildernesss, anvils, places to train, a great shortcut to take to get to other cities plus more. Who doesn't love Varrock. Anyone would know Varrock would win this poll over.
  2. definedeath2

    New Pvp Worlds

    Nah, they removed the wildy for the same reason as the terrible trade update. To stop people from rwt (real world trading) which they said would improve the game for us (AHA HA HA you did it for your own selfish reasons jagex) this 'massive' update as you said will be Jagex's final way of getting us to forget as much about the evil trade update and the removal of the wilderness. So we would think the removal of the wilderness was something we the players over-exagarated on because this (as jagex thinks) will be so much better than the wilderness. Other than that it will blow our minds off the trade system update.
  3. definedeath2


    There fine. People fight about hearing people cuss in shows. Why? What's the difference? You guys are idiots. You are all mad because you can't hear someone cuss. It's not nessasary there's no reason to hear it.
  4. definedeath2

    Hannah Montana....?

    It's not like she makes the shirts and stuff. She makes music and cd's. Other people make shirts and clothes items...
  5. definedeath2


    Friends are better than attempting to fit in and make fun of people so you don't look like an idiot in front of your group. I know friends are better than fitting in but i already look like a complete RETARD in front of EVRYBODY in my class. Its becuase i acted really weird funny halarious so know i look really stupid.. though i guess thats my own fault (but i'm going to a new school so i have a freeesh starrt! :) Right before I moved a few states away form were I lived I acted like an idiot in school and out of school. I egged my neighbors house, I opened the emergency door on the bus. I left my friends and called them jerks for no reason and beat up some punk who had been annoying me my whole live. After I moved I went back to being the normal me. Different times different cliques. Before I was my own clique. The guy who doesn't care if he gets in trouble
  6. definedeath2

    The Reliability Of The Bible

    I believe he hanged himself, right? Matthew 27: 5 Then he threw down th epieces of silver in the temple and departed, and went and hanged himself. But the Acts 1:18 say: "And falling headlong, he burst asunder in the midst, and all of his bowels gushed out." It's rather hard for a hanged man to fall HEADLONG...isn't it? Not everything was exactly how it was written. But kit is a still a reliable source to christians. Like Jesus did not really make Eve out of a rib from Adam and nor did Jesus make Adam out of the dust of the earth. It is more to be a reliable source showing how things connect.
  7. definedeath2

    Morals And Values

    Good values? Everyone has em' they just don't show em. Morals not everyone has a good one. Abortion people= Bad moral to kill helpless innocent babies. Terrorist= scary people who never found a way in life. ect. My views my opinions do I think I have a bad moral? No.
  8. definedeath2


    I were abercrombie and hollister, my hairs just past my eyebrows and brown. I don't were make up, I get b's and c's in school, I have friend's, I do a few sports, I hate preps and emos and goths just creep me out. Nerds? Never was never will. Geek? Hey I read comic books i'm good with the computer but I just don't fit in with them. Jocks? Make me barf. Clowns I mean gangsters. Well they're just funny people who wear rags on their heads and forgot to wear belts so I can see their teletubbie boxers. I laugh then they go by. So what am I? Crap Idk...
  9. definedeath2

    Prep Vs Emo

    Cool Guy your preps we all hate you... heres one for ya 'If emo's hate life so much why do they go to carnivals???' Well, eh ya both creep me out, it's hard to tell. Preps= rich snobby people who have no consideration for anyone else (they say they do but they don't) Emo's= Scary people who cut themselves and say they hate life and accidentally end up in carnivals enjoying themselves... Gee I don't know, I pee my pants over both you cliques.
  10. definedeath2

    Under Age Sex

    It's not okay. Kids jump into it, doing it for fun. They (and me) don't have a full understanding of sex. Also, hospitals shouldn't be giving out condoms to anyone. If you are going to have sex at whatever age, need to accept what comes next, a child. And if there underaged they shouldn't be doing it at all. Even 18+ age people find it as a game, and even something to deal with other problems you have in life such as depression. I think you shouldn't have sex until you are married, when you have a full understanding of sex and know you are sharing it with someone special not just a bunch of people for fun. For the people who say using the proper methods not to get the girl pregnant then it's okay. Eh, if your ready to have sex your ready to have a baby. For everyone else stop saying your mature and wait idiots...
  11. definedeath2

    Under God In The Pledge.

