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  1. definedeath2

    Toy Story 3 Announced

    When I was younger I loved em' but no producer and co-producer... idk. I might just rent it when it comes out though, just to see what it is like.
  2. definedeath2


    Nah, I like them as avatars and signatures every once in a while, the only game I like that's anime is Kingdom Hearts. I hate the shows though.
  3. definedeath2

    Are Jagex Trying To Revamps Rc?

    I wouldn't say revamp. Just make changes and make it faster and easier for runescapers.
  4. Free 2 play has much better graphics! That's about all the good stuff... the bad stuff, no more pking =( and the trade system was screwed because of Jagex sending players on riots and protest. A good like 7 thousand non-members quit. I don't know how many members quit though.
  5. definedeath2

    Returning To Runescape - A Few Price Changes!

    It's pretty annoying. I hate how now Jagex controls the prices of things. Before we did. Now things like rune gold, guthix, sara, zamorak have jumped up in prices. For non-members that's a pretty lot. I'm sick of it, the trade update can't be cponsidered an update. Updating means making it better, Jagex didn't do so.
  6. I mean in majority. There are separate cases, but most families nowadays don't have the means to sustain more than 2, 3 kids. And yes, we really are getting waaaaay off-topic Whatever. It seems were off-topic and the discussion is over. I think we should close this and start a new one or just leave it at this and don't start a new one...
  7. definedeath2

    Israeli Parents Forget Daughter At Airport

    People these days, it seems there luggage is more important then there daughter
  8. definedeath2

    The Ultimate Battle

    Pretty sick, I can't wait for more installments to THe Ultimate Battle
  9. definedeath2

    Falling Rocks.

    Oh so is it true? That's pretty cool...
  10. No, I think you need to realize where you are. This is the debate room. That was not flaming, that's the same referenced I've been using for over a year (mormril can confirm this I believe). "I don't think it's right because of my religion", does not stand as a valid argument here unless you start referencing specific passages. As far as how the universe came to be, I personnally don't care. Cxkslei either way you attacked my opinion saying my religion was wrong. This discusiion has to do with homosexuality not saying my religion is wrong. Saying my religion is wrong doesn't support the topic.
  11. Cxkslei what's your problem? I stated my opinion and you attacked it like that. I gave a brief explanation of what I thought. You acted like a real jerk and attacked it for no reason. Your waiting for a question. I'm waiting for you not to be a jerk. Tell me when that happens. And for whatever you say next this is what I have to say to that, my diagnosis states your crazy and will have to take pills after lunch. :) You want to attack what I think, i'm game to do the same to you. No matter how brief simple and flexible I make my opinions someone has to be a idiot and start flaming and saying my religion is wrong and im wrong. Well explain how the universe came to be. Science proves something can't come from nothing. Remember this. INRI, He died for you. EDIT: The whole cussing with the gay marriage was a joke.
  12. definedeath2

    Rant On Runescapers.

    It ticks me off. The account I use mostly is a non-member (definedeath2) I have a member account but I choose not to use it much. It happens to me all the time.
  13. definedeath2

    All Gallerys Now Welcome [gfg]

    Really cool! And I have a question, what did you use to make your fakes/edits.
  14. definedeath2

    Buying Mind Runes.

    Ill sell you 5k minds for 1gp over the marketprice.
  15. definedeath2

    Foo's Last Day Drop!

    Pretty sick. I;ve seen alot better but have only been to one drop that was better than this.
  16. definedeath2

    I'm Not That Weak!

    Yes I think we should be able to wield and fight with a hammer. But why would people fight with it when a rune scimitar is so much better. I mean I couldn't even see a hammer hurting more than an iron scimitar....
  17. definedeath2

    Ice Cream

    Nah. If you need that high of a cooking level and it only heals 11 hp? That's pointless. Also taking away 10 run energy? Why would it do that? I thyink the idea is 4/10
  18. definedeath2

    The Chronicles Of Lost (chapt. 2)

    Staring with confusion, Lost stands bewildered. With not the slightest movement, not even taking in a breath. “Put the sword down, your going to jail.” One of the men growl. “Wha-?” Lost whispers with the sharp sting of fake innocence in his voice. “I’m going to my wives house.” He say’s. “No you’re coming with us,” one of the men says. “Sorry, I don’t have the time” Lost says as he quickly lunges forward ready to chop the man farthest to the left’s head off. The man quickly back-steps while shooting Lost in the shoulder with an arrow, followed by on of the others slicing his arm, forced to drop his sword Lost runs. He takes the bow off his back putting on an arrow and fires behind him. Missing by inches as he is swept with another blow from the sword of a man who had caught up with him. Lost screeches as he drops his bow focusing all his strength on running away. Fleeing into the wilderness he stops only when his body forces him to go on no longer. He climbs a tree and sits. Dazed and surprised he sits. The last thing he remembers is falling and feeling blood gushing from his wounds.
  19. definedeath2


    Really good! Your an example of a great runescape writer.
  20. definedeath2

    How To Use Hypercam

    If you don't have Windows Movie Maker you can get it on cnet (google it). It's simple to use and adding audio/music is easy. Once you get better I suggest using Camtasia instead ogf HyperCam. Camtasia has more options and the graphics come out nicely.
  21. DO what you want. But im christian so I think homosexuality marriages should be illegal. And besides gay marriages just involve violence and neighbors screaming cuss words at you constantly.
  22. definedeath2

    Have You Ever Multilogged?

    Nah. It's against the rules and I don't see anything that is good in it. Also it's against the rules so I wouldn't do it or say I did it...
  23. definedeath2

    God Hates Us All, We're All Going To Hell...?

    This makes me sick. This is so twisted and evil. Some people are just messed up freaks.
  24. definedeath2

    Fake Island (first Fake But Good :p)

    Pretty good, -1 because the water is discolored -1 because islands can have grass too! All this mountain and gray is BLAH!
  25. definedeath2

    Me Losing Millions Of Gp =( True Story

    Lesson learned. Don't invest alot and be careful about what your investing in!

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