    +1 We shouldn't take it out, it's been in there forever (or as long as America has been here :) ). Like plexar we should honor what our founding fathers thought. They were smart enough to know what was true if they made us a country
  12. definedeath2

    War In Iraq

    Either way you'd hate bush... if he didnt you'd be mad because he wasn't protecting America. But know that he is, he is getting Americans killed. You all think it's terrible but imagine what would be happening if we made no action like you "anti-iraq war" suggest?
  13. definedeath2

    The Chronicles Of Lost (chapt. 3)

    “Huh? Where am I? Who are y- did I pee on myself?” says Lost as he looked at his pants. “No son, I dumped a bucket of water on you earlier. Yes sir, you were out cold. I found you at dawn as I was taking my morning stroll through the wilderness.” Just then Lost remembered he looked at his shirt that had been ripped even more than it was before in the battle. He saw a scar, he looked at his shoulder, suprisingly the arrow wasn’t there and there wasn’t a bloodstain. “How long have I been here?” questioned Lost “Well I might be better off not telling you. For your sake and mine, let’s say things have changed. It something you and only you can stop. You were destined to do this; revenge is an evil thing remembers so. But I’m afraid you may get it in while saving the world. Now go! Go, to Flavor! Oh wait, I almost forgot you have new weaponry on the table near the door. It’s much better then the drab old stuff you used before.”
  14. definedeath2


    Heaven, Hell? You know what i'm saying. I'm christian I got to church weekly I went here... http://www.medjugorje.org/ you see evil spirits in people and after an expierence like that, there ain't a doubt in my mind i'm not right.
  15. definedeath2

    My Thoughts On Humans

    Heres a simplier one. God put adam and eve here...
  16. definedeath2


    Which is a nice way of saying she is killing her child premeditated (which by all definitions is murder). As I said in the post you just responded to ( :) ), stopping a blob of tissue from becoming a human in the future isn't murder. Which is why all of us are living happily and there is (a) no war and (b) no one killing eachother, right? While you are listing false reasons, you should include that having an abortion will stop World War III. It will also cure cancer, aids, and every other disease known to man. In addition, it will also let man get to the starts faster... Nice, you just listed every single problem in this world. Now we know that millions more unnecessary people in this world won't be a problem, since it isn't on your list, right? (A) She had sex, she does not get to just shrug off anothers life because she was irresponsible. (B) The child is not hers (it is roughly half hers), thus, no she does not get the say. © The child is living, no one should be allowed legal intentional murder of innocent children after giving it much thought. (D) She can give the child up to an adoption agency. A) So she makes a mistake. I'm sure you've made mistakes before. And she does get to decide whether or not to end her pregnancy because it's her body and her right, not a blob of tissue's. B) Yes, the embryo is a part of her, so it's hers. C) You keep calling the tiny parasitic blob of tissue an innocent child about to be murdered. Why is that? D) Alternatively, she could get an abortion. :P By that logic, parents should be allowed to legally kill their children. As they are attached to their parents through the parents money, and the parents corrections of their actions... ~John Yeah, except there is a difference between children and embryos. You guys need to stop using this distorted logic. I feel like you people keep on repeating the same argument over and over, yet for the most part ignore the responses. :) Hey your a blob of tissue too idiot. And the fetus is just as alive as you are. It's a forming child that is living. It is owned by itself not by the person who had sex. Because they have different DNA. And you guy's aren't smart, the only card you people have is, "what if a girl gets raped?" gee tell me what happens more, a mother doing it because she wants to or a girl getting raped. And not to many girls get raped, and even if they do they still might not get pregnant. But saying that just shows that you aren't smart enough to come up with something better. Well, this shows how :) smart you are ^.^
  17. definedeath2


    Rofl. What kind of person plays the raped card. Someone who can't come up with anything better. Oh what about the raped ooh c'mon what about them. Tell me how many people to young to have the baby get raped??? :) :)
  18. definedeath2


    I'm highly pro-live and birth-control is still killing a forming child. We're destroying generations of geniuses in this doing.
  19. definedeath2

    Yahoo Vs. Google

    Yahoo. I think it's better, and it offers to show if links are safe or un-safe.
  20. definedeath2

    Log In Screeeeeeeeeen

    That's really cool I like it. It would be cooler if it had a bunch of people saying different things like "Greetings" and "Welcome" and "Have a good time" and "Cheers!" and things like that. :)
  21. definedeath2

    Do You Keep Or Sell?

    It depends... I dont use my member much but I usually sell the stuff. Sometimes i'll keep but I always end up selling whatever it is.
  22. definedeath2

    Favorite Money Making Technique

    It's not my favorite but involves the least work. Here are the steps... (its a good non-member one) Buy cowhides, use all your money (Use G.E. and by at regular price) Sell in G.E. for top price
  23. definedeath2

    Brett Favre

    Blah! He's like a baby. If you say your leaving, leave. Don't try to get attention and be all dramatic. I want him gone! You said goodbye and I shipped you away. No one wants you back... FTW PATS ROCK!!!!
  24. definedeath2

    The Worst Tv Show, You Have Ever Seen?

    Hmm i'm gonna enjoy this one. Naruto Hinata Bleach All ANIMES!!!!! (I just like it for signatures and and avatars. Also the game Kingdom Hearts rocks!)
  25. definedeath2

    Fav Baseball Team

    Bryant your a good man... I hate the yankees too. They aren't doing good this year either. I love the Red Sox though. GOOOOOO BOSTON!!!!!

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